If All the Guys in the World

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If All the Guys in the World
Directed by Christian-Jaque
Written by Jacques Rémy
(Scénario de)
Henri-Georges Clouzot
(adaptation et Dialogue de)
Christian Jaque
(avec la collaboration de)
Jean Ferry
Jérôme Géronimi
Jacques Rémy
Starring André Valmy
Jean Gaven
Marc Cassot
Georges Poujouly
Doudou Babet
Cinematography Armand Thirard
Edited by Jacques Desagneaux
Music by Georges Van Parys
Color process Black and white
Les Films Ariane
Distributed by Cinédis
Release date
  • 24 February 1956 (1956-02-24)
Running time
112 minutes

If All the Guys in the World (original French title: Si tous les gars du monde) is a 1956 French adventure film directed by Christian-Jaque and starring André Valmy, Jean Gaven, Marc Cassot, Georges Poujouly, Doudou Babet. [1]



A French fishing trawler crew in the North Sea becomes incapacitated after eating contaminated food while in the middle of a storm. The story follows the efforts of an international collection of amateur radio operators to deliver an antidote. [2]


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