Girls of Paris

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Girls of Paris
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Directed by Claude Vermorel
Written byClaude Vermorel
Produced by Pierre Pellegrin
Starring Michel Simon
Mireille Balin
Paul Azaïs
Cinematography Jacques Mercanton
Louis Page
Maurice Pesquiné
Edited by Marcelle Saysset
Music by Henri Verdun
Les Productions Pellegrin
Distributed byLes Productions Pellegrin
Release date
  • 9 November 1936 (1936-11-09)
Running time
90 minutes
Language French

Girls of Paris (French: Jeunes filles de Paris) is a 1936 French comedy drama film directed by Claude Vermorel and starring Michel Simon, Mireille Balin and Paul Azaïs. [1] [2] The film's sets were designed by the art director Jean Douarinou.



The film follows a variety of differing characters as they go about their lives in the French capital including a wealthy banker, a tramp, a young mother and a woman trying to choose between two suitors.


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