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Granny Liu (Chinese :劉姥姥; pinyin :Liú Lǎolāo) is a character in the 18th century Chinese novel Dream of the Red Chamber . She is an elderly country rustic and a distant relative of Lady Wang through "joining families" and marriage (i.e. they are not related by blood).

Granny Liu's son-in-law's grandfather was adopted by Lady Wang's father, hence the Jia clan became related to her son-in-law's family. Granny Liu was entrusted with the task of calling on Lady Wang by her son-in-law Gou'er.

Granny Liu visits the Rongguo Mansion on two occasions during the novel with her young grandson Ban'er. Each time, they provide a sharp contrast to the Jia family members. Nevertheless, she is respected by everyone for her age, hale physique and forthright nature, providing much comic relief, even for the Dowager. Each time, she also takes home many valuable gifts of clothing, money, food, family remedies, and livestock. In Cheng-Gao ending of the novel, Granny Liu visits Wang Xifeng before she dies and saves Qiaojie from concubinage.

The expression roughly translating to "Granny Liu visits the Grand View Gardens" (simplified Chinese: 刘姥姥进大观园; traditional Chinese: 劉姥姥進大觀園; pinyin: Liú lǎolao jìn Dàguānyuán) refers to this character, who visits the noble family who plays host to her, but which also makes fun of her openly for her simplicity (Granny Liu is, however, grateful for their generosity.) The expression is used in modern Chinese to describe someone, usually simple and unsophistocated, who is overwhelmed by new experiences and luxurious surroundings.

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Dream of the Red Chamber, also called The Story of the Stone, or Hongloumeng, composed by Cao Xueqin, is one of China's Four Great Classical Novels. It was written some time in the middle of the 18th century during the Qing dynasty. Long considered a masterpiece of Chinese literature, the novel is generally acknowledged to be one of the pinnacles of Chinese fiction. "Redology" is the field of study devoted exclusively to this work.

Emperor Xuan of Han Emperor of the Han dynasty

Emperor Xuan of Han, born Liu Bingyi (劉病已) and later renamed to Liu Xun (劉詢), was the tenth emperor of the Chinese Han dynasty, reigning from 74 to 48 BC, and was one of the only four Western Han emperors to receive a temple name. During his reign, the Han dynasty prospered economically and militarily became the regional superpower, and was considered by many to be the peak period of the entire Han history. He was succeeded by his son Emperor Yuan after his death in 48 BC.

Wang Xifeng is one of the principal characters in the classic 18th century Chinese novel Dream of the Red Chamber. She came from one of the Four Great Families, the Wang, and is known for her wit and intelligence, her vivacious manner, her great beauty, her multiple-faced personality and her fierce sense of fidelity. Her family had great faith in her and brought her up as a boy; in fact, the name “Xifeng” is considered masculine in her era. This accounts for her self-assuredness and straightforward ways, characteristics that do not quite fit with the traditional female role at the time.

Empress Wang of Jing, also known by her birth name Wang Zhi (王娡) and by her title Lady Wang, was an empress during the Han Dynasty. She was the second wife of Emperor Jing and the mother of Emperor Wu.

Liu Yizhi (劉禕之), courtesy name Ximei (希美), was an official of the Chinese dynasty Tang Dynasty, serving as chancellor during the first reign of Emperor Ruizong. He was initially a trusted advisor of Emperor Ruizong's powerful mother Empress Dowager Wu, but later offended her by suggesting privately that she should return imperial powers to Emperor Ruizong, and in 687, she ordered him to commit suicide.

Jia Xichun character from the Dream of the Red Chamber

Jia Xichun is a primary character in the 18th century Chinese novel Dream of the Red Chamber. Her father is Jia Jing, a son of Jia Daihua. She is the sister of Jia Zhen, de facto head of the Ningguo House, and Baoyu's third cousin. When she was little, her mother died, and Lady Wang brought her to live in the Rongguo Mansion. A devout Buddhist, she is religious since a small child and also a gifted painter. When Granny Liu visits the Prospect Garden, the Dowager commissions her to make a painting of the Garden for the guest. In Gao E's continuation, after the fall of the house of Jia, Xichun becomes a Buddhist nun in place of Miaoyu.

Jia Qiaojie Dream of the Red Chamber character

Jia Qiaojie is a character in the 18th century Chinese novel Dream of the Red Chamber. She is the only child of Jia Lian and Wang Xifeng. She remains a child throughout much of the novel. She is named after the Weaver Girl by Granny Liu, hoping the name will give some good luck and fortune.

Grandmother Jia, née Shi, so often also called Dowager Shi or simply the Dowager, is a major character in the 18th century Chinese novel Dream of the Red Chamber. She is the daughter of Marquis Shi of Jinling. She is also Baoyu and Daiyu's grandmother and the oldest and most respected authority of the Jia Clan. A doting figure, it was she who arranged for Daiyu, her only "outside" grandchild, to come to the Rongguo Mansion. It was with her help that Baoyu and Daiyu became extremely close as childhood playmates, and eventually, kindred spirits and lovers.

Dream of the Red Chamber, released in 1987, was a television series produced by CCTV adapted from the classic 18th century Chinese novel Dream of the Red Chamber. It gained enormous popularity for its music, cast, and plot adaptation. It was first filmed in Beijing in Mandarin, then the series was dubbed in Cantonese and Shanghainese. The series is 36 episodes long.

Daguanyuan fictional location

The Daguanyuan, variously translated as Grand View Garden or Prospect Garden, is a large landscaped interior garden in the classic 18th century Chinese novel Dream of the Red Chamber, built within the compounds of the Rongguo Mansion. It is the setting for much of the story.

Pinger Dream of the Red Chamber character

Ping'er is an important character in the 18th century Chinese novel Dream of the Red Chamber. She is Wang Xifeng's chief maid and personal assistant/confidante, who follows her from the Wang family. Being the chief consultant of the household manager, Ping'er wields considerable power in the Jia household. Always kind and caring, she turns big dilemmas into little, solvable problems. She does so with grace and impartiality and is respected by most other servants.

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The Dream of Red Mansions is a 2010 Chinese television series, produced by Han Sanping and directed by Fifth Generation director Li Shaohong. It is a new adaptation of the classic 18th century novel Dream of the Red Chamber. The series, comprising 50 episodes, made its debut on 6 July 2010 on 9 terrestrial networks across China.

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Legend of Lu Zhen is a 2013 Chinese television series based on the novel Female Prime Minister (女相) by Zhang Wei. Directed by Li Huizhu, Zheng Wei'en and Liang Guoguan and produced by Yu Zheng and Mu Xiaohui, the series stars Zhao Liying and Chen Xiao. It was first broadcast on 5 May 2013 in China and subsequently aired in other Asian countries such as South Korea and Japan.

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Love Yunge from the Desert is a 2015 Chinese television series based on Tong Hua's novel Song in the Clouds. It is a sequel to Sound of the Desert (2014), also based on a novel by Tong Hua. The series was produced by Yu Zheng and stars Angelababy, Du Chun, Lu Yi, Chen Xiao and Yang Rong. It aired on Hunan Television from 13 September to 23 November 2015.

Dream of the Red Chamber is an English-language opera in two acts composed by Chinese American composer Bright Sheng, with libretto by Sheng and David Henry Hwang. Based on the classic 18th-century Chinese novel of the same name by Cao Xueqin, the three-hour English-language opera had its world premiere on September 10, 2016, by the San Francisco Opera.

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The Grand Mansion Gate is a 2001 Chinese historical television series written and directed by Guo Baochang. Guo is also the author of the original novel of the same name. The television series stars Siqin Gaowa, Chen Baoguo, Liu Peiqi, Du Yulu, He Saifei, Jiang Wenli, and Zhang Fengyi. Prominent Chinese directors Zhang Yimou and Chen Kaige also make cameo appearances.