Her Corporal

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Her Corporal
Her Corporal.png
Directed by E. W. Emo
Written by
Cinematography Sepp Riff
Edited by August Rieger
Music by Hans Lang
  • Rex-Film
  • Schönbrunn-Film
Distributed byKopp-Filmverleih (West Germany)
Release date
  • 23 August 1956 (1956-08-23)
Running time
93 minutes
Language German

Her Corporal (German : Ihr Korporal or Husarenmanöver) is a 1956 Austrian historical comedy film directed by E. W. Emo and starring Peter Weck, Traute Wassler  [ de ], and Paul Hörbiger. [1]


The film's sets were designed by the art director Heinz Ockermüller. The film was shot in Agfacolor at the Schönbrunn Studios in Vienna.


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