Harry Jackman

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Harry Jackman
Member of Parliament
for Rosedale
In office
Preceded by Harry Gladstone Clarke
Succeeded by Charles Henry
Personal details
BornHenry Rutherford Jackman
(1900-11-05)November 5, 1900
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Died November 22, 1979(1979-11-22) (aged 79)
Political party National Government, Progressive Conservative
Profession Lawyer, manager

Henry Rutherford "Harry" Jackman, OC (November 5, 1900 November 22, 1979) was a Canadian politician and successful entrepreneur. In 1973, he was made an Officer of the Order of Canada.

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Harry Jackman represented the electoral district of Rosedale in the House of Commons of Canada from 1940 to 1949. He was first elected in 1940 as a member of Robert Manion's World War II National Government caucus (which, despite the name, formed the Official Opposition in the House of Commons of Canada), after wresting his party's nomination from Conservative incumbent Harry Gladstone Clarke. Jackman was re-elected in 1945 as a Progressive Conservative. He ran again in 1949, but was defeated.

Electoral district (Canada) federal or provincial electoral district in Canada

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In business, Jackman built the Empire Life group of financial service companies during the Great Depression.

Empire Life

The Empire Life Insurance Company is a Canadian life insurance and financial services company with its headquarters in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. It was incorporated in 1923 and is a subsidiary of E-L Financial Corporation Limited of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The company provides individual life, health and investment products as well as group life and health products through independent distribution partners including financial advisors, management general agents, national account firms and employee benefit producers. Empire Life is the parent company of Empire Life Investments Inc, a Canadian investment management company launched in 2011.

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Jackman married Mary Coyne Rowell, the daughter of Canadian politician Newton Wesley Rowell, in 1930. They had four children: Henry (Hal), Eric, Edward, and Nancy.

Henry Newton Rowell Jackman, is a Canadian businessman who served as the 25th Lieutenant Governor of Ontario from 1991 to 1997. He is the son of former Member of Parliament Harry Jackman and philanthropist Mary Rowell Jackman. His mother was the daughter of another former Member of Parliament, Newton Wesley Rowell. His sister, Nancy Ruth, is a philanthropist who was appointed to the Senate in 2005.

Nancy Ruth, CM is a Canadian activist, philanthropist and former Canadian Senator. She was appointed by Prime Minister Paul Martin, on March 24, 2005. While initially appointed as a Progressive Conservative, on March 28, 2006 she joined the Conservative caucus. She is Canada's first openly lesbian senator. She retired from the Senate on January 6, 2017, upon reaching the mandatory retirement age of 75.

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