Imperial Standards of Iran

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The Imperial Standards of Iran were the personal official flags of the Shāhanshāh, Shahbānū, and Crown Prince of Iran, adopted at the beginning of 1971.


The official flag of Shāhanshāh consisted of a pale-blue field with the flag of Iran in the upper left corner and the Pahlavi coat of arms in the centre. At the top of the coat of arms was the Pahlavi crown, created for the Coronation of Rezā Shāh in 1926. The Imperial motto of Pahlavi is "Mara dad farmud va Khod Davar Ast" ("Justice He bids me do, as He will judge me" or, alternatively, "He gave me power to command, and He is the judge"). [1]

Pale blue was the colour of the Imperial Family. The uniforms of the Imperial Guard included this colour to show their allegiance.


Qajar dynasty

StandardDate useNotes
1848-1896Standard of Naser al-Din Shah Qajar
1896-1906Standard of Mozaffar al-Din Shah Qajar
1906-1910Standard of Ahmad Shah Qajar
1910-1925Also used by Ahmad Shah Qajar

Pahlavi dynasty

StandardDate useNotes
1926-1971Standard of the Shahanshah of Iran (Emperor)
1926-1971Standard of the Vali Adh of Iran (Crown Prince)
1926-1971Standard of a Shahpur of Iran (Other princes)

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