Henri Calef

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Henri Calef (20 July 1910 18 August 1994) was a French screenwriter and film director.


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Reggie Nalder Austrian actor (1907–1991)

Reggie Nalder was a prolific Austrian film and television character actor from the late 1940s to the early 1990s. His distinctive features—partially the result of disfiguring burns—together with a haunting style and demeanor led to his being called "The Face That Launched a Thousand Trips".

Carla Del Poggio Italian actress

Carla Del Poggio was an Italian cinema, theatre, and television actress.

<i>Shadow and Light</i> 1951 French film

Shadow and Light is a 1951 French psychological drama film directed by Henri Calef and starring Simone Signoret, María Casares and Jean Marchat.

François Périer French actor

François Périer, was a French actor renowned for his expressiveness and diversity of roles.

Nancy Calef is a contemporary American figurative painter, illustrator and author. Her work is distinguished by the technique of sculpting off the canvas with clay to produce paintings in three-dimensional high relief. Calef is also a singer/songwriter.

Robert Calef

Robert Calef was a cloth merchant in colonial Boston. He was the author of More Wonders of the Invisible World, a book composed throughout the mid-1690s denouncing the recent Salem witch trials of 1692–1693 and particularly examining the influential role played by Cotton Mather.

Yves Hyacinthe Deniaud was a French comic actor.

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Roger Vercel French writer

Roger Vercel was a French writer.

<i>The Passerby</i> (1951 film) 1951 film

The Passerby is a French drama film from 1951, written and directed by Henri Calef, starring Henri Vidal and Louis de Funès. The scenario is based on Serge Groussard's novel La Femme sans passé.

<i>The Secret of Helene Marimon</i> 1954 film

The Secret of Helene Marimon is a 1954 French-Italian drama film directed by Henri Calef and starring Isa Miranda, Franck Villard and Carla Del Poggio. The scenario was based on the novel of J. B. Cherrier "Les cahiers du conseiller Marimon".

Robert Dalban was a French actor. His work included stage acting, roles in TV shows and dubbing American stars. Moreover, he was a fixture in French cinema for many decades.

Édouard Delmont was a French actor born Édouard Marius Autran in Marseille. He died in Cannes at age 72.

The Royalists is a 1947 French historical drama film directed by Henri Calef and starring Paul Amiot, Roland Armontel and Roger Bontemps. It is an adaptation of Honoré de Balzac's 1829 novel Les Chouans.

Henri François Jean André Marchand known as Henri Marchand — was a French actor of stage and screen.

<i>Jericho</i> (1946 film) 1946 film

Jericho is a 1946 French war film directed by Henri Calef based on Operation Jericho. During the Second World War the Royal Air Force and the French Resistance take part in a joint operation known as "Jericho" to free fifty civilians being held as hostages by the occupying German Army in Amiens.

Alfred-Adolphe Pasquali was a French actor and theatre director

Serge Groussard was a French journalist and writer, the son of colonel Georges Groussard and Véra Bernstein-Woolbrunn.

Lucienne Granier was a French movie actress.

Crossroads of Passion is a 1948 French-Italian drama film directed by Ettore Giannini and Henri Calef and starring Viviane Romance, Clément Duhour and Valentina Cortese.