High Moorsley

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High Moorsley is a small village 1 mile (1.6 km) south-west of Hetton-le-Hole in the City of Sunderland, north east England.

It is the site of the first weather radar system in the north-east of England, officially opened in July 2009. [1]

High Moorsley Quarry is a Site of Special Scientific Interest for its Permian magnesian limestone formation. [2] [3]

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Grace Dieu and High Sharpley is an 86 hectare biological and geological Site of Special Scientific Interest between Coalville and Shepshed in Leicestershire. Grace Dieu Quarry is a Geological Conservation Review site.

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Newhurst Quarry is a 9.5 hectares geological Site of Special Scientific Interest on the southern outskirts of Shepshed in Leicestershire. It is a Geological Conservation Review site.

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Shipton-on-Cherwell and Whitehill Farm Quarries is a 30-hectare (74-acre) geological Site of Special Scientific Interest north of Kidlington in Oxfordshire. It is a Geological Conservation Review site.

Toyd Down and Quarry

Toyd Down and Quarry is a 6.7-hectare (17-acre) biological Site of Special Scientific Interest east of Martin in Hampshire.


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Coordinates: 54°48.3′N1°28.5′W / 54.8050°N 1.4750°W / 54.8050; -1.4750