Gerhard Kempinski

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Gerhard Kempinski (1904–1947) was a German-born actor. [1]


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Leyland Hodgson, also known as Leland Hodgson, was an English-born American character actor of the 1930s and 1940s. Born in London on 5 October 1892, Hodgson entered the theater in 1898. In his early 20s, Hodgson was part of a touring theater company, spending his time in the British areas of the Far East, before entering the stage in Australia. In 1930 he would move to the United States, where he would make his film debut in the Oscar-nominated film, The Case of Sergeant Grischa in 1930.

Gaiety George is a 1946 British historical musical film directed by George King and Leontine Sagan and starring Richard Greene, Ann Todd and Peter Graves. It is set in the late Victorian music hall, when an Irish impresario arrives in London.

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