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HanCinema is an independent South Korean movie and drama database created by Cédric Collemine during the summer of 2003 in Korea. It provides information related to Korean movies, television dramas, actors, and other related information. [1] [2] It is aimed at non-South Korean audiences. [3]


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The Four Asian Tigers are the economies of South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore and Hong Kong. Between the early 1960s and 1990s, they underwent rapid industrialization and maintained exceptionally high growth rates of more than 7 percent a year.

Television Broadcasts Limited (TVB) is a television broadcasting company based in Hong Kong. The company operates five free-to-air terrestrial television channels in Hong Kong, with TVB Jade as its main Cantonese language service, and TVB Pearl as its main English service. TVB is headquartered at TVB City at the Tseung Kwan O Industrial Estate.

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<i>To Kill with Intrigue</i> 1977 Hong Kong film

To Kill with Intrigue is a 1977 historical action-drama film directed by Lo Wei. A joint Hong Kong and South Korean co-production with martial arts, revenge and romance film elements, the film stars Hong Kong action movie star Jackie Chan with Taiwanese actress Hsu Feng and South Korean actress Jeong Hee. The movie was filmed in South Korea.

The Hong Kong Film Award for Best Actress is an award presented annually at the Hong Kong Film Awards (HKFA). It is given to honour an actress who has delivered an outstanding performance in a Hong Kong film. The 1st Hong Kong Film Awards ceremony was held in 1982, with no formal nomination procedure established; the award was given to Kara Hui for her role in My Young Auntie. After the first award ceremony, a nomination system was put in place whereby no more than five nominations are made for each category and each entry is selected through two rounds of voting. Firstly, prospective nominees are marked with a weight of 50% each from HKFA voters and a hundred professional adjudicators, contributing towards a final score with which the top five nominees advance to the second round of voting. The winner is then selected via a scoring process where 55% of the vote comes from 55 professional adjudicators, 25% from representatives of the Hong Kong Performing Artistes Guild and 20% from all other HKFA Executive Committee Members.

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<i>Master</i> (2016 film) 2016 film

Master is a South Korean action crime film directed by Cho Ui-seok. Written jointly by Cho Ui-seok and Kim Hyun-duk, it stars Lee Byung-hun, Gang Dong-won and Kim Woo-bin in the lead roles. The narrative centers around the manhunt for a conman launched by South Korea's financial crime unit after he absconds with the money and assumes a new identity, causing a cop to team up with the conman's mastermind partner in order to crack the case involving a nationwide financial fraud leads to the Southeast Asian haven for scam artists, thieves, and criminals: Metro Manila.

<i>A Taxi Driver</i> 2017 South Korean film by Jang Hoon

A Taxi Driver is a 2017 South Korean historical action drama film directed by Jang Hoon and written by Eom Yu-na, with Song Kang-ho starring in the title role, alongside Thomas Kretschmann.

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<i>Mission: Possible</i> South Korean action comedy film

Mission: Possible is a 2021 South Korean action-comedy film written and directed by Kim Hyung-joo. Based on the Mission: Impossible series by Bruce Geller, the film stars Lee Sun-bin and Kim Young-kwang, following the antics of secret agent Da-hee and an ex-special agent, present-private detective Soo-han. The film was released in South Korea on February 17, 2021.


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