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Coordinates: 55°30′37″N8°55′4″E / 55.51028°N 8.91778°E / 55.51028; 8.91778 Coordinates: 55°30′37″N8°55′4″E / 55.51028°N 8.91778°E / 55.51028; 8.91778
Country Denmark
Region Region of Southern Denmark
Municipality Vejen Municipality
2.89 km2 (1.12 sq mi)
 (2021) [1]
  Urban density1,100/km2 (2,800/sq mi)
Time zone UTC+1 (CET)
  Summer (DST) UTC+2 (CEST)

Holsted is a town located in the Vejen Municipality, in the Region of Southern Denmark. It was previously the seat of the Holsted Municipality.


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Hobro Place in North Denmark, Denmark

Hobro is an old market and railway town in Region Nordjylland on the Jutland peninsula in northern Denmark. It has a population of 12,013. The town is situated in a hilly terrain at the head of Mariager Fjord, close to the former Viking fortress of Fyrkat. It is the seat of Mariagerfjord municipality.

Ribe County

Ribe Amt is a former county on the Jutland peninsula of southwest Denmark. It included Denmark's fifth largest city, Esbjerg. The county was abolished effective January 1, 2007, when it merged into Region of Southern Denmark. It was often considered coterminous with South West Jutland.


Brørup is a town with a population of 4,602 in Vejen Municipality, Region of Southern Denmark in Denmark.

Holsted Municipality is a former municipality in Region of Southern Denmark on the Jutland peninsula in southwest Denmark. The municipality covered an area of 190 km², and had a total population of 6,965 (2005). Its last mayor was Carl Aaskov, a member of the Venstre political party. The main town and site of its municipal council was the town of Holsted.

Vejen Municipality Municipality in Southern Denmark, Denmark

Vejen Municipality is a municipality in Region of Southern Denmark on the Jutland peninsula in south Denmark. The municipality covers an area of 817 km², and has a total population of 42,742 (2020). Its mayor is Egon Fræhr, a member of the Venstre political party.

Rødding Place in Region of Southern Denmark, Denmark

Rødding is a town with a population of 2,678 in Southern Denmark. The city is located in Vejen municipality in Region of Southern Denmark on the Jutland peninsula.

Urban area of Copenhagen

The urban area of Copenhagen, lying mostly in the Capital Region of Denmark but also in Region Zealand, consist of Copenhagen and Frederiksberg municipalities and the former Copenhagen County. In all, it consists of 18 municipalities, and except parts of Ballerup, Greve, Ishøj, former Søllerød and former Værløse, mentioned with their population included from 2007. Ishøj and Greve Strand are included for the first time since 1999. As of 1 January 2016, this area had a population of 1,280,371. Statistics Denmark states that the definition of the urban area is based on UN's 200m definition.

Aarhus Municipality Municipalities of Denmark in Central Denmark

Aarhus Municipality, previously known as Århus Municipality until 2011, is a municipality in Central Denmark Region, on the east coast of the Jutland peninsula in central Denmark.

Capital Region of Denmark Region of Denmark

The Capital Region of Denmark is the easternmost administrative region of Denmark. The Capital Region has 29 municipalities. The regional council consists of 41 elected politicians. The chairperson as of 1 January 2014 is Sophie Hæstorp Andersen. She is a member of the Social Democrats political party.

Central Denmark Region Region of Denmark

The Central Denmark Region, or more directly translated as the Central Jutland Region and sometimes simply Mid Jutland, is an administrative region of Denmark established on 1 January 2007 as part of the 2007 Danish municipal reform. The reform abolished the traditional counties (amter) and replaced them with five new administrative regions. At the same time, smaller municipalities were merged into larger units, cutting the total number of municipalities from 271 to 98. The reform diminished the power of the regional level dramatically in favour of the local level and the national government in Copenhagen. The Central Denmark Region comprises 19 municipalities.

Vesthimmerland Municipality Municipalities of Denmark

Vesthimmerland Municipality or Vesthimmerlandøs Municipality is a municipality in the North Jutland Region in Denmark. It covers an area of 768,08 km² (2013) and has a total population of 38,277 inhabitants (2008). The Municipality borders Jammerbugt Municipality to the south and to the east it borders Rebild and Aalborg Municipality and to the south it borderes Viborg Municipality and to the south-east it borders Mariagerfjord Municipality.

Ribe Municipality is a former municipality in Denmark. It was located on the west coast of the Jutland peninsula and belonged to Ribe County. It was abolished effective 1 January 2007. The municipal seat was located in the town of Ribe.

Niels Kristian Iversen Danish speedway rider

Niels Kristian Trochmann Iversen is an international motorcycle speedway rider. He was part of the Danish teams that won the Speedway World Cup in 2006, 2008, 2012 and 2014.

The 2003 Speedway World Cup (SWC) was the 3rd FIM Speedway World Cup season. The Final took place on 9 August 2003 in Vojens, Denmark. The tournament was won by Sweden and they beat Australia, host team Denmark and Poland, Great Britain in the Final.

The 2008 Team Speedway Junior World Championship was the fourth FIM World Team Junior Championship. The final took place on 21 September 2008, in Holsted, Denmark. The championship was won by the Polish junior team who were the defending champions from 2007. Denmark finished in second place and Sweden were third.

Copenhagen Municipality Municipality in Hovedstaden, Denmark

Copenhagen Municipality, also known in English as the Municipality of Copenhagen, located in the Capital Region of Denmark, is the largest of the four municipalities that constitute the City of Copenhagen, the other three being Dragør, Frederiksberg, and Tårnby. The Municipality of Copenhagen constitutes the historical city center and the majority of its landmarks. It is the most populous in the country with a population of 638,678 inhabitants, and covers 86.4 square kilometres (33.4 sq mi) in area,. Copenhagen Municipality is located at the Zealand and Amager islands and totally surrounds Frederiksberg Municipality on all sides. The strait of Øresund lies to the east. The city of Copenhagen has grown far beyond the municipal boundaries from 1901, when Frederiksberg Municipality was made an enclave within Copenhagen Municipality. Frederiksberg has the largest population density of the municipalities of Denmark.

The 2009 Team Speedway Junior European Championship will be the 2nd UEM Team Speedway Junior European Championship season. The Final will be held on August 23, 2009 in Holsted, Denmark. The championship was won by Poland, who they beat defending champion Sweden, host team Denmark and Czech Republic

Patrick Hougaard Danish speedway rider

Patrick Hald Hougaard is a Danish motorcycle speedway rider who was a member of Denmark U-21 national team.

Næstved Town in Denmark

Næstved is a town in the municipality of the same name, located on the island of Zealand in Denmark.