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George Throssell

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2nd Premier of Western Australia
In office
15 February 27 May 1901
GovernorSir Gerard Smith
Sir Arthur Lawley
Preceded bySir John Forrest
Succeeded by George Leake
Member of the Legislative Assembly
of Western Australia
In office
2 December 1890 28 June 1904
Preceded byNone (new creation)
Succeeded by Alfred Watts
Constituency Northam
Member of the Legislative Council
of Western Australia
In office
12 August 1907 30 August 1910
Preceded by Charles Dempster
Succeeded by Warren Marwick
Constituency East Province
Personal details
Born(1840-05-23)23 May 1840
Fermoy, County Cork, Ireland, UK
Died30 August 1910(1910-08-30) (aged 70)
Northam, Western Australia, Australia
Spouse(s)Ann Morrell

George Lionel Throssell CMG (23 May 1840 – 30 August 1910) was the second Premier of Western Australia. He served for just three months, from 15 February to 27 May 1901, during a period of great instability in Western Australian politics.

George Throssell was born at Fermoy, County Cork, Ireland, on 23 May 1840. The son of a Pensioner Guard, he came to Western Australia on board the Scindian in 1850 with his parents, and was educated at the Perth Public School. He began his own business as a produce merchant, "Geo. Throssell & Co.", in the town of Northam in 1861 and served as the Northam postmaster from 1864 to 1874. Throssell became owner of a flour mill, farms and a chain of shops; in 1885 his company became "Throssell & Son" with the admission of his son Lionel, [1] and the following year with the addition of W. J. Stewart, "Throssell, Son & Stewart". [2] George was active in the Northam community; he was first elected to the Northam Municipal Council in 1880, of which he was Chairman until 1883 and again from 1885 to 1887. He subsequently served as Mayor of Northam for broken periods until 1894. Throssell was popularly known as "the lion of Northam", and was Northam's first citizen in 1890 when was elected unopposed to the Legislative Assembly seat of Northam.

In 1897 Throssell joined Sir John Forrest's government as Commissioner of Crown Lands, a key responsibility in a rapidly developing colony. When Forrest resigned as premier to join the federal parliament, Throssell took over as premier and treasurer on 15 February 1901. However, in the election of the following April, the "ministerialists" or former Forrest supporters failed to attain a majority of seats. On 27 May Throssell resigned as premier and as the leader of his group, but continued as MLA for Northam. He did not contest the 1904 election for health reasons, but returned to parliament in 1907 after winning a by-election for the Legislative Council's East Province, the electoral region that included Northam. He served until his death on 30 August 1910.

George Throssell married Annie Morrell in 1861, and was the father of at least twelve children, one of whom was Captain Hugo Throssell VC. George Throssell was created a CMG in 1901.


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A by-election for the seat of Claremont in the Legislative Assembly of Western Australia was held on 11 June 1902. It was triggered by the resignation of William Sayer on 26 May. John Foulkes, a prominent local lawyer, won the election with 40.4 percent of the vote. Of the other four candidates, three entered parliament themselves at later dates.


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  2. Stewart would become Mayor in 1901; he and John Barnes Ackland took over the Company in May 1902.
Political offices
Preceded by
John Forrest
Premier of Western Australia
Succeeded by
George Leake