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Gorgany, marked in red and labeled as C4 Vnejsi Vychodni Karpaty, c4.svg
Gorgany, marked in red and labeled as C4

Gorgany (Ukrainian : Ґорґани) is a mountain range in Western Ukraine in Outer Eastern Carpathians, adjacent to Chornohora range. The highest peak of Gorgany is Syvulia (1,836 m) with the other high peaks including Ihrovyshche, Vysoka  [ uk ] (1,804 m), Lopushna  [ uk ] (1,772 m) and Grofa. The mountains are made of flysch rock, mostly sandstone, which create typical for Gorgany debris fields (local names: gorgan, grekhot). They are bordered by the Mizunka River and Vyshkovsky Pass in the west and the Prut River and Yablonitsky Pass in the east.

Gorgany are the least populated part of the Ukrainian Carpathians, The western parts of Gorgany are inhabited by Boykos, whose primary occupation is herding and timber exploitation. The major towns in the area include Vorokhta and Yaremche.



Coordinates: 48°30′N24°00′E / 48.500°N 24.000°E / 48.500; 24.000

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Kobila (mountain)

Kobula - Mountain in the Ukrainian Carpathians within Rakhiv district of Transcarpathian region.

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Gorgany Nature Reserve is a strict nature reserve of Ukraine that covers a part of the Gorgany mountain range of the Outer Eastern Carpatians in southwest Ukraine. The reserve is 46% old-growth forest, one of the last and largest such stands in Europe. The reserve was originally created in 1996 to protect relic stands of Stone pine trees. The reserve is administratively in the Nadvirna District of Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast.

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