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George Gordon (1760–1845) was an English Anglican priest, Dean of Exeter between 1809 and 1810; [1] and of Lincoln from then until his death on 2 August 1845. [2]

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Robert Scott was a British academic philologist and Church of England priest.

Andrew Thorpe British historian

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Dean of Exeter

The Dean of Exeter is the head of the Chapter of Cathedral Church of Saint Peter in Exeter, England. The chapter was established by William Briwere, Bishop of Exeter (1224–44) who set up the offices of dean and chancellor of Exeter Cathedral, allowing the chapter to elect those officers. The deanery is at 10 The Close, Exeter. The current dean is Jonathan Greener.

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Edward Trelawney, of Coldrenick, near Liskeard, Cornwall, was an English clergyman who served as Dean and Archdeacon of Exeter between 1717 and 1726.

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Claudine Gay is a scholar of government and African-American studies as well as a university administrator. She serves as Harvard's Wilbur A. Cowett Professor of Government and of African and African-American Studies, and Edgerley Family Dean of Faculty of Arts and Sciences. She is vice president of the Midwest Political Science Association.


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