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The Human Digital Orchestra is a contemporary series of collaborations as part of the Experiments in Art and Technology that connects Bell Labs scientists and engineers with the artistic community by blending digital communications technology with artistic expression. The first performance of the Human Digital Orchestra was at the first Claude Shannon Centennial Conference on the Future of the Information Age on April 28, 2016. [1]

The Human Digital Orchestra performed for the second time at the Propeller Fest conference in Hoboken, New Jersey, on May 20, 2016, [2] in a collaboration with Beatie Wolfe. [3]

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Audio signal processing is a subfield of signal processing that is concerned with the electronic manipulation of audio signals. Audio signals are electronic representations of sound waves—longitudinal waves which travel through air, consisting of compressions and rarefactions. The energy contained in audio signals is typically measured in decibels. As audio signals may be represented in either digital or analog format, processing may occur in either domain. Analog processors operate directly on the electrical signal, while digital processors operate mathematically on its digital representation.

Bell Labs Research and scientific development company

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Harry Yeff, better known by his stage name, Reeps One is an English beatboxer, composer, artist and new media artist

Beatie Wolfe Anglo-American artist and pioneer

Beatie Wolfe is an Anglo-American award-winning, pioneering artist known for "seeing music differently" and creating new tangible formats for albums in the digital era. These musical innovations, which include a Space Broadcast via the Holmdel Horn Antenna and the world's first 360° AR live-stream, have gained Wolfe critical acclaim with the Victoria and Albert Museum inviting Wolfe to exhibit her 'world first' album designs in a solo exhibition; the Barbican Centre commissioning a documentary on Wolfe's work; Wired featuring Wolfe as one of 22 changing the world and UN Women selecting Wolfe as one of nine innovators for a global campaign for International Women's Day. In January 2020, Wolfe received the She Rocks Innovator award alongside Suzi Quatro, Gloria Gaynor, Linda Perry and Tal Wilkenfield.

Marcus Weldon Businessman

Marcus Weldon was the 13th President of Bell Labs. He also served as the Corporate Chief Technology Officer of Nokia.

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Lisa Park is an interdisciplinary artist living in New York City and Seoul, South Korea.

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Betty Shannon

Betty Shannon was a mathematician and the main research collaborator of Claude Shannon. Betty inspired and assisted Claude in building some of his most famous inventions.

Ghislaine Boddington is a British artist, curator, presenter and director specialising in body responsive technologies, immersive experiences and collective embodiment, pioneering it as 'hyper-enhancement of the senses' and 'hyper-embodiment' since the late 80s.


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