Haslum HK

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Haslum HK
Arena Nadderud Arena
Head coach Sten Stockfleth
League Eliteserien
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Haslum HK is a handball club from Haslum, Norway. They currently compete in the Eliteserien.

European record

SeasonCompetitionRoundClub1st leg2nd legAggregate
2016-17 Challenge Cup R3 Flag of Iceland.svg Valur 24–3125–2549–56

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The Kolsås Line is a 12.1-kilometer (7.5 mi) line of the Oslo Metro. It branches off from the Røa Line at Smestad Station and runs through western Oslo and Bærum to Kolsås Station. It serves the neighborhoods of Ullernåsen, Øraker, Jar, Bekkestua, Haslum, Gjettum and Kolsås. It is served by Line 3 of the metro at a 15-minute headway. The section from Jar to Bekkestua is built as a dual system with overhead wires, allowing Line 13 of the Oslo Tramway to continue from the Lilleaker Line to Bekkestua every ten minutes.

Bekkestua station Oslo metro station

Bekkestua is a station and tram stop that is served both by Oslo Metro on Kolsås Line and Oslo Tramway on Lilleaker Line situated at Bekkestua in Bærum, Norway. It is the terminus of the Lilleaker Line for tramway.

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The Norwegian bandy season starts with the Kosa Open where the winner of the elite section qualifies for the Kopa Cup. Eight teams then contest the Norwegian Bandy Premier League. The league system comprises four leagues, with nineteen different clubs as well as ten B teams.

Lilleaker Line

The Lilleaker Line is a suburban tramway from Skøyen in Oslo westwards to Jar, Bærum in Norway. It is operated by Line 13 from Grefsen to Bekkestua of the Oslo Tramway, operated by Oslo Sporvognsdrift. The line continues on the Oslo Metro west of Jar as part of the Kolsås Line, and as a street tramway on the Oslo tramway system at Skøyen as the Skøyen Line.

Haslum (station) Oslo metro station

Haslum is a station on the Kolsås Line on the Oslo Metro. It is between Avløs and Gjønnes, 13.0 kilometers (8.1 mi) from Stortinget. It serves the neighborhood Haslum.

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Avløs is a station on the Kolsås Line on the Oslo Metro system. It is between Valler and Haslum, 13.6 km from Stortinget. The station was opened 1 July 1924 as part of the tramway Lilleaker Line. Along with most of the line, Avløs closed for upgrades on 1 July 2006 and its service was temporarily provided by bus. Avløs, among other things, received longer platforms which can accommodate trains with up to six cars like most of the metro system.

Einar Riegelhuth Koren is a Norwegian handball player, currently playing for FCK Håndbold. He started his club career in Runar, and has also played for Haslum. He made his debut on the Norwegian national team in 2006, and has played 7 matches and scored 12 goals. On 25 June 2011, Einar Sand Koren married Linn Kristin Riegelhuth, and changed his name to Einar Riegelhuth Koren.

Thomas Skoglund Norwegian handball player

Thomas Skoglund is a Norwegian handball player, playing for the Danish club GOG Svendborg.

A/S Bærumsbanen was a tram company that operated the Lillaker-, Kolsås and Østensjø Line of the Oslo Tramway, Norway, from 1924 to 1971 when the company became part of Oslo Sporveier.

Haslum Village in Østlandet, Norway

Haslum is a district in the municipality of Bærum, Norway. Its population (2007) is 6,041. Haslum is served by Haslum station on the Kolsås Line (Kolsåsbanen) of Oslo Metro. It is situated between Avløs and Gjønnes. Haslum is noted for Haslum Church its medieval parish church, which is surrounded by a historic cemetery.

Erlend Mamelund Norwegian handball player

Erlend Mamelund is a retired Norwegian handball player who played for Haslum HK and for the Norwegian national team.

Marianne Haslum is a Norwegian curler.

Åse Gruda Skard Norwegian psychologist

Åse Gruda Skard was a Norwegian university professor, child psychologist and author. She was a noted pioneer in the field of childhood development and psychology.


Nadderud is a district in eastern Bærum, Norway. It was formerly farmland under one of Bærum's larger farms, named Nadderud, but since the 1950s it has been built up with housing, several schools and sporting facilities. The best known facility, which has made the name Nadderud nationally known, is the stadium Nadderud stadion. Parts of the district Nadderud have been absorbed by the growing suburban centre Bekkestua.

Gjønnes is a district in eastern Bærum, Norway.

Hans Haslum

Hans Haslum was a Norwegian farmer and elected official. He served as a representative at the Norwegian Constitutional Assembly.

Thomas Kristensen (handballer) Norwegian handball player

Thomas Kristensen is a Norwegian handball player. He plays for Haslum HK and the Norwegian national team. He has spent his entire career in Haslum, except for the seasons 2014–2015 in Ademar León and 2015–2016 in Frisch Auf Göppingen.

The 2016–17 GRUNDIGligaen is the 52nd season of the GRUNDIGligaen, Norwegian's top-tier handball league. A total of twelve teams contest this season's league. Elverum Håndball are the defending champions.

Rear Admiral Ewa Ann-Sofi Skoog Haslum née Skoog is a Swedish Navy officer. She currently serves as Chief of Navy.