Giant Gorg

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Giant Gorg
Giant Gorg Illustration.jpg
(Kyoshin Gorg)
Genre Action, Mecha, Sci-fi
Created by Yoshikazu Yasuhiko
Anime television series
Directed byYoshikazu Yasuhiko
Produced byTakayuki Yoshii
Written by
Music by
  • Mitsuo Hagita
Studio Nippon Sunrise
Licensed by
Original network TV Tokyo
Original run April 5, 1984 September 27, 1984
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Giant Gorg (巨神ゴーグ (ジャイアントゴーグ), Jaianto Gōgu) is a 1984 26-episode anime television series. Directed by Yoshikazu Yasuhiko, produced by Sunrise and was broadcast in on TV Tokyo.



In 1990, an island emerged about two thousand kilometers south-east of the country of Samoa. It was named New Austral Island because of its close proximity to Austral Island. However, due to a secret concerning the new landmass, an organization called GAIL covered up its existence. Though absent from the map, it was still very much afloat. As part of the cover-up, Dr. Tagami, a university professor obsessed with the island, was killed.

In his will, he instructed his son, Yuu Tagami to meet with his former student, Dr. Wave, in New York. Shortly after he arrives, he, Dr. Wave, Doris (Dr. Wave's sister), and their dog, Argos, are attacked by GAIL. They escape with the help of Skipper, an old friend of Dr. Wave's who Doris describes as “a bad guy.” With Skipper's help, they make their way to Austral Island, though not without trouble. There Yuu is saved by a seemingly sentient robot called Gorg that the locals believe is the island's protector. The story unfolds from there, as Yuu, Gorg, and their friends try to uncover the secrets of New Austral Island while fighting off the forces of GAIL.


CharacterJapanese VA[ citation needed ]
Yuu Tagami Mayumi Tanaka
Doris WaveKazumi Amemiya
Dr. Wave Keaton Yamada
SkipperMasao Imanishi
Rod Balboa Shuuichi Ikeda
Lady Lynx Gara Takashima
ManonMitsuo Gunji
AroiAsami Mukaidono
SarahNaomi Jinbo (1-7), Yuko Sasaki (8-26)
Roy Balboa Yuzuru Fujimoto
Samuel GotohMasayuki Kato
Bem Kouji Totani
SamShunsuke Takamiya
Zenon Bin Shimada
Odonneru Daisuke Gouri
Tomeniku Fumihiko Tachiki
Professor Tagami Koichi Chiba
Dr. Hekkeru Masaharu Satou
HotsumatsuaMasanobu Okubo
Jeff Mitsuo Senda
Devi Saburo Kamei


In 2001, Bandai announced that they would start a new sub label under the title Sunrise Classic Action, in which Giant Gorg would be part of. [1] However, the plan was later scrapped.

In 2015, Discotek Media announced that they had licensed the series for a North American release on DVD. [2] [ better source needed ]

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