Harry Poindexter

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Harry Clay Poindexter
Mayor of Jeffersonville
In office
January 1, 1926 December 31, 1929
Preceded by Joseph Warder
Succeeded by Allen Jacobs
Personal details
BornMay 10, 1857
Battle, Indiana
Died1937 [1]
Resting place Jeffersonville, Indiana
Political party Republican

Harry Clay Poindexter [2] (1857–1937) was mayor of Jeffersonville, Indiana, United States, and son of former Jeffersonville mayor Gabriel Poindexter. [3]



Harry was born in Battle, Indiana; [2] one of nine children of Gabriel and Mary Poindexter. [4] He attended the schools of Jeffersonville and graduated and held an interest in politics. He married Anna King of Jackson County. By 1894 he became the only Republican elected to be a member of the Clark County legislature. [4] However, after his term ended around 1896, he moved to Marion County, and in 1901 became a clerk to Broad Ripple, Indiana. In 1903, he returned to Jeffersonville, where he worked in a canning shop. [4] Three years later he would be appointed to City Court Judge by Governor Frank Hanly. He would serve that office for four years and attend law at a school in Louisville, Kentucky in which he would graduate in 1909 in which after serving as judge he would continue a general practice. In 1910 he would become a candidate for the United States House of Representatives from Indiana's 3rd district, but wasn't elected losing to William E. Cox. [5] The years following the election he would become the superintendent for Jeffersonville's Government Depot now better known as the Jeffersonville Quartermaster Intermediate Depot. [6] In 1926 he became mayor of Jeffersonville and serve until 1929. [7] Harry Poindexter was also a local preacher at the Wall Street Church.

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