Gharjamai (film)

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Directed by Anup Sengupta
Produced byAnjan Sarkar, Anup Sengupta
Starring Prasenjit Chatterjee
Namrata Thapa
Piya Das
Abhishek Chatterjee
Music by Subhayu
Edited byAtish De Sarkar
Release date
  • 11 July 2008 (2008-07-11)

Gharjamai (Bengali : ঘর জামাই "live-in son-in- law") is a 2008 Bengali film Directed by Anup Sengupta. This Anup Sengupta film is not a plagiarised version of the Hindi Jamai Raja starring Anil Kapoor, Hema Malini and Madhuri Dixit. [1] [2]



Mahim Ghoshal is a conspiring manager of businessman Amar Banerjee. While Amar banerjee has 2 wives (Mamata & Sabitri) Mahim takes an advantage of this situation. Amar Banerjee has two separate families in two separate places. Mamata feels insecure about Amar's second fiddle Sabitri while Mahim takes advantage of this situation. He advised and influences Mamata to give him ransom so that he may kill Sabitri and his own son Debnath, Mahim sends a killer who brutually knives Sabitri to death. In the heat of the moment the killer shoots and kills Sabitri's friend too. Sabitri's son Debnath and his best friend Sibnath manage to escape from the grasp of the hired assassin with Sibnath's sister Rani. But sadly the 3 children get separated. Debnath becomes Deba Mastan while Sibnath turns out to become Siba. Rani becomes a torger[ check spelling ] and finds a sidekick within Pangla. Incidentally Sibnath was brought up by Amar Banerjee's driver Sanatan, an outright honest man. After Amar Banerjee's death Mahim Ghoshal pounces upon his mission of engulfing the Banerjee property. He blackmails Mamata and coerces her to accept her that her daughter Tina to be married with Mahim's insane son Rocket. But Sibnath arrives at the judgement moment to save Tina from getting married with the hoodlum. Sibnath declares as the son-in-law (Jamai) of the Bamerjee's, i.e. Tina's husband and begins his mission of fighting Mahim Ghoshal, Rocket and his allies. Mahim on the other hand brings Debnath as a wild card and introduced his to Mamata as Sabitri's long lost son. Mamata accepts Debnath as her slipson while Tina also gives consent. But as Sibnath and Debnath don't recognise each other as childhood pears they constantly fight and combat each other. But ultimately truth prevails. the childhood mystery of all three are revealed and while Mahim Ghoshal in punished the entire family reunite again.


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