Hong Kong Junior Challenge Shield

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Hong Kong Junior Challenge Shield
Region Hong Kong
Number of teams40
Most successful club(s) South China
(9 times)

Hong Kong Junior Shield (Chinese : ) was a football competition in Hong Kong established in 1922. All teams in the Second Division and the Third Division were included in the competition.


South China was the most successful club, winning 9 titles.


Hong Kong Junior Challenge Shield was founded by the Hong Kong Football Association in 1922. The first champion was King's Own Rifles. Athletic, champions of 192728, were the first Chinese team to win the Junior Challenge Shield.

The Junior Shield was replaced by the Hong Kong FA Cup Preliminary Round after the 2012–13 season, designed to allow lower division clubs to qualify for the tournament proper. [1]


1192223King's Own Rifles
2192324HMS 'Danae'
3192425East Surrey Regiment
4192526East Surrey Regiment
5192627New King's Own Rifles
7192829New King's Own Rifles
8192930Athletic B
9193031Royal Navy
11193233Royal Navy
12193334Royal Navy
13193435Royal Engineers
14193536Royal Engineers
15193637Royal Engineers
16193738 Kwong Wah
194546Did not play
20194647Royal Navy
21194748 South China
22194849 Kowloon Motor Bus
24195051 South China
25195152 Kitchee
26195253 South China
27195354 South China
28195455 South China
29195556 Kowloon Motor Bus
30195657 South China
31195758 South China
32195859 South China
33195960 Kowloon Motor Bus
34196061 Happy Valley
35196162 Tung Sing
37196364 Kowloon Motor Bus
38196465 Rangers
40196667 South China
41196768 Jardines
42196869 Fire Services
43196970 Happy Valley
44197071 Jardines
45197172 Police
46197273 Jardines
47197374 Jardines
48197475 Police
49197576 Blake Garden
50197677 HKFC
51197778 Kui Tan
52197879 HKFC
53197980 Tsuen Wan
54198081 Rangers
55198182 Ryoden
56198283 Harps
57198384 Sing Tao
58198485 Hongkong Electric
59198586 Blake Garden
60198687 Sing Tao
62198889Young Hong Kong
63198990 Fukien
64199091 Police
65199192 Rangers
66199293 HKFC
68199495 HKFC
69199596 Yee Hope
70199697 HKFC
71199798 Sai Kung Friends
72199899 Kitchee
73199900 Tung Po
74200001 Fukien
75200102 Mutual
76200203 Fire Services
77200304 Tung Po
78200405 HKFC
79200506 Tung Po Lo Chi Fung (85 pen.)11
(42 PSO)
HKFC Anto Grabo (68) Mong Kok Stadium
80200607 Fukien Cheung Wai Shing (48)10 Double Flower Sham Shui Po Sports Ground
81200708 Shatin Ching Ho Yin (13, 82)
Li Ka Wing (32)
Kwok Yue Hung (90 pen.)
40 Mutual Siu Sai Wan Sports Ground
82 2008–09 Shatin Lawrence Akandu (51)
Ching Ho Yin (90+)
20 Sham Shui Po Sha Tin Sports Ground
2009–10Not held
83 2010–11 Southern Tai Man Shing (18)
Ha Shing Chi (63)
2–1 Advance Double Flower Tita Chou (33) Hong Kong Stadium
84 2011–12 Wanchai Lo Chun Kit (36)
Kenji Treschuk (43)
Wong Kwok Pun (80)
3–0 Happy Valley Hong Kong Stadium
85 2012–13 Yuen Long Fábio Lopes (4, 56, 80)
Yu Ho Pong (19, 87)
Hon Shing (35)
6-2 Kwai Tsing Lai Kwok Kwan (12)
Wong Sheung Choi (70)
Hong Kong Stadium

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Hong Kong Community Cup, formerly known as Hong Kong Community Shield, is the football super cup competition in Hong Kong played between the winners of the Hong Kong Premier League and the Hong Kong FA Cup. If the Premier League champions also won the FA Cup title, the FA Cup runners-up would be qualified for the Community Cup.

The 2019–20 Hong Kong FA Cup is the 45th edition of the Hong Kong FA Cup. 10 teams entered this edition, with 2 games played in the First Round before the quarter-final stage. The competition is only open to clubs who participated in the 2019–20 Hong Kong Premier League, with lower division sides entering the Junior Division, a separate competition.

Hong Kong FA Cup Junior Division is a football competition in Hong Kong established in 2013. All lower division teams in the First Division, Second Division and the Third Division are included in the competition.


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