Hanni Reinwald

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Hanni Reinwald
Born24 August 1903
Died1978 (aged 7475)
Years active1913–1929
Relatives Grete Reinwald (sister)
Otto Reinwald (brother)

Hanni Reinwald (24 August 1903 – 1978) was a German stage and film actress. [1] Originally a child actor, she later graduated to adult roles, and retired from the film industry at the end of the silent era. She was the sister of Grete Reinwald and Otto Reinwald.


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Otto Reinwald was a German film actor. The elder brother of the actresses Grete Reinwald and Hanni Reinwald, he made his screen debut in 1913 as a child actor. He later became a production manager, active in the post-war German film industry. He was also credited as a cinematographer for the 1959 film Hunting Party.


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