Georgi Cherkelov

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Georgi Cherkelov
Георги Черкелов
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Born(1930-06-25)25 June 1930
Died19 February 2012(2012-02-19) (aged 81)
OccupationFilm and Theatre Actor
Years active1956–2011

Georgi Cherkelov (Георги Черкелов); 25 June 1930 – 19 February 2012) is Bulgarian stage and film actor. One of the most prominent names in the Bulgarian theater and cinema in the last decades. He became widely popular after the role of the anti-communist police inspector Velinski in the TV series At Every Kilometer (1969). Cherkelov appeared in many of the major Bulgarian film productions. He played the leading roles in Men on a business trip (1969), Toplo / Warmth (1978), Socrates (1981), The Judge (1986). He was also in many German and Italian film co-productions. He has directed the TV film "Last Stop – Berlin" (1983).


Awards and public recognition

In 2001, Georgi Cherkelov was decorated with the highest government prize, the Order Of the Balkan Mountains, awarded to Bulgarian citizens with particularly great merit to Bulgaria. [1] In 2009 he received the award Asker for lifetime achievement.

Biography and career

Born as Georgi Ivanov Cherkelov on 25 June 1930, in the city of Haskovo, Bulgaria, he initially began studying law at the Sofia University, where he remained for three years before transferring to the National Academy for Theater and Film ВИТИЗ Кръстьо Сарафов where he graduated in 1956. Cherkelov started his stage career in the Vratsa theater. His film debut was in the 1961 film The Last Round. During the fifty years of his career, he has appeared in more than 100 roles on stage and in about 70 films. While continuing to perform on the stage of the National Theater Ivan Vazov where he has worked for decades, Cherkelov was also the artistic director of the Ivan Radoev Dramatic Theatre in Pleven (1985–1990).

Georgi Cherkelov was one of the most prominent Shakespearean actors in Bulgaria, with memorable performances as King Lear, Richard II, Mercutio, Banco and many other major roles. He has played almost the entire repertoire of the British bard – a privilege many actors dream of, but only a few are given. Cherkelov's style was intelligent, with expressions based on subtle nuances, heavy pauses and solidly spoken phrases. His trademark were inborn dignity, loaded calm and incredible presence – unique personal characteristics of this great actor, which he infused into the characters he played.

In addition to being an extraordinary actor, Georgi Cherkelov has also staged a number of plays. Among the plays he directed are "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" (1982), "Wrestlers" (1981), "Huckleberry Finn" (1985), "Catcher in the Rye" (1998). Some of the adaptations for these plays he had written himself. In 2010 his book "Stories and emails" was published by Locus Publishing.

He died on 19 February 2012.

Partial filmography

1964 Невероятна История / Incredible Story the editor in chief Bulgarian : Невероятна история
1966 Цар и генерал / Tsar and general General Karev Bulgarian : Цар и генерал
1968 Бялата стая / The white room Stoev Bulgarian : Бялата стая
1968Galileo Galilei / Galileo GalileiGBdirector Liliana Cavani
1969 Мъже в командировка / Men on a business trip Bizhev Bulgarian : Мъже в командировка
1969 На всеки километър / At Every Kilometer Velinsky Bulgarian : На всеки километър TV series
1970 Князът / The Prince Patriarch Ioakim Bulgarian : Князът
1975 Сватбите на Йоан Асен / The Weddings of King Ioan Assen Vatatzi Bulgarian : Сватбите на Йоан Асен
1978 Топло / Warmth the academician Bulgarian : Топло
1979 Черешова градина / The Cherry Orchard Lambev Bulgarian : Черешова градина
1981 Аспарух / Asparuh Velizariy's father Bulgarian : Аспарух
1982 Socrates / Сократ Socrates Bulgarian : Сократ
1986 Съдията / The Judge Judge Andrey Dimov Bulgarian : Съдията
2011 Operation Shmenti Capelli |Операция Шменти Капелиthe voice Bulgarian : Операция Шменти Капели

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