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Idrottsföreningen Kamraterna, Helsingfors
FormationOctober 1897;123 years ago (1897-10)
FounderGeorges Doubitsky
Founded at Kruununhaka
Type Nonprofit
Registration no.0624253-7 [1]
Legal status Registered association
HeadquartersDöbelnsgatan 2 B
00260 Helsinki
Coordinates 60°10′40″N24°55′28″E / 60.1777045°N 24.9245096°E / 60.1777045; 24.9245096 Coordinates: 60°10′40″N24°55′28″E / 60.1777045°N 24.9245096°E / 60.1777045; 24.9245096
Fields Athletics, bandy and rink bandy, bowling, floorball, football, handball, ice hockey
Membership (2016)
3000 [2]
Official languages
Swedish (official)
René Österman
Kimmo Niemistö
Tom Ståhlberg
  • Niclas Berg
  • Tom Nybond
  • Christoffer Perret
Website ifk.fi

    HIFK, the Idrottsföreningen Kamraterna, Helsingfors (IFK, Helsingfors) rf [3] (officially abbreviated IFK Helsingfors, colloquially often Helsingfors IFK or Helsingin IFK ) is a multi-sport association based in Helsinki, Finland. Formed in 1897 on the initiative of Georges Doubitsky and fellow students of the Svenska Reallyceum, the Swedish lyceum in Helsinki, it is the oldest continuously-operating Idrottsföreningen Kamraterna (IFK) organization in Finland. HIFK has sections in many sports, including athletics, bandy, bowling, football, ice hockey, and handball.



    HIFK Bandy ry oversees the men's and women's representative teams, junior teams and bandy school, and recreational bandy programs. Kauko Rautiainen is chairman of HIFK Bandy ry.

    The men's bandy section of HIFK was created in 1907 and the representative team has won the Finnish Championship seventeen times, more than any other club, and the Finnish Cup twice. [4] The team plays in the Bandyliiga and their home arena is Brahenkenttä in the Alppiharju district. [5]

    HIFK women's team plays in the Jääpallon naisten SM-sarja (Women's Bandy Finnish Championship Series) and have won the Finnish Championship three times, in 1986, 1987, and 2011.

    Ice hockey

    Oy HIFK Hockey Ab is the largest business within the HIFK association, comprising the men’s representative team in the Liiga, the women’s representative team in the Naisten Liiga, an expansive junior organization, and the hREDS eSports team.


    In November 2016 an esports project was started under the name Helsinki REDS (hREDS).


    The Athletics section of HIFK is one of Finland's oldest and most successful athletics clubs.


    The Handball section of HIFK is one of the pioneers of the sport in Finland. The men's section has won 10 national championships and the women's section 41 national championships. Both teams play their home games at the Helsinki Urheilutalo in the Kallio district of the city.


    The football section of HIFK was established in 1907, and its first team earned promotion to Veikkausliiga for the 2015 season.


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      Stadin Gimmat or HIFK Naiset are an ice hockey team in the Naisten Liiga. They play in the Malmi district of Helsinki, at the Malmi Ice Hall. The representative women's ice hockey team of the Helsinki-based multi sport club, HIFK, the team is closely affiliated with the HIFK men's ice hockey team of the Liiga.

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      Naisten Mestis is the second-highest women’s ice hockey league in Finland. The league was founded as Naisten I-divisioona in 1985 by the Finnish Ice Hockey Association when the number of teams playing in the Naisten SM-sarja was limited. It was renamed Naisten Mestis prior to the 2012-13 season.

      Alavuden Peli-Veikotry or APV is a sports club in Alavus, Finland. APV was founded in 1953 as a speciality football club – tradition holds that it was the first specialty football club to be founded in rural Finland – but expanded to include other sports over time. The club now offers programs in football, futsal, ice hockey, and pesäpallo and is best known for its youth and junior teams. APV’s representative ice hockey teams play in the men’s fourth-tier II-divisioona and in the women’s second-tier Naisten Mestis. The club’s representative men’s pesäpallo team plays in the Suomensarja, the third-tier league below the Superpesis and Ykköspesis.

      PK-35 Vantaa (women) Finnish football club

      PK-35 Vantaa is a football club based in Vantaa, Finland. The club is "dedicated to women's football" and its representative team plays in the Kansallinen Liiga, the top-tier women's league in Finland. PK-35 Vantaa has won the Finnish Championship six times and the Finnish Women's Cup four times. The club's home ground is the Myyrmäen jalkapallostadion in the Myyrmäki district of Vantaa.


      Significant content in this article was translated from the existing Finnish Wikipedia article at fi:HIFK and the existing Swedish Wikipedia article at sv:HIFK; see their histories for attribution.

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