Hong Kong Second Division League

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Hong Kong Second Division League
CountryHong Kong
Confederation AFC
Number of teams14
Level on pyramid3 (2014–)
2 (1909–2014)
Promotion to Hong Kong First Division
Relegation to Hong Kong Third Division
Domestic cup(s) FA Cup Junior Division
Most championships Hong Kong Football Club (13)
Website http://www.hkfa.com/en/
Current: 2019–20 Hong Kong Second Division League

Hong Kong Second Division League (Chinese : ) is the third level of football league in Hong Kong founded in 1909. The top two teams are promoted to the Hong Kong First Division.


Competition format

Past winners

Before World War II

SeasonChampions1st Runner-up2nd Runner-up
19091088th Co., R.G.A.
19101188th Co., R.G.A.
19111283rd Co., R.G.A.
19121388th Co., R.G.A.
19131488th Co., R.G.A.
191415 St. Joseph's F.C.
19151688th Co., R.G.A.
191617 4th K.O.S.L.I.
191718 South China
191819 St. Joseph's F.C. Staff and Departments [1]
191920Royal Navy Force
192021 St. Joseph's F.C.
192122 HMS Titania
192223King's Own Regiment
192324 HMS Titania
192425 Club de Recreio
192526 South China
192627 K.O.S.B.
192728 K.O.S.B. St. Joseph's
192829Royal Navy Force
192930 Chinese AA
193031South Welsh Borderers
193132South Welsh Borderers
193233 Chinese AA
193334 South China
193435 Lincolnshire Regiment
193536Royal Navy Force Eastern Lancashire Regiment Royal Welch Fusiliers
193637Royal Navy Force
193738 Middlesex Regiment
193940 South China
194041 Royal Engineers

After World War II

SeasonChampions1st Runner-up2nd Runner-up
194647 Sing Tao
194748 Eastern Sing Tao
194849 Chinese AA K.M.B.
194950 News Vendors Kitchee Army
195051 Kitchee K.M.B. South China
195152 South China Kitchee Chinese AA
195253 South China Chinese AA China Gymnastics Assn.
195354 K.M.B. South China Taikoo Chinese
195455 K.M.B. Chinese AA Little Sai Wan
195556 K.M.B. Kitchee Jardine
195657 Jardine Little Sai Wan Tung Wah
195758 Little Sai Wan Navy Caroline Hill
195859 Happy Valley C.M.B. R.E.M.E.
195960 Caroline Hill Little Sai Wan Aux. Fire Services
196061 Five-One-Seven Yuen Long Tung Sing
196162 Tung Sing R.A.F. B & S
196263 Caroline Hill Army R.A.F.
196364 Tung Sing Sing Tao Rangers
196465 Rangers Jardine Hong Kong FC
196566 Army Hong Kong FC Telephones
196667 Telephones Fire Services Customs
196768 Jardine Caroline Hill Hong Kong FC
196869 Fire Services Hong Kong FC
196970 Happy Valley Army Caroline Hill
197071 Tsuen Wan Caroline Hill Mackinnons
197172 Seiko Mackinnons Hong Kong FC
197273 Hong Kong FC Kwong Wah Urban Services Dept
197374 Jardine Urban Services Dept Sing Tao
197475 Police Hong Kong FC K.M.B.
197576 K.M.B. Sea Bee Jardine
197677 Hong Kong FC Blake Garden Police
197778 Police Kui Tan Tsuen Wan
197879 Hong Kong FC Bulova Tsuen Wan
197980 Police Tsuen Wan Po Chai Pills
198081 Po Chai Pills Rangers Ryoden
198182 Ryoden Morning Star Police
198283 Police Zindabad Hong Kong FC
198384 Police Tsuen Wan Harps
198485 HK Electric Hong Kong FC Double Flower
198586 Hong Kong FC Police Sing Tao
198687 Sing Tao Po Chai Pills May Ching
198788 Hong Kong FC Tin Tin Police
198889 Po Chai Pills Hong Kong FC Martini
198990 Martini May Ching Fukien
199091 Police Wong Tai Sin Sun Hei
199192 Kitchee British Forces Wong Tai Sin
199293 Hong Kong FC Rangers Police
199394 Frankwell Mansion Police
199495 Hong Kong FC Mansion Fire Services
199596 Tung Po Kui Tan Five-One-Seven
199697 Yee Hope Hong Kong FC Five-One-Seven
199798 Hong Kong FC Sai Kung's Friend China Fortune
199899 Hong Kong FC Fire Services Kitchee
1999–2000 Tung Po Hong Kong FC Fukien
200001 Hong Kong FC Fukien Fire Services
200102 Fukien Tung Po Mutual
200203 Kitchee Fire Services Mutual
200304 Citizen Hong Kong 08 Mutual
200405 Hong Kong FC Mutual Lucky Mile
200506 Hong Kong FC Tai Po Tung Po
200607 Tung Po Shek Kip Mei Fukien
200708 Mutual Hong Kong FC Fukien
2008–09 Shatin Advance Tai Chung Hong Kong FC
2009–10 Hong Kong FC Tuen Mun SA Double Flower
2010–11 Sham Shui Po Pontic Double Flower
2011–12 Rangers Southern Hong Kong FC
2012–13 Yuen Long Happy Valley Eastern
2013–14 Tai Po Wong Tai Sin Hong Kong FC

As a 3rd Tier League

SeasonChampions1st Runner-up2nd Runner-up
2014–15 Wing Yee Sparta Rotterdam Mutual Kowloon City
2015–16 Tung Sing Eastern District Sparta Rotterdam Mutual
2016–17 Sparta Rotterdam Mutual Hoi King Central & Western
2017–18 Happy Valley Central & Western Tuen Mun
2018–19 North District Sham Shui Po Kwun Tong

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The Hong Kong First Division League is the second-highest division in the Hong Kong football league system. Established in 1908, it is the oldest in Asia. The league was formerly the highest division in Hong Kong until the formation of the Hong Kong Premier League in 2014.

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The 2010–11 Hong Kong First Division League season was the 99th since its establishment. The 2010–11 Hong Kong First Division League is contested by 10 teams. The defending champions were South China. Hong Kong Football Club and Tuen Mun were promoted from the second division to take part.

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The 2011–12 season in Hong Kong football, starting in July 2011 and ending in June 2012.

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The 2012–13 Hong Kong First Division League, also known as 2012–13 Red MR Hong Kong First Division League for sponsorship reasons, was the 101st since its establishment.

The 2012–13 season is the 111th season of competitive football in Hong Kong, starting in July 2012 and ending in June 2013.

South China AA will seek to win their first trophy for one season after Kitchee won the Hong Kong First Division League, the Hong Kong FA Cup and Hong Kong League Cup while Sunray Cave JC Sun Hei defeated them to win the Hong Kong Senior Challenge Shield last season. South China are competing in the First Division League, Senior Shield and FA Cup this season.

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The 2013–14 Hong Kong First Division League, officially named 2013–14 HKFA RedMR Hong Kong First Division League due to sponsorship reasons, is the 102nd season of the First Division League since its establishment. It will be a transition season before the new Premier League gets under way in autumn 2014. Therefore, this is also the last ever First Division that is the top division in the Hong Kong football league system.

The 2013–14 season is the 112th season of competitive football in Hong Kong, starting in July 2013 and ending in June 2014.

2016–17 Hong Kong Premier League was the third season of Hong Kong Premier League, the top division of Hong Kong football. The season was won by Kitchee. Kitchee forward Sandro was the top goalscorer with 21 goals. South China and HKFC were regelated to the Hong Kong First Division.

China–Hong Kong football rivalry

The China–Hong Kong football rivalry is a sports rivalry between the national association football teams of the People's Republic of China and Hong Kong. The rivalry has been exacerbated by Hong Kong's status as a Special Administrative Region of China, which means that it does not practise Communism as on the mainland, a legacy of having been under British colonial rule until the transfer of sovereignty in 1997.

The 2020–21 Hong Kong Premier League is the seventh season of the Hong Kong Premier League, the top division of Hong Kong football.


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