Haveli District

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Pakistan - Azad Kashmir - Haveli.svg
Pakistani district map shows Azad Kashmir (in white) with Haveli highlighted (in yellow).
Country Pakistan
Province Azad Jammu and Kashmir
Headquarters Forward Kahuta
  Total598 km2 (231 sq mi)
  Density268/km2 (690/sq mi)
Time zone UTC+5 (PST)

Haveli District (Urdu : ضلع حویلی) is the 9th districts of Azad Jammu and Kashmir. It was separated from the Bagh District on 1 July 2009. [1] It has a population of 152,124 according to the 2017 Census. [2]



It is divided into three tehsils – Forward Kahuta (Haveli tehsil), [3] Khursheedabad (Kurshid Abad) and Mumtazabad. It has one municipal corporation, Forward Kahuta. There are 12 Union Councils in Haveli district consisting of 95 villages.


Haveli is situated at a high altitude of approximately 8000 feet above sea level. Heavy snowfall occurs regularly through the year. Darra Haji Peer, Lasdana, Sindhgala, Neel Kunth, Aliabad, sheraziabad, Kalamula, Jabbi Syedan are famous tourist Places Badori is the highest peaks.


According to the Alif Ailaan Pakistan District Education Rankings 2017, Haveli is ranked 33 out of 148 districts in education. For facilities and infrastructure, the district is ranked 146 out of 148. [4]

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Forward Kahuta is a village situated in the Haveli District of Pakistani Azad Kashmir. Until recently it was part of Bagh District; it now serves as the administrative headquarters of Haveli District. It is Surrounded by line of control from three sides. Now the roads are fully developed and paved. Lasdana Mehmood gali and Neel Fari are the great places for the tourists.

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Alif Ailaan

Alif Ailaan is a nonprofit organization working in the field of education in Pakistan since 2013. Launched by a team of media and communications specialists, the program seeks to highlight education on priority basis in Pakistan and make the masses aware of the importance of education. It runs campaigns in print, on radio and television, and on social media for awareness of the masses about education. The program conducts seminars and surveys and publishes the highly cited district education rankings report. It also monitors the performance of parliamentarians in reforming education in their constituencies.


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Coordinates: 33°53′07″N74°06′12″E / 33.8854°N 74.1033°E / 33.8854; 74.1033