Hokushinetsu Football League

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Hokushin'etsu Football League
Founded 1975
Country Japan
Confederation AFC
Divisions 2
Number of teams Div 1: 8
Div 2: 8
Level on pyramid 5-6
Promotion to Japan Football League
Relegation to Prefectural Leagues
Domestic cup(s) Emperor's Cup
Current champions Saurcos Fukui
Most championships YKK AP SC (11 titles)
Website http://www.hfl.jp/
Soccerball current event.svg 2015 Japanese Regional Leagues

The Hokushin'etsu Football League(北信越フットボールリーグ) is a Japanese football league. It covers the regions of Hokuriku and Shin'etsu, the prefectures of Fukui, Ishikawa, Nagano, Niigata and Toyama.

Hokuriku region

The Hokuriku region was located in the northwestern part of Honshu, the main island of Japan. It lay along the Sea of Japan within the Chūbu region, which it is currently a part of. It is almost equivalent to Koshi Province and Hokurikudō area in pre-modern Japan. Due to its elongated shape, and the Noto Peninsula jutting out, the region is known as a 'rising dragon' 昇龍道. Since the Heian period until the Edo period the region was a core recipient of population, the population grew to be much larger proportionately than it is today, despite the rural character. With the growth of urban centers in the 20th century, particularly Tokyo and Chūkyō, the Hokuriku has steadily declined in importance to become relative backwaters. The region is also known for traditional culture that originated from elsewhere that has been long lost along the Taiheiyō Belt.

Shin'etsu is a geographical region of Japan.

Fukui Prefecture Prefecture of Japan

Fukui Prefecture is a prefecture of Japan located in the Chūbu region on Honshū island. The capital is the city of Fukui.

2015 clubs

Division Names of teams Hometown
Division 1 Saurcos Fukui Fukui, Fukui
Japan Soccer College Seiro, Niigata
Artista Tōmi Tōmi, Nagano
F.C. Ueda Gentian Ueda, Nagano
Valiente Toyama Toyama, Toyama
F.C. Antelope Shiojiri Shiojiri, Nagano
Okuetsu F.C. Ōno, Fukui
Toyama Shinjo Club Toyama, Toyama
Division 2 F.C. Hokuriku Kanazawa, Ishikawa
Sakai Phoenix F.C. Sakai, Fukui
A.S. Jamineiro Niigata, Niigata
Niigata University of Management F.C. Kamo, Niigata
F.C. Abies Chino, Nagano
Teihens F.C. Hakusan, Ishikawa
Nakano Esperanza Nakano, Nagano
Fukui KSC Sakai, Fukui

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The Japanese association football league system is organized in a pyramidal shape similar to football league systems in many other countries around the world. The leagues are bound by the principle of promotion and relegation; however, there are stringent criteria for promotion from the JFL to J3, which demands a club being backed by the town itself including the local government, a community of fans and corporate sponsors rather than a parent company or a corporation.

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Statistics of Japanese Regional Leagues in the 2009 season.

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Toyama Shinjo Club is a Japanese football club from Shinjo, Toyama, currently playing in the Hokushin'etsu League Division One. They competed in the Emperor's Cup five times.

The 2015 Japanese Regional Leagues were a competition between parallel association football leagues ranking at the bottom of the Japan Football League.