Greek Football Amateur Cup

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Greek Amateur Cup (Greek: Κύπελλο Ερασιτεχνικών Ομάδων Ελλάδος) is one of the most known competitions for amateur teams in Greece.


Amateur Cup Finals

SeasonFinalist 1ScoreFinalist 2Venue
1971–72 Alexandroupoli GS
2 – 3Fivos Kremastis
Georgios Karaiskakis Stadium,
1972–73Dafni Erythron
1 – 1
6 – 5
on pens
Pelopas Kiato
Neapoli Stadium,
Nikaia, Attica
1973–74Olympiakos Loutrakiou
3 – 1P.A.O. Koryfis Veroias
Peristeri Stadium,
Peristeri (Athens) [1]
1974–75AO Rethymnou
2 – 5 PAOK Amateurs
Apostolos Nikolaidis,
1975–76 Niki Volos
2 – 1Rouf
Lamia Stadium,
1976–77 Anthoupoli Larissa F.C.
0 – 2AO Karditsa
Volos Stadium,
1977–78Doxa Megalopolis
0 – 1 Panaspropirgiakos
Tavros Stadium,
Tavros (Athens)
1978–79 Pandramaikos
3 – 3
7 – 8
on pens
APO Chios
Neapoli Stadium,
Nikaia Piraeus
1979–80AE Didymoticho
1 – 0AO Neapoli
Lysandros Kaftanzoglou,
1980–81 Anagennisi Karditsa
1 – 0 Paniliakos
Tavros Stadium,
Tavros, Athens
1981–82 Aiolikos
3 – 2 [2] ΑΟ Nea Artaki
Tavros Stadium,
Tavros, Athens
1982–83AO Artas
0 – 2 Ergotelis Apostolos Nikolaidis,
1983–84Niki Diikitiriou
1 – 1
4 – 2
on pens
Olympic Stadium
1984–85Omiros Neochoriou
1 – 2 Aris Amateurs
Olympic Stadium,
1985–86 Pandramaikos
0 – 0
4 – 2
on pens
APS Patras
Georgios Karaiskakis,
1986–87Aias Gastounis
2 – 1 PAS Giannina
Georgios Karaiskakis,
1987–88Megas Alexandros Orfani
1 – 0Fivos Kremastis
Egaleo Stadium,
1988–89 Anagennisi Giannitsa
5 – 0E.G.O.I.
Georgios Karaiskakis,
1989–90Spartacos Thessalonikis
2 – 2
6 – 5
on pens
Agios Nikolaos
Apostolos Nikolaidis,
1990–91 Thiva
1 – 1
4 – 6
on pens
Pelopas Kiatou
Apostolos Nikolaidis,
1991–92 Kerkyra
0 – 0
1 – 3
on pens
Aspida Xanthi
Apostolos Nikolaidis,
1 – 1
6 – 7
on pens
Kozani FC
Aris Stadium,
1993–94 Panathinaikos Amateurs
2 – 0Ermis Ermionis
Georgios Karaiskakis,
1994–95 Poseidon Michanionas
0 – 0
5 – 4
on pens
Trikala Stadium,
1995–96 Ethnikos Katerini
2 – 1 Iraklis Larissa
Evosmos Stadium,
Evosmos (Thessaloniki)
1996–97Ionia Chanion
1 – 0Pontii Rodopis
Apostolos Nikolaidis,
1997–98 Akratitos
3 – 1 Kilkisiakos
Olympic Stadium,
1998–99 Chalkidon / Near-East
3 – 2
Olympiacos Chersonissos Grigorios Lambrakis,
Zografou (Athens)
1999–2000 PANO Malia
2 – 1Orfeas Sourotis
Nea Smyrni Stadium,
Nea Smyrni (Athens)
2000–01 Thrasyvoulos
2 – 1 [3] Posidon Neon Poron
Stylida Stadium
2001–02 Aiolikos
4 – 2Almopos Arideas
Levadia Municipal Stadium
2002–03 Veria
2 – 1 PAS Preveza
Sofades Stadium
2003–04 Chaidari
3 – 0 Aiolikos
Kiato Stadium,
2004–05 Keravnos Kerateas
3 – 0Orfeas Sourotis
Municipal Stadium of Volos,
2005–06not held [4]
2006–07 Doxa Megalopolis
1 – 0 Kilkisiakos
Municipal Athletic Center of Lamia,
2007–08 Panargiakos
3 – 0Niki Polygyrou
Municipal Athletic Center of Lamia,
2008–09Volida Garounas
4 – 3 Aspropyrgos Municipal Athletic Center of Mesolonghi,
2009–10Enosi Mideas
1 – 0Ethnikos Vaterou
Levadia Municipal Stadium,
2010–11 Asteras Magoula 2 – 0Agrotis LianokladiouChalkis Municipal Stadium,
2011–12not held
2012–13Foivos Kremastis Rodou2 – 1 Panarkadikos Psachna Municipal Stadium,
2013–14Panerythraikos2 – 1 Ermis Kiveriou Corinth Municipal Stadium,
2014–15 Nestos Chrysoupoli 2 – 0 Thyella Rafinas Karditsa Municipal Stadium,
2015–16 Pydna Kitrous 1 – 0 Ialysos Peristeri Stadium,
Peristeri, Attica
2016–17 Irodotos 1 – 0 Elpis Skoutari Spata Municipal Stadium,
2017–18 Ierapetra 2 – 0 Niki Volos Keratsini Municipal Stadium,
Keratsini, Piraeus

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The 2015–16 Cypriot Cup was the 74th edition of the Cypriot Cup. A total of 28 clubs entered the competition. It began on 28 October 2015 with the first round and concluded on 18 May 2016 with the final which was held at Tsirion Stadium. Apollon clinched their 8th Cypriot Cup trophy after a 2–1 victory over Omonia.

The 2015–16 Greek Football Cup was the 74th edition of the Greek Football Cup. A total of 34 clubs were accepted to enter. The competition commenced on 9 September 2015 with the Preliminary Round and was planned to conclude on 23 April 2016 with the Final, at the Athens Olympic Stadium.

The 2016–17 Cypriot Cup was the 75th edition of the Cypriot Cup. A total of 25 clubs were accepted to enter the competition. It began on 26 October 2016 with the first round and concluded on 24 May 2017 with the final held at GSP Stadium. The winner of the Cup was Apollon Limassol for ninth time and qualified for the 2017–18 Europa League second qualifying round

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Myron Sifakis is a Greek retired goalkeeper and current football manager.

The 2018–19 Greek Cup was the 77th season of the Greek Football Cup. A total of 73 clubs were accepted to enter, 16 from the Super League, 16 from the Football League and the 41 previous season local FCA Cup Winners. PAOK won the competition for third consecutive year beating AEK Athens 1–0 in the final held at Athens Olympic Stadium.

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P.A.N.O. Malia F.C., also known as PANOM, short for Podosferikós Athlitikós Naftikós Ómilos Malíon is a Greek amateur football club, based in Malia, Heraklion, on the island of Crete, Greece. They currently play in the local Heraklion FCA A1 Division and host their home games at the local Malia Stadium. They've enjoyed relative success in the early 2000s, having won the Greek Football Amateur Cup in 2000 under coach Giannis Petrakis. They have previously played once in the Gamma Ethniki, the third tier of the Greek football league system during the 2004−05 season, and have also played several seasons in the country's now defunct 4th National Division.

The 2019–20 Greek Cup is the 78th season of the Greek Football Cup. A total of 84 clubs are accepted to enter. 14 from the Super League 1, 12 from the Super League 2, 14 from the Football League and 44 previous season local Cup winners. The Second Leg Semi-Final matches and the Final were postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic in Greece until June.


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