George Tibbles

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George F. Tibbles
Born(1913-06-07)June 7, 1913
DiedFebruary 14, 1987(1987-02-14) (aged 73)
Notable work"Woody Woodpecker Song"

George F. Tibbles (June 7, 1913 [1]  February 21, 1987) [2] was a composer and screenwriter.


He and Ramez Idriss co-wrote "The Woody Woodpecker Song" for the 1948 short film, Wet Blanket Policy ; the song would receive an Academy Award nomination (Academy Award for Best Original Song), [2] and by June 30, 1948, it was third on the hit parade. [3] Tibbles also composed the theme music for Bringing Up Buddy [4] and Pistols 'n' Petticoats . [5]

Tibbles wrote the scripts for the TV series My Three Sons , as well as several for the shows Leave It to Beaver , One Day at a Time, [2] The Betty White Show, and Life with Elizabeth . [6]

Awards nominations

Year(s)AwardCategoryTitle of workResult
1949 21st Academy Awards Best Original Song "The Woody Woodpecker Song"Nominated [2]

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