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Glenalmond College
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Glenalmond College

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Type Public school
Day and boarding
MottoFloreat Glenalmond
Religious affiliation(s) Scottish Episcopal Church
Established1847;176 years ago (1847)
Staff52.3 (on an FTE basis)
Gender Co-educational
Age12to 18
Campus size300 acres (120 ha)
Campus typeRural
  • Cairnies
  • Goodacre's
  • Home
  • Lothian
  • Matheson's
  • Patchell's
  • Reid's
  • Skrine's
Alumni Old Glenalmonds
Glenalmond College, architect's original proposed design c. 1841 Trinity College, Glenalmond, Perthshire, Scotland. Etching b Wellcome V0012696.jpg
Glenalmond College, architect's original proposed design c. 1841

Glenalmond College is a co-educational independent boarding school in Perth and Kinross, Scotland, for children aged between 12 and 18 years. It is situated on the River Almond near the village of Methven, about 8 miles (13 km) west of the city of Perth. The college opened in 1847 as Trinity College, Glenalmond and was renamed in 1983. Originally a boys' school, Glenalmond became co-educational in the 1990s.



Trinity College Glenalmond was founded as a private school by the future Prime Minister, William Gladstone and James Hope-Scott. [1] The land for the school was given by George Patton, Lord Glenalmond who for the rest of his life, in company with his wife Margaret, took a keen interest in its development and success. [2] It was established to provide teaching for young men destined for the ministry of the Scottish Episcopal Church and where young men could be brought up in the faith of that Church. [1] It was originally known as The Scottish Episcopal College of the Holy and Undivided Trinity of Glenalmond. [2] The school opened its doors on 4 May 1847 to fourteen boys (though one boy, Lord Kerr, later Marquess of Lothian and Secretary for Scotland, arrived a day early). [1] The first Warden (headmaster) was Charles Wordsworth. [1]

The Edinburgh architect John Henderson worked on the project in 1841-51; later the firm were to be re-employed with his son George Henderson in charge on rebuilding work after a fire in 1893. In 1955 Basil Spence was engaged to alter the chapel. [3]

In 1983 the school's name was changed to Glenalmond College. [4] Until 1990 Glenalmond was an all-boys school. Girls were initially admitted into the sixth form only, and the school became fully co-educational in 1995. [1]

In 2007 the school received media attention after pupils reportedly created a spoof video that featured them "hunting" "chavs" (a derogatory term in use in the UK) on horseback and with rifles. [5] [6] The school condemned the video. [7] The school was the subject of a documentary broadcast on BBC 2 in Autumn 2008. Pride and Privilege chronicled a year in the life of Glenalmond and followed a number of pupils and teachers. [8]

Boarding houses

There are seven boarding houses: Goodacre's, Home, Lothian, Matheson's, Patchell's, Reid's and Skrine's. [2]

Notable alumni

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