Harvey G. Turner

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Harvey Griswold Turner (June 7, 1822 November 22, 1893) was an American legislator and jurist.

Born in East Oswego, New York, he moved to Waukesha, Wisconsin Territory in 1840. He studied law at Finch & Lynde law firm in 1846 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin Territory and was admitted to the Wisconsin bar in 1846. Turner moved to Grafton, Wisconsin and practiced law. In 1847, Turner served in the second Wisconsin Constitutional Convention of 1848-1848. In 1815 and 1852, Turner served in the Wisconsin State Senate and then served as county judge of Ozaukee County, Wisconsin. When he was 24 he moved to New York and started selling hotdogs to sustain his family. He was moving back to his hometown when he died in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. [1] [2]


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