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Henri Letondal (1941).

Henri Letondal (29 June 1901 – 15 February 1955) was a French-Canadian actor, critic, playwright and musician.

He was born in Montreal on 29 June 1901, the son of Arthur Letondal. [1]

He died in Hollywood on 15 February 1955. [2]


1946 The Razor's Edge Police Inspector at Sophie's DeathUncredited
1946 Magnificent Doll Count D'Arignon
1947 La Forteresse Edward Durant
1947 The Foxes of Harrow MasperoUncredited
1947 The Crime Doctor's Gamble Louis Chabonet
1948 The Big Clock Antique Dealer
1948 Apartment for Peggy Prof. Roland PavinUncredited
1949 Mother Is a Freshman Prof. RomaineUncredited
1949 Come to the Stable Father BarraudUncredited
1949 Madame Bovary Guillaumin
1950 Please Believe Me Jacques Carnet
1951 Royal Wedding PurserUncredited
1951 On the Riviera Louis Foral
1951 Kind Lady Monsieur Malaquaise
1951 Across the Wide Missouri Lucien ChennaultUncredited
1951 Ten Tall Men AdministratorUncredited
1952 The Wild North John MuddUncredited
1952 Lovely to Look At CreditorUncredited
1952 What Price Glory Cognac Pete
1952 The Big Sky La Badie
1952 Monkey Business Dr. Jerome Kitzel
1953 Desert Legion GeneralUncredited
1953 South Sea Woman Alphonse
1953 Dangerous When Wet Joubert
1953 Gentlemen Prefer Blondes GrotierUncredited
1953 Little Boy Lost Tracing Service Clerk
1954 Yankee Pasha ClerkUncredited
1954 The Gambler from Natchez Robert Renard
1954 Deep in My Heart FrançoisUncredited
1955 A Bullet for Joey Dubois

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