Grandstand for General Staff (1926 film)

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Grandstand for General Staff
Grandstand for General Staff (1926 film).jpg
Scene from a film
German Der Feldherrnhügel
Directed by Hans Otto
Erich Schönfelder
Written by
Produced by Herman Millakowsky
Lux-Film Wien
Distributed by Parufamet
Release dates
7 October 1926 (Berlin)
29 October 1926 (Vienna)
  • Austria
  • Germany
Languages Silent
German intertitles

Grandstand for General Staff (German: Der Feldherrnhügel) is a 1926 Austrian-German silent comedy film directed by Hans Otto and Erich Schönfelder and starring Alexander Roda Roda, Harry Liedtke and Olga Tschechowa. It is based on a play of the same name. [1]



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