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Background information
Birth nameParvaneh Amir-Afshari
(Persian: پروانه امير افشاری)
Also known asHomeyra, Homayra, Homeira
Born (1945-03-17) March 17, 1945 (age 75)
Tehran, Iran
Genres Persian traditional music, pop, [Persian traditional_pop fusion]
Years active1965–present
Labels Taraneh Records, Caltex Records, Pars Video, Avang Records
Website homeyraa.tripod.com

Parvaneh Amir-Afshari (Persian : پروانه امير افشاری; born March 17, 1945), also known by her stage name Homeyra (Persian : حميرا), is an Iranian singer. She is a veteran celebrity of golden age for Iranian music.


Early life

Parvaneh Amir-Afshari was born on March 17, 1945, to an Aristocratic Iranian family in Tehran, Iran. His family is from Zanjan [ disambiguation needed ], located in West Azerbaijan, Iran. She started to study Persian vocal music secretly under Ali Tajvidi. Her voice according to her teacher, Ali Tajvidi, is in the Alto range and at the same time she has the ability to be soprano from the beginning to the ending.


"Sabram Ata Kon" was Homeyra's first song which was written by Ali Tajvidi and was broadcast from Radio Tehran in the 1965. which was welcomed by Iranian music experts and the public.

Personal life

At age 16, Homeyra married a German-educated Iranian businessman, who encouraged her to sing professionally. She started taking music lessons and voice training courses.[ citation needed ]

Homeyra's second marriage was to the Iranian musician, Parviz Yahaghi. In early 2007, Yahaghi died in Iran. She has experienced heart and brain problems which required surgery. He was very interested in her homeland and never wanted to leave Iran. After the Iran Islamic revolution, problems and hardships What happened to her caused,forced Homeira to leave Iran against her will. Homeira now lives in the United States.



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