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Location in Denmark
Coordinates: 56°08′19″N8°59′23″E / 56.13861°N 8.98972°E / 56.13861; 8.98972
Country Denmark
Region Mid Jutland (Midtjylland)
Municipality Herning
  MayorLars Krarup
32.4 km2 (12.5 sq mi)
  Municipality1,323.5 km2 (511.0 sq mi)
58 m (190 ft)
  Urban density1,600/km2 (4,000/sq mi)
Demonym(s) Herningbo Herningenser
Time zone UTC+1 (Central Europe Time)
  Summer (DST) UTC+2
Postal code
Area code(s) (+45) 9
Website www.herning.dk

Herning (Danish pronunciation:  [ˈhɛɐ̯ne̝ŋ] ) is a Danish city in Region Midtjylland, on the Jutland peninsula. It is the main town and the administrative seat of Herning Municipality. Herning has a population of 50,332 (1 January 2020) [1] including the suburbs of Tjørring, Snejbjerg, Lind, Birk, Hammerum and Gjellerup, making Herning the 11th most populous urban area in Denmark.



Herning was established at the beginning of the 1790s, during the period of heath reclamation, as a commercial centre providing goods and services to the farmers in the area. A textile industry later developed in and around the town. This industry was once Herning's principal economic activity. Today, the town has a more diversified industrial base. Herning became a market town in 1913. Herning has twice been awarded the title of Danish City of the Year.


There are many small furniture and textile businesses in and around Herning. [2]


Herning is home to Messecenter Herning, the largest exhibition centre in Scandinavia, which hosts many trade fairs.

Carl-Henning Pedersen and Else Alfelt's Museum of Art (also known as Herning Art Museum) is located in the city.

The city is the site of three buildings designed by the architect Jørn Utzon. One is publicly owned and two are privately owned.

The town is also home to sculptor Ingvar Cronhammar's monumental work Elia. The sculpture is located near the Herning Art Museum.

The old Herningsholm Estate in Herning is open to the public for touring. Classensborg Estate, now called Skarrildhus, is located 25 km south of the town, but is closed to the public because it is a private hotel and educational facility. The grounds, however, can be toured and are known for their beautiful rhododendron displays during the spring.

The Herning Museum displays a history of Herning, as well as the development of moorland agriculture and ancient textile production. [3] [4] The museum operates traveling educational exhibits. [5]


Herning Blue Fox is a Danish professional ice hockey team playing in the top Danish ice hockey league, the Oddset Ligaen. Having won 16 championships and 29 medals in all (following the 2011–2012 season), Herning Blue Fox has accumulated the greatest number of victories in the history of professional ice hockey in Denmark.

FC Midtjylland is a football team playing in the Danish Superliga. It is a merger of Herning Fremad and Ikast FS and won the national championship of Denmark for the first time in 2015 having twice been the runner up. FC Midtjylland play their home matches at MCH Arena, which is situated next to the largest sports and concert venue in Denmark, Jyske Bank Boxen.

Herning also is a centre of Danish cycling. The GP Herning is a professional bicycle race held annually in Herning. The 2012 Giro d'Italia started in Herning. Bjarne Riis, as of 2011 the only Dane to win the Tour de France, was born in Herning. Fourteen years after his win, Riis admitted using illegal performance-enhancing drugs for the competition; however, he retained the Trikot since the statute of limitations had already expired prior to his admission.[ citation needed ]

The final of the 2019 World Men's Handball Championship will be played in Jyske Bank Boxen.


Road and rail

Herning is the hub for both road and rail transport in central Jutland. The rail lines crossing the peninsula intersect at Herning with connections to Vejle, Århus, Esbjerg and Holstebro. There are also several daily trains to Copenhagen.

Herning lies at the intersection of three major roads: route 18, that traverses the Jutland Peninsula from southeast to northwest; route 15, that crosses the peninsula from Aarhus in the east to Ringkobing in the west; and route 12, from Esbjerg in the southwest to Viborg to the northeast.


Herning is served by Karup Airport situated 25 km (16 mi) to the northeast of the city. There are several flights a day connecting it to Copenhagen Airport.

Notable people

Soren Pind, 2017 Soren Pind - 2017 (cropped).jpg
Søren Pind, 2017
Ellen Trane Noerby, 2017 Informal meeting of health ministers (iEPSCO). Arrivals Ellen Trane Noerby (35909039651) cropped.jpg
Ellen Trane Noerby, 2017


Bjarne Riis, 2007 Bjarne Riis.jpg
Bjarne Riis, 2007

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Grand Prix Herning is a one-day road bicycle race, held in Midtjylland, Denmark.

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The MCH Messecenter Herning is an exhibition centre and entertainment complex in Herning, Denmark. The complex is the largest fair and exhibition center in Denmark– beating the Bella Center in Copenhagen. Located on 130 acres (0.53 km2), the complex hosts many events from trade shows, theatrical performances, sporting events, concert tours and other performances. It is one of the main attractions in Herning and draws a crowd of over 900,000 visitors per year.

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The 2018–19 Danish Cup also known as Sydbank Pokalen was the 65th season of the Danish Cup competition. The winner of the tournament, FC Midtjylland, earned qualification into the second qualifying round of the 2019-20 UEFA Europa League.


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