Hero of Labor (Vietnam)

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Hero of Labor
Anh hùng Lao động
Awarded by the Government of Vietnam
TypeSingle-grade order
EligibilityVietnamese civilians, military personnel, and organization. Foreigners.
Awarded forcollective or individual labor brave and creative, is particularly outstanding achievements in production and work.
StatusCurrently awarded
First awarded1970

The Hero of Labor (or Labor Hero) (Vietnamese : Anh hùng lao động) is a title honors in the Socialist Republic of Vietnam be awarded or posthumously awarded to individuals who have recorded exceptionally outstanding achievements in labor and creation for the objective of a prosperous people, a strong country and an equitable, democratic and civilized society, are loyal to the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, and possess revolutionary virtues and qualities; be awarded to collectives which have recorded exceptionally outstanding achievements in labor and creation for the objective of a prosperous people, a strong country and an equitable, democratic and civilized society; have maintained good internal unity, clean and strong Party and mass organizations. [1]

This title was officially coined in 1970 by the National Assembly of Vietnam of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam. The National Assembly Standing Committee reviewed the proposal of the Government Council for this title for individual or group qualified. But in fact, at the Congress of emulation fighters in the first nationwide in 1952 was this title. In the late 1990s, the Socialist Republic of Vietnam deems necessary renewal of the emulation, should have modified the standard title in 1999. And now the Law of Emulation 2003Tu reward in it, the title of hero of Labour is also known for more than a labor Hero in the renovation period. [2] [3]

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