Genki Bakuhatsu Ganbaruger

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Genki Bakuhatsu Ganbaruger
The main characters from Ganbaruger.
(genki bakuhatsu ganbaruger)
Genre Adventure, Mecha, Comedy, Henshin Hero, Magical Boy
Anime television series
Directed byToshifumi Kawase
Written by Fumihiko Shimo
Music by Tomoki Hasegawa
Studio Sunrise
Original network TV Tokyo
English network PTV 4, Cartoon Network (Philippines)
Original run April 1, 1992 February 24, 1993
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Genki Bakuhatsu Ganbaruger (元気爆発ガンバルガー, Genki Bakuhatsu Ganbarugā, lit. "Energetic Explosion Ganbaruger" also known by the dub name Energy Bomb and Rocket Kidz) is a 47 episode animated shōnen mecha television series, and the second series produced for the Eldran franchise funded by Tomy and produced by Sunrise. It aired on TV Tokyo from April 1, 1992, to February 24, 1993. It was the first to introduce helmets, signature colors and signature vehicles.



Ever since Jin Hyuga, Asuka Tsukishiro and Kouji Hoshiyama had defeated the Evil Empire, peace has returned to Hinobori. In Aozora City (a neighboring town to Hinobori City which Jin and his friends lived), Toubei is trying to train his son Kotaro in the art of the ninja, but a bomb accidentally releases Gokuark, a great demon king of The Demon World (大魔界, Daimakai) that Eldran had been keeping contained. Eldran manages to contain him, but one of his servants manages to escape as well, and now attempts to free his master.

Eldran grants the three new mechas named Go Tiger, King Elephant, and Mach Eagle to Kotaro and his two friends, Yosuke and Rikiya, as well as supersuits that grant each of them a superpower. However, there are also cursed and each of them can turn into a dog when their identity is known to others by a dark wizard, Yaminorius III.

Unless Yaminorius, the Demon Lords and the evil monsters Devil Beasts (魔界獣, Makai jyuu) must be defeated, the Miracle Ninja Ganbar Team (ミラクル忍者ガンバーチーム, Mirakuru Ninja Ganbaa Chiimu) must keep their identities until Gosaurer's debut a year later while Kotaro's father; Toubee has been turned into a dog by the curse.


Ganbar Team (ガンバーチーム, Ganbaa Chiimu)

Ganbar Team and Gon Ganbar-team.jpg
Ganbar Team and Gon
Kotaro Kirigakure (霧隠 虎太郎, Kirigakure Kotarou)
Voiced by: Ai Orikasa

Kotaro Kirigakure is the son of a kindergarten principal and a ninja and is also a fourth grader in Aozora Elementary who has a great sense of ability and has a thoughtful of thoughts. He is being trained as a ninja by his father Toubei but he often skips it well. As Yellow Ganbar (イエローガンバー, Ieroo Ganbaa) with Ganbare Suit, he gains super-speed. His "Ride On" vehicle is the Ganbar Bike, a tiger-motif motorcycle, and he pilots Go Tiger, as well as being the main pilot of Ganbaruger and Great Ganbaruger. Kotaro puts his favorite sweet; banana daifuku ahead of his transformation item, abused his own superpowers at last episode. Unlike his predecessor Jin and later his successor Kenichi, he is a naughty juvenile prankster who always pranks Aozora's population for the fun of it which led to everyone into keeping on hating him even more and more and his mischievousness still never end for his whole life. He's the one resident in Aozora in which everybody hates him the most.

Yousuke Kazamatsuri (風祭 鷹介, Kazamatsuri Yousuke)
Voiced by: Omi Minami

Yousuke Kazamatsuri is the geek/nerd of the group, shy, sometimes unexpected-acting, curious boy whom troubled by his grade-conscious mother, and crush on Yurika, do anything for her. As Blue Ganbar (ブルーガンバー, Buruu Ganbaa), he is the first to discover their superpowers in the Ganbare Suits, which in his case is super-senses. he flies the Ganbare Jet (which is actually a prop-driven plane) and Mach Eagle. After he protects the egg containing it, he becomes the pilot of Gekiryuger as well.

Rikiya Ryuzaki (流崎 力哉, Ryuuzaki Rikiya)
Voiced by: Bin Shimada

Rikiya Ryuzaki is a caring, diligent, loving brother and hard worker that wants to become a professional baseball player. He has the most sense of duty in Gambar team, getting angry with Kotaro's sloppiness. As Red Ganbar (レッドガンバー, Reddo Ganbaa), Rikiya Ryuzaki gains super-strength. His vehicle is the Ganbar Buggy, which looks like a red go-cart, and like the other two vehicles becomes part of the cockpit for his mech, in this case King Elephant. He is the son of the owner of the ramen restaurant. When anyone needs more help, he ends up becoming the pilot of Revolger as well.

Friends and Allies

Toubei Kirigakure (霧隠 藤兵衛, Kirigakure Toubei) (Gonzales)
Voiced by: Kenichi Ogata

Kotaro's father. Toubei is a great ninja who is ninja dojo's master but no pupils, However, early on Yaminorius turns him into a dog when he attempts to battle him, a form he stays in for most of the rest of the series, called Gonzales (ゴンザレス, Gonzaresu), or Gon for short. Under his doghouse is a secret ninja training chamber. Eventually he is returned to human form in time for the final battle. He had disguised as "Shinobi Ganbar" once, and destroyed Devil Beast as a main pilot of Ganbaruger, Great Ganbaruger instead of Kotaro.

Kasumi Kirigakure (霧隠 かすみ, Kirigakure Kasumi)
Voiced by: Miki Ito

Kotaro's older sister. Kasumi is a strong willed, sense of justice, unyielding 2nd year student in Aozora Junior High who is ace player of badminton club, whom she often fights and argues with the juvenile Kotaro. In episode 33, Kasumi was (accidentally) turned into evil wizard, Kasumirius by the Yaminorius's evil magic once and defeat Yaminorius and fight with Ganbaruger in which she was defeated by the latter and return to normal.

Yayoi Kirigakure (霧隠 やよい, Kirigakure Yayoi)
Voiced by: Rika Fukami

Kotaro and Kasumi's mother. Yayoi is a laid back, gentle principal in Aozora Kindergarten that has been managed, Yayoi and Kasumi believe Toubei went to the training of ninja.

Aiko Tachibana (立花 亜衣子, Tachibana Aiko)
Voiced by: Miki Ito

The homeroom teacher of the 4–1 class in Aozora Elementary. Ms. Aiko is a strict teacher but is gentle and loves students, and is a judo master, can fling even a thugs and Makai Beast. On the later, Ms. Aiko fell in love with Mr. Yamino, Yaminorius's human form when he lost memories, she was deeply shocked when his true identity was revealed. However, she decided to make Yaminorius good, to begin persuade Yaminorius with a megaphone to make good him when Yaminorius and Demon Beasts appears.

Chinatsu Yuuki (結城 千夏, Yuuki Chinatsu)
Voiced by: Yuri Shiratori

School newspaper's photographer, Chinatsu wants to be a journalist, is always raving about finding the next "Great Scoop" even though she is only a 4th year elementary student like the Ganbar guys. Chinatsu is a childhood friend of Kotaro and always quarrels with him, but she's Yellow Ganbar's fan since being saved by him.

Yurika Komaki (小牧 百合香, Komaki Yurika)
Voiced by: Ikue Otani

Yousuke's beloved girl. Yurika is a quiet, serious and ladylike, her home is a hospital, and also has violin lessons with him despite Yousuke's failed attempts at violin. Yurika has romantic feelings to Blue Ganbar since being saved by him.

Katsura Takeda (武田 桂, Takeda Katsura)
Voiced by: Rika Fukami

The daughter of Defense Force's General Takeda. Katsura is a stubborn, prim, fangirl, and class committee members same with Rikiya. Katsura had hated Ganbar Team, but get soft a little by little since being saved by Red Ganbar. In Nekketsu Saikyo Gosaurer, she appears in a cameo with her father in the Takeda residence.

Tetsuya Ryuzaki (流﨑 哲哉, Ryuuzaki Tetsuya)
Voiced by: Ikue Otani

Rikiya's little brother who is in Aozora Kindergarten and always acted with Akie. Tetsuya respects Rikiya but saying Red Ganbar is cooler than his brother since he saved by him, discouraging Rikiya.

Akie Yuuki (結城 秋絵, Yuuki Akie)
Voiced by: Rika Fukami

Chinatsu's little sister. Akie wants to be a journalist like her sister, and more reckless than her sister. Akie had combining the Great Ganbaruger only once.

Jun Araki (荒木 純, Araki Jun)
Voiced by: Ken Yamaguchi

The coach of the Little League Baseball team. He is a student who had failed the entrance exam. Jun has a crush on Aiko Tachibana, had disguised as "White Ganbar" and saved Aiko from Makai Beast. However, he has a broken heart.

Genzo Araki (荒木 源蔵, Araki Genzou)
Voiced by: Kenichi Ogata

Father of Coach Jun, Genzo is an owner of mom-and-pop candy store that suffer with Makai Beast well.

General Takeda (武田長官, Takeda-Choukan)
Voiced by: Tomomichi Nishimura

The general of the Defence Force. It seems as if the reason he does not show up as much in Matchless Raijin-Oh is because he was busy over in Aozora City with his daughter and Makaijuu (Hellbeast) attacks. He later returns one last time in Nekketsu Saikyo Gosaurer.

Eldran (エルドラン, Erudoran)
Voiced by: Bin Shimada

The guardian of the light of earth who gives out Raijin-Oh to Jin Hyuga one year prior. Now, he has entrusted Ganbaruger to the Ganba Team and sealed Gokuark once again. Eldran has sealed Gokuark at 400 years ago prior to Raijin-Oh's appearance and the formation of the Earth Defense Class, and now, he has been fighting against Gokuark but the result is that he had transformed into a white dragon at demon world due to a powerful, evil curse. Later, he would entrust the third Eldran Robo Gosaurer to Kenichi Minezaki and the fourth, Daiteioh to Tarou Oomomo.

The Demon World (大魔界, Daimakai)

Yaminorius III (ヤミノリウスIII世, Yaminoriusu Sansei)
Voiced by: Kazuyuki Sogabe

Dark sorcerer and servant of Gokurark, also a kind of Demon Beasts. although Gokurark fails his first escape attempt, he slips Yaminorius out to work on freeing him. Yaminorius swears fidelity to demon world, and has greatest magic power but it's spoiled by his blunder and goofy personality. Possessed in a human skeleton model of Aozora Elementary's science prep room usually, will materialize with preparation room's equipments, and put on his head a flask filled with water that's same ingredients with devil world's atmosphere. His human form is young journalist Kyouji Yamino (闇野 響史, Yamino Kyouji) aka Mr. Yamino mainly. After his master's defeat (since he attacked his master falsely), embeds Gokuark's soul in himself, granting him more power and a slightly altered form. From this point on, until the other two demons free Gokuark from his body and restore Gokuark's power, he is able to convert pre-existing objects directly into Devil Beast. At the later, Yaminorius is loved by Ms. Aiko as human Mr. Yamino when lost memories; he showed own identity after a while, however, to shrink from Ms. Aiko to persuade to trying reform him always. Yaminorius succeeds in the revival of The Three Great Demons; in addition, he finally rebels and helps the Ganbar Team since Gokuaku began to destroy the earth; not rule it, and leaves somewhere after they defeated Three Kings. Yaminorius get away to somewhere, but returned as human Mr. Yamino to Ms. Aiko at ending.

Three Demon Kings (三大魔王, Sandai Maou)

Gokuark (ゴクアーク, Gokuaaku)
Voiced by: Masaharu Sato

The first of the three demon king of Demon World, originally sealed under a big rock in shrine at hill behind in Aozora City, so want to rules the entire universe. After his initial defeat by the Ganbar Team, he hides himself within Yaminorius, until his revived brothers pull him free once more.

Seiyark (サイアーク, Saiaaku)
Voiced by: Ken Yamaguchi

The second of the three demons. He had been sealed by the Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, until Yamino Ryuuse broke the master seal in Japan and freed him and Retsuark. Has control of Lightning.

Retsuark (レツアーク, Retsuaaku)
Voiced by: Bin Shimada

The last of the three demons. He had been sealed near the Great Pyramids of Giza until freed by the breaking of the combined seal in Japan. Has the power of demon summoning.


Go Tiger (ゴウタイガー, Gou Taigaa)

The robot piloted by Yellow Ganbar, Kotaro. It typically launches from either underneath a park, or from a warehouse in a mall. In addition to its claws in beast mode, it has a pair of back cannons(Go Cannon), and fire breath that it only seems to use when executing the team attack Ganbar Ninpo with Mach Eagle and King Elephant. In robot mode, it wields the Go Saber. It forms the lower torso and upper legs of Ganbaruger.

King Elephant (キングエレファン, Kingu Erefan)

This is Rikiya/Red Ganbar's vehicle. Its main launch points are under an apartment building and under a highway overpass. It has the King Missile in its trunk in beast mode, besides crushing things with its feet, and using its tusks. In robot mode it uses the King Tomahawk. It forms the legs from the knees down of Ganbaruger.

Mach Eagle (マッハイーグル, Mahha Iiguru)

The third of the original Ganbare Team robots, controlled by Yousuke aka Blue Ganbar. It can launch from either an intersection, or from under a toll road, just past the toll booths. In beast mode it has vulcans on the wings, and can twirl to create a tornado (Mach Cyclone), which is one of the parts of the Ganbar Ninpo team attack. In robot mode it fires the Mach Arrow. It forms the arms, wings and chest of Ganbaruger.

Ganbaruger (ガンバルガー, Ganbarugaa)

When Koutaro activates the sequence for "Miracle Combine (ミラクル合体, Mirakuru Gattai)" the three above robots combine into Ganbaruger. Its attacks are:

Revolger (リボルガー, Riborugaa)

The first of the two reinforcements. Its transforming command is "Miracle Change (ミラクル変形, Mirackuru Henkei)", as opposed to the "Miracle Change" of the previous robots(although later on they do use Miracle Change for it a few times). Its pilot is Red Ganbare, and the cockpit is close to what Rikiya is used to in King Elephant. It launches from underneath a railroad crossing. In beast mode it can use its claws and teeth to attack, as well as fire shots form the tail, and in robot mode it has:

RevolBuster (リボルバスター, Riborubasutaa)

The gun mode. When the command "Miracle Bussou"is given, it transforms into a huge double-barrel gun. This mode is called the RevolBuster, and used for the finisher RevolBuster Last Fire.

Gekiryuger (ゲキリュウガー, Gekiryuugaa)

Gekiryuger is the last of the reinforcements, granted to Yuusuke. Besides its natural weapons it can fire shots from the tailguns(Back Shot) and duplicate the tornado that Mach Eagle creates(Gekiryu Hurricane). After it transforms with Miracle Henkei(and also Change later):

Great Ganbaruger (グレートガンバルガー, Gureeto Ganbarugaa)

The final form. The main torso is Ganbaruger, though Revolger adds onto it, and forms the head, and lower arms at least. Gekiryuger becomes the legs, and wings. Its attacks are:

List of episodes

Original AirdateEpisode numberTitle
January 4, 19921Robots Pending! (ロボットみ〜っけ!)
August 4, 19922Great Discovery of Superpowers! (超能力を大はっけん!)
April 15, 19923Our secret will be discovered! (秘密がばれちゃう〜!)
April 22, 19924Duel! Violin battle (決闘!バイオリン合戦)
April 29, 19925The cake ran away!? (ケーキが逃げた!?)
June 5, 19926Flying teacher home-visit (とんでとんで家庭訪問)
May 13, 19927The city turns a sandbox! (町が砂場に大変身!)
May 20, 19928Crisis! Ganbaruger (ピンチ!ガンバルガー)
May 27, 19929Superpowered miracle baseball (超能力でミラクル野球)
March 6, 199210Squid and octopus brothers' visit! (イカタコ兄弟参上!)
October 6, 199211Yosuke is Bzzt Human! (鷹介はビリビリ人間!!)
June 17, 199212Aosora City is starting to walk around (青空町が歩き出す!?)
June 24, 199213The password is ribbit (合言葉はケ~ロケロ)
January 7, 199214Hell-whale flies through the air (魔界クジラが空を飛ぶ)
August 7, 199215Come Forth! Revolger (出てこい!リボルガー)
July 15, 199216Rikiya vs Ganbaruger (力哉対ガンバルガー)
July 22, 199217Terror! Demon's trap holls (恐怖!魔界の落とし穴)
July 29, 199218A dare to demon world (ドッキリ魔界肝だめし)
May 8, 199219Run! Ramen reversal (走れ!逆転ラーメン)
December 8, 199220That banana's great battle(そんなバナナ大決戦)
August 19, 199221Gokuark's revival!(ゴクアーク復活!)
August 26, 199222Birth! Gekiryuger(誕生!ゲキリュウガー)
February 9, 199223Close call great combination(ききいっぱつの大合体)
September 9, 199224Clash! Manga panic(激突!まんがパニック)
September 16, 199225Surprise! Invisible Man(ビックリ!透明人間)
September 23, 199226Devil Beast is a cook!(魔界獣はコックさん!)
September 30, 199227Appear! Shinobi Ganbar(出た!シノビガンバー)
July 10, 199228Troubled miracle athletic meet(大荒れミラクル運動会)
October 14, 199229Magnetic-attractking!(磁石でクッツキング!)
October 21, 199230Universe-sized great struggle!(宇宙サイズで大暴れ!)
October 28, 199231Time travel: Aosora City(タイムスリップ青空町)
April 11, 199232Airy balloon bus(風船バスでフ~ワフワ)
November 11, 199233Kasumi vs Ganbaruger(かすみ対ガンバルガー)
November 18, 199234Hell is mystified!? School play(魔界キッカイ!?学芸会)
November 25, 199235Persevere! Catering alone(がんばれ!出前一人旅)
February 12, 199236Koutaro're a lot!?(虎太郎がいっぱい)
September 12, 199237Dead heat with a kotatsu(こたつでデッドヒート)
December 16, 199238Justice's Yaminorius!?(正義のヤミノリウス!?)
December 23, 199239Santa is the city's great robber!(サンタは町の大泥棒!)
June 1, 199340The hero hates mochi!?(ヒーローはモチ嫌い!?)
January 13, 199341My beloved person is the sorcerer(愛した人は魔法使い)
January 20, 199342Surprise tough enemy! Great magician(驚き強敵!大マジック)
January 27, 199343Perfect date plan(完全無欠のデート計画)
March 2, 199344Daimakai's great secret!(大魔界の大秘密!)
October 2, 199345Three devil kings, reborn!(三大魔王、大復活!)
February 17, 199346We are a life-force explosion!(おれたちは元気爆発!)
February 24, 199347Final last great decisive battle!(最終最後の大決戦!)


This series was dubbed into English and was part of Cartoon Network's lineup in the Philippines. The only commercially available release of this English dub is a licensed set of four VCD boxsets which include the original Japanese track as well.

Game Appearances

Ganbaruger appeared in the Super Robot Wars video game series by Bandai Namco and Banpresto, starting with Super Robot Wars NEO for the Wii, along with the other 3 Eldran robots.

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