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The Golden Rose Bulgarian Feature Film Festival (Bulgarian : Фестивалът на българския игрален филм „Златна роза“ [1] ) is held in Varna in September or October. [2] [3] Also known as Golden Rose National Film Festival [4] or simply Golden Rose Film Festival, [5] the event was first held in August 1961 [6] under the name "Bulgarian Film Festival"; it ran annually until 1974 (other than 1965) and after that it was usually held every two years. [7] The 34th Golden Rose Film Festival was held September 19 to 25, 2016. [8]



The first time the festival was held, in 1961, the prize-winning film was We Were Young . [9] The top award was originally called the Special Award of the Festival, but in 1963 the name was changed to "Golden Rose". [6] It is also referred to as the Grand Prix. [8] A statuette for the Golden Rose was designed by sculptor Vezhdi Rashidov. [6]

As of 2016, the festival has ten awards determined by its jury, and five other awards: [10]

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CineLibri is an annual international book and movie festival in Bulgaria founded in 2015, intended to showcase the best literary adaptations for cinema, both contemporary and classic. Jacqueline Wagenstein, one of the directors of Colibri Publishers, founded the event.

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