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Herb Butterfield
Muriel Bremner and Herb Butterfield Lonely Women 1943.jpg
Butterfield and Muriel Bremner as Mr. & Mrs. Carter Colby in the radio program Lonely Women .
BornOctober 28, 1895
Providence, Rhode Island, USA
DiedMay 2, 1957 (aged 61)
Los Angeles, California, USA

Actor Herbert Butterfield (October 28, 1895 – May 2, 1957) was best known for his work in American radio. Perhaps his major roles on radio were those of crime-lab expert Lee Jones (as well as many supporting characters) in Dragnet, and The Commissioner in Dangerous Assignment. [1]


Butterfield acted dozens of roles on Broadway Is My Beat. His other roles in radio programs included: Rex Kramer on Dan Harding's Wife , Ziehm in Girl Alone , Clarence Wellman in The Halls of Ivy , Weissoul in Jack Armstrong, the All-American Boy , Preacher Jim in Kitty Keene, Inc. , Judge Carter Colby in Lonely Women , Phineas Herringbone in Ma Perkins , Judge Glenn Hunter in One Man's Family , and Judge Colby in Today's Children . [2] He also was the last actor to play Inspector Richard Queen in The Adventures of Ellery Queen on radio. [3]

Butterfield's limited activity on television included reprising his roles of Clarence Wellman in The Halls of Ivy [4] and The Commissioner in Dangerous Assignment. [5] [ better source needed ] He appeared in many episodes of the TV version of Dragnet. He also had roles in a few movies, including The House on Telegraph Hill and Shield for Murder . [6] [ better source needed ]


1950 Never Fear Walter Williams
1951 The House on Telegraph Hill Joseph C. Callahan
1953 The I Don't Care Girl DoctorUncredited
1953 A Blueprint for Murder Judge at Preliminary HearingUncredited
1954 Shield for Murder Cabot
1955 The Tender Trap MinisterVoice, Uncredited
1955 The Fighting Chance Tipsy ManUncredited
1956 The Ten Commandments Royal PhysicianUncredited

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