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The International Classical Music Awards (ICMA) are music awards first awarded 6 April 2011. ICMA replace the Cannes Classical Awards (later called MIDEM Classical Awards) formerly awarded at MIDEM. The jury consists of music critics of magazines Andante, Crescendo, Fono Forum  [ de ], Gramofon, Kultura, Musica, Musik & Theater, Opera, Pizzicato, Rondo Classic, Scherzo, with radio stations MDR Kultur (Germany), Orpheus Radio 99.2FM (Russia), Radio 100,7 (Luxembourg), the International Music and Media Centre (IMZ) (Austria), website (France) and radio Classic (Finland). [1]


The award ceremony and gala concert 2012 took place in Nantes (15 May 2012, Orchestre National des Pays de la Loire). The award ceremony and gala concert 2013 were held in Milan (18 March 2013) and hosted by Orchestra Sinfonica di Milano Giuseppe Verdi. In 2014, the award ceremony and gala concert took place in Warsaw during the Beethoven Festival (with the Sinfonia Iuventus). The award ceremony and gala concert 2015 took place in Ankara with the Bilkent Symphony Orchestra (28 March 2015). [2]

Award ceremony hosts


The Jury announced the winners for 2011 in 20 categories from a nomination list comprising over 500 CD and DVD productions.

2011 special awards

2011 audio and video categories


The Jury announced the winners for 2012 in 20 categories from a nomination list comprising over 250 CD and DVD productions.

2012 special awards

2012 audio and video categories


2013 special awards

2013 audio and video categories


2014 special awards

2014 audio and video categories


2015 special awards

2015 audio and video categories


2016 special awards

2016 audio and video categories


The Jury announced the winners for 2017 in 22 categories from a nomination list comprising 321 Audio and Video productions (119 Labels). [6]

2017 special awards

2017 audio and video categories


The jury has nominated 357 audio and video productions. [7] [8]

2018 special awards

2018 audio and video categories


ICMA Jury nominates 319 releases from 107 labels for the 2019 awards. [9] [10]

2019 special awards

2019 audio and video categories


ICMA Jury nominates 390 audio and video productions from 130 labels for the 2020 awards. [11]

2020 special awards

2020 audio and video categories


ICMA Jury has nominated 365 audio and video productions from 122 labels. [12]

2021 special awards

2021 audio and video categories


The Cannes Classical Awards (CCA) were music awards awarded at the Marché international du disque et de l'édition musicale (MIDEM) international music convention in Cannes, France, in January from 1994 until 2010.

The original chairman of the awards was the New York music critic David Hurwitz. [13] Voting was conducted by a multinational jury of several hundred music critics from magazines including Hurwitz' website, Crescendo (Belgium), Répertoire (France), Pizzicato (Luxemburg), Klassik Heute (Germany), Scherzo (Spain), Musica (Italy) etc. [14]

In 2011, the awards were replaced with the International Classical Music Awards (ICMA), which were first awarded in Tampere, Finland on April 6.

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