Institute of Statistics (Albania)

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EstablishedApril 8, 1940;80 years ago (1940-04-08)
Director GeneralDelina Ibrahimaj
Owner Government of Albania
AddressBul."Zhan D'Ark", Nr. 3 Tiranë, Albania

The Institute of Statistics (INSTAT) (Albanian : Instituti i Statistikës), is the statistical agency of Albania. It was established in 1940. [1]

The first statistical office in Albania was opened in 1924. At the time it collected economic data on the Ministry of Public Affairs and Agriculture of Albania. The activity of this office was limited to agriculture inventories that consisted in registration of the number of farmers, type of land and the use of agriculture livestock plants, as well as in a few statistics on industry, trade, export-import and prices.

The statistical service was for the first time institutionalised by the decision no. 121, dated. 8 April 1940. The statistical service system was established by the decision no. 35, dated 13/01/1945 with the creation of Statistics Department under the authority of the Council of Ministers of Albania. This Department was put later under the authority of The State Plan Commission. [2]

Today the institute operates under the direct authority of the Council of Ministers.

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