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George Eldredge
George Eldredge in Bowery at Midnight (1942).jpg
Eldredge in Bowery at Midnight (1942)
George Edwin Eldredge

(1898-09-10)September 10, 1898
DiedMarch 12, 1977(1977-03-12) (aged 78)
Other namesGeo. Eldredge
George Eldridge
Years active19361963
Relatives John Eldredge (brother)

George Edwin Eldredge (September 10, 1898 March 12, 1977) was an American actor who appeared in over 180 movies during a career that stretched from the 1930s to the early 1960s. He also had a prolific television career during the 1950s. He was the older brother of actor John Dornin Eldredge.[ citation needed ]



Early life

Eldredge was born George Edwin Eldredge in San Francisco, California. His father, Rev. George Granville Eldredge, was a Presbyterian minister in San Francisco. His mother was Julia Dornin Eldredge, the daughter of George D. Dornin, a California legislator and noted Daguerrotypist, and Sarah Baldwin Dornin. In 1922, he married Phyllis Harms, and they had two children, George Granville Eldredge and Helene Eldredge.

He was a photographer for the Berkeley, California Police Department, and prior to embarking on a film career, auditioned for and performed with the San Francisco Opera Company for two seasons in various supporting roles as a baritone.

Film career

Between 1936 and 1963 Eldredge appeared in 182 films beginning with his role as an English spy in Till We Meet Again. He was typically cast as authority figures such as army generals ( The Rookie ), doctors ( Riders to the Stars ), and innumerable police officers. However Eldredge sometimes was cast against type, as in his role as the traitorous Dr. Tobor in the B movie , Captain Video: Master of the Stratosphere.

Arguably his best known film role came in the 1945 cult exploitation film Mom and Dad where Eldredge portrayed Dan Blake, the father of a teenage girl who accidentally becomes pregnant because her parents withhold knowledge about sex from her. Although the mores of the time prevented most advertising for this film, it still became the number two moneymaker for 1945. [1]

Throughout the 1950s Eldredge also had a prolific television career, appearing on such programs as Peter Gunn , Bat Masterson , The Adventures of Superman , Alfred Hitchcock Presents , and Perry Mason . He had a recurring role as Dr. Spaulding in all three Spin and Marty series, featured on Disney's Mickey Mouse Club [2] and was seen repeatedly on Bat Masterson.[ better source needed ]

Eldredge also appeared as a Chamberlain in Demetrius and the Gladiators , which was a sequel to 20th Century Fox's biblical epic, The Robe .

Although he worked steadily for several decades George Eldredge never became a major star. Many of his roles were small and his name was often unlisted in the credits of the films he played in. His final role was an uncredited part in the 1963 film Johnny Cool .

Selected filmography

Selected Television

1954 Death Valley Days Steve RyanSeason 2, Episode 10 "Yaller"
1961 Death Valley Days SuperintendentSeason 10, Episode 1 "The Treasure of Elk Creek Canyon"
1951 The Cisco Kid Season 2, Episode 15 "Hidden Valley"
1952 The Cisco Kid Banker WhartonSeason 2, Episode 20 "Sleeping Gas"
1952 The Cisco Kid JacksonSeason 2, Episode 21 "Quarter Horse"
1952 The Cisco Kid SheriffEpisode 'Ghost Town'
1962 Wanted Dead or Alive SheriffSeason 2, Episode 30 "The Inheritance"

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