Interstate 35 in Texas

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Interstate 35
Interstate 35 in Texas
I-35 highlighted in red
Route information
Maintained by TxDOT
Length407.195 mi [1] (655.317 km)
RestrictionsDelivery trucks prohibited in the leftmost lanes in both directions in certain urban areas of Bexar, Guadalupe, Comal, Hays, Travis, and Williamson counties [2] [3]
Southern section
South endUS 83.svg US 83 / Victoria Street in Laredo
North endI-35E.svgI-35W.svg I-35E / I-35W in Hillsboro
Northern section
South endI-35E.svgI-35W.svg I-35E / I-35W in Denton
North endI-35.svgUS 77.svg I-35 / US-77 at Oklahoma state line
Counties Webb, La Salle, Frio, Medina, Atascosa, Bexar, Guadalupe, Comal, Hays, Travis, Williamson, Bell, Falls, McLennan, Hill; Denton, Cooke
Highway system
Texas 34.svg SH 34 I-35E I-35E.svg

Interstate 35 (abbreviated I-35 or IH-35) in Texas is a major north–south Interstate Highway running from Laredo near the United States-Mexico border to the Red River north of Gainesville where it crosses into Oklahoma. Along its route, it passes through the cities of San Antonio, Austin, and Waco before it splits into two auxiliary routes just north of Hillsboro. Interstate 35E heads northeast where it passes through Dallas. Interstate 35W turns northwest to run through Fort Worth. The two branches meet up in Denton to again form Interstate 35, where it continues to the Oklahoma border. The exit numbers for Interstate 35E maintain the sequence of exit numbers from the southern segment of Interstate 35, and the northern segment of Interstate 35 follows on from the sequence of exit numbers from Interstate 35E. Interstate 35W maintains its own sequence of exit numbers.


In Texas, Interstate 35 runs for just over 407 miles (655 km), [1] which does not include either the 85-mile (137-km) segment of Interstate 35W or the 97-mile (156-km) segment of Interstate 35E. Texas contains more miles of the overall length of Interstate 35 than any other state, almost one-third of the entire length.

The Interstate is currently undergoing an extensive renovation and expansion project, known as 'My35.' The project includes work on portions of the interstate from Dallas south to Laredo. Once complete the highway will span three lanes in each direction from Hillsboro to San Antonio.

Route description

Interstate 35 has been designated the Texas portion of the Purple Heart Trail. Signage noting this designation is being added along the route. [4]

Laredo and South Texas

In Laredo, Interstate 35 is between 6 and 8 main lanes in each direction, dropping to 4 near mile marker 13. After running concurrently with US 83 for 20 miles (32 km), the highway continues north-northeast across the South Texas Plains. The highway passes through the towns of Cotulla, Dilley, Pearsall, Devine, and Lytle before reaching San Antonio.

San Antonio

I-35 as an elevated freeway as it runs concurrent with I-10 on the western end of Downtown San Antonio. Downtown San Antonio.jpg
I-35 as an elevated freeway as it runs concurrent with I-10 on the western end of Downtown San Antonio.

In San Antonio, I-35 is listed as the PanAm Expressway. It starts out as four lanes from the south until it reaches the Poteet-Jourdanton Freeway, expanding to six to eight mainlanes of travel. Its southern point begins in the southwest corner of town and travels northeast, crossing I-410 near its southwest point. At the southwest corner of Downtown, it reaches an intersection with I-10, US 87 and US 90. US 90 continues east and west from this junction, while I-10 westbound/US 87 northbound joins with I-35 northbound along the western side of Downtown. In this section, it splits lanes to form two levels, a lower one for local traffic and a higher one for express traffic. They briefly rejoin near the northwest corner of Downtown to allow I-10/US 87 to split off and go northwest.

I-35 continues, resplitting lanes again as it curves around the northwest corner of Downtown and turns east. It rejoins the lanes as it goes through an intersection at the northeast corner of Downtown, where I-37's northern terminus is located, while US 281 will continue on the north–south freeway. I-35 continues east for a few miles until it begins to curve back to the northeast. It merges with I-410 on its eastern north–south leg from its northbound direction in a triangular interchange and continues north concurrently from there. A few miles later, I-410 will split off onto its northern west–east leg, while I-35 resumes its north-northeast course past the northeast corner of the city.

Trucks are restricted from travel in the far left lane of I-35 in either direction throughout the San Antonio area. The restriction covers Bexar, Guadalupe, and Comal Counties. [2]


In Austin, Interstate 35 is named Interregional Highway. Through most of the greater Austin area, I-35 is three to four lanes in each direction, dropping to three lanes north of Williamson County. It forms the eastern boundary of Downtown Austin and also passes through the eastern side of the University of Texas campus. I-35 is co-located with U.S. Highway 290 through central Austin.

Trucks are restricted from travel in the far left lane of I-35 in either direction throughout the Austin area. The restriction covers Hays and Travis counties and most of Williamson county and ends north of Jarrell, Texas where I-35 is reduced to three lanes in each direction. [3]

I-35 is split into two decks between Martin Luther King Boulevard and Airport Boulevard, north of Downtown Austin. Both the upper and lower decks are signed as I-35 and US 290, and they use a common set of exit numbers, with some exit numbers duplicated between the two decks. The upper deck lanes are express lanes, with no on- or off-ramps. Drivers wishing to exit between Martin Luther King Boulevard and Airport Boulevard must use the lower deck.

The I-35 corridor between San Antonio and Austin is considered one of the most congested stretches of highway in the Interstate System. Much of this traffic is due to I-35 being considered one of the primary NAFTA corridors. Efforts to alleviate the congestion include State Highway 130, which forms an I-35 bypass loop to the east of Austin. Many local and regional governance organizations have on-going studies on other methods to improve mobility on I-35, which include such features as commuter rail lines and additional managed lanes. [5]

Waco and Central Texas

Signage for northbound I-35 motorists as the highway prepares to split near Hillsboro. Interstate35SplitHillsboro1.JPG
Signage for northbound I-35 motorists as the highway prepares to split near Hillsboro.

In Waco, Interstate 35 is known as the Jack Kultgen Freeway. I-35 has six to eight lanes through the city of Waco. It passes just to the west of the Baylor University campus and crosses the Brazos River adjacent to McLane Stadium, the new home of Baylor Bears football. Beginning in Waco and continuing up until just before the I-35E/I-35W split north of Hillsboro, I-35 is co-located with U.S. Highway 77.

'My35' Expansion Project

Interstate 35 through Central Texas is undergoing major expansion and renovation. The project is known as 'Main Street Texas', which is part of the larger scale 'My35' expansion plan. The 'Main Street' project primarily focuses on expanding the number of main lanes from four to six through McLennan and Bell counties. [6] It also calls for complete replacement of the main lane bridges over the Brazos River, and extensive renovations to frontage roads and interchanges throughout the corridor. Funding for the project was secured in increments and the first part of the project began in 2010. Construction largely wrapped up in the summer of 2019 [7] with the completion of the Temple segment, except for the portion of freeway running through the Downtown Waco area. $280 million in funding has yet to be secured for that section of the project. [8]

With the completion of the Temple segment, Interstate 35 will contain three lanes in each direction from Hillsboro to San Antonio once construction near the Brazos River in Waco is completed.

Dallas and Fort Worth

Denton and North Texas

Just southwest of Denton, Interstate 35W and Interstate 35E join to reform Interstate 35, which then continues north to the Oklahoma border. The exit numbers on I-35 continue on from the last exit of Interstate 35E.

Just north of Denton, U.S. Highway 77 is co-located with Interstate 35 through to the Oklahoma border, although it is not signed as such.


Most of Interstate 35 was built along existing roadways, as shown on this 1919 State Highway map. The actual location of Interstate 35 is added as a yellow overlay. Interstate-35-corridor-1919-roadmap.jpg
Most of Interstate 35 was built along existing roadways, as shown on this 1919 State Highway map. The actual location of Interstate 35 is added as a yellow overlay.

Central Texas

The right-of-way for the future Interstate 35 in Austin began being purchased in 1946, [9] running along the so-called "inter-regional highway" (named for the precursor to the current Interstate Highway System). The formal opening of Interstate 35 in Austin took place in 1962. The alignment was chosen to line up with U.S. Highway 81 and with East Avenue, which formed the eastern boundary of Austin. [10] US 81 has since been truncated and does not extend to Austin, and East Avenue today forms part of the frontage road for I-35 through downtown Austin.

In 1963, while constructing an overpass in between Round Rock and Georgetown, Inner Space Cavern was discovered after a space was found more than once at 33 feet (10 m) below grade. A 3-foot hole was drilled into the space and an engineer was lowered into the hole for exploration. Later the Texas Speleological Association mapped the cavity and the Texas highway Department sealed the hole and completed the interstate. [11]

In 1975, a 2-mile (3.2 km) set of elevated express lanes were added to I-35 between 15th Street and Airport Boulevard. [12] The reason double-decking was used is because the highway is bounded in the area by the University of Texas campus on the west and by the Mount Calvary Cemetery on the east, restricting the available right-of-way. The lower deck kept its original configuration, which featured short on- and off-ramps with limited visibility. In 2000, some off-ramps on the lower deck were removed, in response to the already dangerous conditions becoming more so as traffic levels on the road increased. [13] Interstate 35 in general and the double-decked section in particular have been viewed as a social dividing line between the central Austin and U.T. communities and the more economically depressed East Austin neighborhoods. [14] [15]

Interstate 35 at one time had one of the few at-grade railroad crossings in the Interstate Highway System. The crossing was removed during the 1970s. [5]

North Texas

Construction on Interstate 35 in the DFW region began around 1960 with the upgrading of U.S. 77 to Interstate standards between Dallas and Denton. By 1965, Interstate 35 was complete from Dallas to the Oklahoma border, and by 1967 it was complete from both Dallas and Fort Worth southward to Austin. The remaining segment of Interstate 35W from Fort Worth to Denton was not completed until 1969.

Exit list

Webb Laredo 0.000.00US 83.svgTexas 359.svgBusiness Loop 35.svg US 83 south (Santa Ursula Avenue) to SH 359 east / Bus. I-35 south / Victoria Street Zapata, Hebbronville, Laredo International Bridge 1, Downtown, Laredo International Bridge 2 At-grade intersection; one-way street, southbound exit; national southern terminus; south end of US 83 overlap; highway continues as US 83
US 83.svg US 83 (San Dario Avenue) / Victoria StreetAt-grade intersection; one-way street, northbound entrance; national southern terminus; south end of US 83 overlap
0.20.321AScott Street, Washington StreetSouthbound exit and northbound entrance
0.71.11BPark Street, Sanchez StreetSouthbound exit and northbound entrance
1.42.32Business plate.svg
US 59.svgAirport Sign.svg Bus. US 59 (Saunders Street) Freer, Corpus Christi, Houston
Access to Laredo International Airport
2.23.53AHillside Road, Calton Road
3.15.03BBusiness Loop 35.svg Bus. I-35 (San Bernardo Avenue) / Mann Road
3.86.14Del Mar Boulevard, Santa Maria Avenue
4.26.84ATexas FM 1472.svg FM 1472 (Mines Road)Northbound exit and southbound entrance
4.57.24BInternational Boulevard, Las Cruces Drive, Shiloh DriveSigned as exit 7 southbound
6.19.85San Isidro ParkwayNorthbound exit only
6.610.68AI-69W.svgUS 59.svgTexas Loop 20.svg I-69W south / US 59 west / Loop 20 west (Bob Bullock Loop) / World Trade Bridge Signed as exit 8 southbound, current northern end of I-69W
6.810.98BNo image.svgFuture plate blue.svgNo image.svgNo image wide.svgNo image wide.svg
I-69W.svgUS 59.svgTexas Loop 20.svgAirport Sign.svg Future I-69W north / US 59 east / Loop 20 east (Bob Bullock Loop) Freer, Corpus Christi, Houston
No southbound exit, U.S. 59/Loop 20 are the future Interstate 69W, access to Laredo International Airport and Doctors Hospital
8.613.89Killam Industrial BoulevardSouthbound exit only
10.717.212APort LaredoNorthbound exit only
11.819.012BCarriers Drive – Uniroyal RoadSouthbound exits are via exits 12 and 13
17.928.818US 83.svg US 83 north Carrizo Springs, Uvalde North end of US 83 overlap
20.633.222 Webb
23.137.224Texas 255.svg SH 255  Monterrey
26.442.527 Callaghan
32.051.532San Roman Interchange
37.660.538Business Loop 35.svg Bus. I-35 north Encinal Northbound exit and southbound entrance
La Salle 38.762.339Business Loop 35.svgTexas 44.svg Bus. I-35 south / SH 44  Encinal, Freer
48.177.448Caiman Creek Interchange
55.489.256Texas FM 133.svg FM 133  Artesia Wells, Catarina
62.6100.763Elm Creek Interchange
65.4105.365Business Loop 35.svg Bus. I-35 north Cotulla
Cotulla 67.2108.167Texas FM 468.svg FM 468  Big Wells
68.0109.469Business Loop 35.svg Bus. I-35 south Cotulla Signed as exit 68 northbound
72.9117.374 Gardendale
77.4124.677Texas FM 469.svg FM 469  Millett
La SalleFrio
county line
82.0132.082Business Loop 35.svg Bus. I-35 north / County Line Road Dilley
Frio Dilley 83.5134.484Texas 85.svg SH 85  Charlotte, Carrizo Springs, Crystal City
84.6136.285Texas FM 117.svg FM 117  Batesville
86.3138.986Business Loop 35.svg Bus. I-35 south Dilley
91.4147.191Texas Spur 581.svgTexas FM 1583.svg Spur 581 north / FM 1583  Derby
Pearsall 99.4160.099Business Loop 35.svgTexas FM 1581.svg Bus. I-35 north / FM 1581  Pearsall, Divot
99.9160.8101Texas FM 140.svg FM 140  Pearsall, Uvalde Signed as exit 100 northbound
104.2167.7104Business Loop 35.svg Bus. I-35 south
110.6178.0111US 57.svg US 57  Eagle Pass, Piedras Negras
Moore 113.4182.5114Texas FM 462.svg FM 462  Bigfoot, Yancey
Medina 120.2193.4121Texas 132.svg SH 132 north
Devine 122.4197.0122Texas 173.svg SH 173  Hondo, Devine, Jourdanton
124.3200.0124Texas FM 463.svg FM 463 / Bigfoot Road Devine
125.7202.3125CR 770Northbound exit only
Natalia 127.1204.5127Texas FM 471.svg FM 471  Natalia
Atascosa Lytle 131.2211.1131Texas FM 2790.svgTexas FM 3175.svg FM 2790 / FM 3175 (Benton City Road) Lytle
Bexar 133.3214.5133Texas 132.svg SH 132 south Lytle Southbound exit and northbound entrance
134.5216.5135Luckey Road
136.7220.0137Shepherd Road
138.4222.7139Kinney Road
Von Ormy 140.0225.3140Texas Loop 1604.svg Loop 1604 (Anderson Loop) Somerset
141.2227.2141Benton City Road Von Ormy
San Antonio 142.3229.0 Medina River TurnaroundSouthbound entrance only; Former northbound exit
143.1230.3144Fischer Road
144.5232.6145AI-410.svgTexas 16.svgTexas 130.svgAirport Sign.svg I-410 (Connally Loop) / SH 16 / SH 130 northI-410 exit 53; access to San Antonio International Airport
145.3233.8145BTexas Loop 353.svg Loop 353 north (New Laredo Highway)No northbound entrance
145.9234.8146Cassin RoadSouthbound exit is via exit 147
147.5237.4147Somerset Road
147.9238.0148Texas Spur 422.svgTexas 16.svgHospital sign.svg Spur 422 (Poteet-Jourdanton Freeway) to SH 16 south / Palo Alto Road Poteet Signed as exit 149 southbound; Access to Southwest General Hospital
149.1240.0150AZarzamora Street
150.0241.4150BTexas Loop 13.svgAirport Sign.svg Loop 13 (Military Drive)Access to Stinson Municipal Airport
150.8242.7151Southcross Boulevard
151.6244.0152ADivision Avenue
152.4245.3152BMalone Avenue, Theo Avenue
153.2246.6153I-10.svgUS 87.svgUS 90.svg I-10 east (José López Freeway) / US 87 south / US 90 (Rodriguez Freeway) Houston, Del Rio South end of I-10/US 87 overlap, exit 572 westbound.
153.9247.7154ATexas Loop 353.svg Loop 353 south (Nogalitos Street) / San Marcos Street
154.4248.5154BSouth Laredo Street, Cevallos StreetSouth end of double deck highway
154.7249.0155ATexas Spur 536.svg Spur 536 (South Alamo Street) The Alamo
155.2249.8155BFrio Street, Cesar E. Chavez Boulevard – Downtown San Antonio North end of double deck highway
155.7250.6156I-10.svgUS 87.svg I-10 west (McDermott Freeway) / US 87 north El Paso North end of I-10/US 87 overlap, exit 570 eastbound.
155.7250.6155CWest Houston Street, Commerce StreetSouthbound exit only; south end of double deck highway
156.3251.5157ASan Pedro Avenue, Main Avenue, Lexington Avenue
156.7252.2157BHospital sign.svg McCullough Avenue, Brooklyn AvenueAccess to Baptist Medical Center and Metropolitan Methodist Hospital
157.0252.7157CSt. Mary's StreetNorthbound exit only
156.9252.5158I-37.svgUS 281.svg I-37 south (Adams Freeway) / US 281 (McAllister Freeway) Corpus Christi, Johnson City Signed as exits 158A (north) and 158B (south) southbound; northern terminus of I-37, exit 142 northbound; north end of double deck highway
157.6253.6158CTexas Loop 368.svg Loop 368 (Broadway) / North Alamo StreetNorthbound exit is via exit 158
158.4254.9159ANew Braunfels Avenue
158.7255.4159BWalters Street Fort Sam Houston
160.1257.7160AT&T Center ParkwayNorthbound exit is via exit 159B
160.2257.8160Splashtown DriveNorthbound exit and southbound entrance
161.3259.6161Binz-Englemann RoadNorthbound exit and southbound entrance
161.6260.1162I-410.svg I-410 south (Connally Loop)Northbound exit and southbound entrance, I-410 north exit 31
161.9260.6162Binz-Englemann Road Brooke Army Medical Center Southbound exit and northbound entrance
162.0260.7163Petroleum Drive Brooke Army Medical Center Northbound exit and southbound entrance
163.1262.5163I-410.svg I-410 south (Connally Loop)South end of I-410 overlap; southbound exit and northbound entrance
163.6263.3164ARittiman Road
164.8265.2164BEisenhauer Road
164.9265.4165Texas FM 1976.svg FM 1976 (Walzem Road)
166.4267.8166I-410.svgTexas Loop 368.svgAirport Sign.svg I-410 west (Connally Loop) / Loop 368 southNorth end of I-410 overlap, east exit 27; access to San Antonio International Airport
165.8266.8167ARandolph Boulevard Windcrest Northbound exit is via exit 166A
167.2269.1167BThousand Oaks Drive, Starlight TerraceSigned as exit 166A northbound
167.8270.0168Weidner Road
168.6271.3169Texas PA 1502.svg PA 1502 (Wurzbach Parkway) / O'Connor Road
169.5272.8170AJudson RoadSigned as exit 170 southbound
Live Oak 170.0273.6170BToepperwein RoadSouthbound exit is part of exit 172
170.4274.2171Texas 218.svg SH 218 (Pat Booker Road) Universal City, Randolph AFB Southbound exit is via exit 172
171.0275.2172Texas Loop 1604.svg Loop 1604 (Anderson Loop)
Selma 172.2277.1173Olympia Parkway, Retama Parkway, Forum Parkway
173.0278.4174ATexas FM 1518.svg FM 1518  Selma, Schertz
Guadalupe Schertz 174.0280.0174BSchertz Parkway
174.9281.5175Texas FM 3009.svg FM 3009 (Natural Bridge Caverns Road)
175.9283.1176Wiederstein Road
Comal 176.7284.4177Texas FM 482.svgTexas FM 2252.svg FM 482 / FM 2252
178.3286.9178Texas FM 1103.svg FM 1103 (Hubertus Road) Cibolo
180.2290.0180Schwab Road
New Braunfels 181.7292.4182Engel Road
183.2294.8183Solms Road
184.3296.6184Texas Loop 337.svgTexas FM 482.svg Loop 337 / FM 482 / Rueckle Road
185.1297.9185Business Loop 35.svgTexas FM 1044.svg Bus. I-35 north / FM 1044  New Braunfels
185.9299.2186Walnut Avenue
186.9300.8187Texas FM 725.svg FM 725 (Seguin Avenue) Lake McQueeney
187.7302.1188 Guadalupe River TurnaroundNorthbound exit only
188.0302.6189Texas 46.svgTexas Loop 337.svgAirport Sign.svg SH 46 / Loop 337  Seguin, Boerne Access to New Braunfels Regional Airport
188.9304.0190ABusiness Loop 35.svg Bus. I-35 south New Braunfels Signed as exit 190 northbound
190.4306.4190BPost RoadSouthbound exit and northbound entrance
190.5306.6191Texas FM 306.svg FM 306  Canyon Lake, Gruene
191.4308.0193Conrads Lane, Kohlenberg Road
194.7313.3195Watson Lane, Old Bastrop Road
196.3315.9196Texas FM 1102.svg FM 1102 (York Creek Road)
Hays San Marcos 198.7319.8199Posey Road
199.0320.3200Centerpoint Road
200.1322.0201McCarty Lane
202.3325.6202Texas RM 12.svgHospital sign.svg RM 12  Wimberley Access to Central Texas Medical Center
203.6327.7204ATexas 123.svgTexas Loop 82.svg SH 123 east / Loop 82 west San Marcos, Seguin Signed as exit 204 northbound
204.3328.8204BC. M. Allen ParkwaySouthbound exit only
204.9329.8205Texas 21.svgTexas 80.svgTexas 142.svgTexas RM 12.svg SH 21 east / SH 80 east / SH 142 east / RM 12 west Wimberley, Luling
205.6330.9206Texas Loop 82.svg Loop 82 (Aquarena Springs Drive)
207.3333.6207River Ridge ParkwaySouthbound exit only
207.5333.9208 Blanco River
210.1338.1210Yarrington Road
Kyle 212.5342.0213Texas RM 150.svg RM 150  Kyle
214.5345.2215Texas FM 1626.svgHospital sign.svg FM 1626 (Kyle Parkway)Access to Seton Medical Center Hays
Buda 216.7348.7217Texas RM 967.svg RM 967 / Kyle Crossing
217.3349.7219Robert S. Light BoulevardNorthbound exit and southbound entrance
218.8352.1220Texas FM 2001.svg FM 2001  Buda, Niederwald
221.0355.7221Main StreetSouthbound exit and northbound entrance
Travis Austin 221.5356.5223Texas FM 1327.svg FM 1327  Creedmoor Northbound access via exit 220
221.8357.0223AToll Texas 45 new.svgToll Texas 130 new.svg SH 45 Toll east to SH 130 Toll Southbound access via exit 223
222.9358.7225Texas FM 1626.svg FM 1626 (Manchaca Road) / Onion Creek Parkway
224.7361.6226Texas FM 1626.svg FM 1626 / Slaughter Creek Overpass
225.8363.4227Slaughter Lane (Loop 275 north)
226.9365.2Frontage RoadNorthbound exit and entrance
227.9366.8228William Cannon Drive
229.3369.0229Stassney LaneSigned as exit 228 northbound
229.6369.5230Ben White Boulevard, Woodward StreetSigned as exit 231 southbound
230.2370.5231US 290.svgTexas 71.svg US 290 west / SH 71  Johnson City, Bastrop, Austin-Bergstrom International Airport South end of US 290 overlap; signed as exit 230 southbound
231.5372.6232AOltorf StreetSigned as exit 232 southbound
232.2373.7232BWoodland AvenueSigned as exit 232 southbound
232.9374.8233Riverside Drive
Bridge over the Colorado River (Lady Bird Lake)
233.2375.3234ACesar Chavez Street, Holly StreetSigned as Holly Street only northbound
233.9376.4234BCesar Chavez Street, 2nd Street, 4th StreetNorthbound exit and southbound entrance
234.6377.68th Street, 3rd Streets Huston-Tillotson University Southbound exit and northbound entrance
234.3377.1234C 6th Street, 12th StreetNorthbound exit and southbound entrance
234.9378.012th Street, 11th Street State Capitol Southbound exit and northbound entrance
South end of double deck highway; upper deck is Express
235.0378.2235AHospital sign.svg 15th Street, MLK Boulevard University of Texas, State Capitol Access to University Medical Center Brackenridge
235.6379.2235BManor RoadLower deck only
235.9379.6236Hospital sign.svg Dean Keeton Street, 32nd-38½ streetsLower deck only; signed as exits 236A (Dean Keeton Street, 32nd Street) and 236B (38½ Street) southbound, access to St. David's Medical Center
North end of double deck highway
237.0381.4237AAirport Boulevard
237.4382.1237BHospital sign.svg 51st Street, Cameron RoadSigned as exit 238A southbound, access to Dell Children's Medical Center
237.9382.9238ATexas RM 2222.svg RM 2222 westSouthbound exit is via 238B
238.3383.5238BUS 290.svg US 290 east Houston North end of US 290 overlap
240US 183.svg US 183 (Anderson Lane) / St. Johns Avenue Lockhart, Lampasas, Austin-Bergstrom International Airport Signed as exits 239 (south) and 240 (north) northbound
240.1386.4241Rundberg Lane
241.7389.0243Braker Lane
243.1391.2244Tech Ridge Boulevard, Yager LaneSouthbound exit is via exit 245
244.7393.8245Texas FM 734.svg FM 734 (Parmer Lane)
246.3396.4246Howard Lane (Loop 275 south)Signed as exit 245 northbound
246.5396.7247Texas FM 1825.svg FM 1825 / Wells Branch Parkway Pflugerville
247.6398.5248Grand Avenue Parkway
Williamson Round Rock 249.3401.2250Texas 45.svgTexas Loop 1.svg SH 45 (Louis Henna Boulevard) to Loop 1 Signed as exit 251 southbound
250.9403.8Toll Texas 45 new.svgToll Texas 1 new.svg SH 45 Toll to Loop 1 Toll Southbound exit and northbound entrance
250.0402.3252BTexas RM 620.svgHospital sign.svg RM 620 (Round Rock Avenue) / McNeil RoadAccess to Round Rock Medical Center
252.3406.0253US 79.svg US 79 north (Palm Valley Boulevard) Hutto, Taylor
253.3407.6254Texas Spur 379.svgTexas FM 3406.svg Spur 379 / FM 3406 (Old Settlers Boulevard) Round Rock
254.5409.6256Texas RM 1431.svgHospital sign.svg RM 1431 (Chandler Road) Cedar Park Access to Scott & White Healthcare - Round Rock Hospital
Round RockGeorgetown line255.6411.3257Westinghouse Road
Georgetown 257.2413.9259AFrontage RoadNorthbound exit and southbound entrance
258.5416.0259Texas Spur 26.svg Spur 26 (Southeast Inner Loop) / Austin AvenueSigned as exit 259B northbound; no northbound entrance
259.4417.5260Texas RM 2243.svgHospital sign.svg RM 2243  Leander Access to Georgetown Medical Center
260.3418.9261Texas 29.svg SH 29  Burnet, Southwestern University
261.2420.4262Williams Drive
263.8424.5264Texas Spur 158.svg Spur 158 (Austin Avenue) / Lakeway Drive / Northeast Inner Loop
264.5425.7265Toll Texas 130 new.svg SH 130 Toll south Austin, Houston, San Antonio SH 130 exit 411
264.9426.3266Texas 195.svg SH 195 north Killeen, Florence
266.8429.4268Texas FM 972.svg FM 972  Walburg
Jarrell 271.0436.1271 Ronald Reagan Boulevard
275.0442.6274County Rd 312Southbound exit and northbound entrance
274.0441.0275Texas FM 487.svg FM 487  Florence, Bartlett
275.8443.9277County Rd 305
Bell 277.3446.3279Hill Road
279.2449.3280Grainger Road, Hackberry Road Prairie Dell
280.9452.1281Rest areaSigned as exit 282A southbound
280.2450.9282Texas FM 2115.svg FM 2115 Signed as exit 282B southbound
282.8455.1283Texas FM 2268.svgTexas FM 2843.svg FM 2268 / FM 2843  Holland, Salado
Salado 283.8456.7284Main Street
285.4459.3285Williams Dr, Salado Plaza Dr
286.1460.4286Texas FM 2484.svg FM 2484
Belton 287.1462.0287Amity Road
288.0463.5289ATahuaya Road
289.2465.4289BFrontage RoadNorthbound exit only
290.6467.7290Shanklin Road
290.7467.8292Texas Loop 121.svg Loop 121
291.8469.6293AI-14.svgUS 190.svg I-14 west / US 190 west Killeen, Fort Hood I-14 exit 301 eastbound; south end of US 190 overlap.
292.9471.4293BTexas 317.svgTexas FM 436.svg SH 317 (Main Street) / FM 436 Northbound exit is via exit 293A
293.5472.3294ATexas Spur 253.svg Spur 253 (Central Avenue)
293.9473.0294BTexas FM 93.svg FM 93 (6th Avenue)
Temple 296.7477.5297Texas FM 817.svg FM 817 / Midway Drive
297.6478.9298Future plate blue.svgNo image wide.svgNo image wide.svgNo image wide.svg
I-14.svgUS 190.svgTexas Loop 363.svgTexas 36.svg Future I-14 east / US 190 east (H. K. Dodgen Loop) to Loop 363 / SH 36  Gatesville, Cameron
North end of US 190 overlap
298.7480.730049th–57th streets, Avenue H
300.4483.4301Texas 53.svg SH 53 east (Central Avenue)One-way street
Texas 53.svgTexas FM 2305.svgAirport Sign.svg SH 53 west to FM 2305 (Adams Avenue)One-way street; access to Draughon-Miller Central Texas Regional Airport
301.1484.6302Nugent Avenue
302.2486.3303ATexas FM 1143.svgTexas Spur 290.svg FM 1143 (Industrial Boulevard) to Spur 290 (N. 3rd Street)Signed as exit 303 southbound; N. 3rd St. not signed northbound
303BMayborn Civic and Convention Center, Cultural Activities CenterClosed for construction; northbound exit and entrance
303.5488.4304Texas Loop 363.svg Loop 363 (H. K. Dodgen Loop)
304.9490.7305Berger Road
Troy 306.6493.4306Texas FM 1237.svg FM 1237  Pendleton
308.7496.8308Texas FM 935.svg FM 935  Troy
311.0500.5311Big Elm Road
Falls 314.3505.8314Old Blevins Road
McLennan Bruceville-Eddy 315.5507.7315Texas 7.svgTexas FM 107.svg SH 7 / FM 107  Marlin, Moody
317.5511.0318AFrontage RoadEntrances only; exits closed
318.1511.9318B Bruceville Southbound exit and northbound entrance
317.9511.6319Woodlawn RoadSigned as exit 318B northbound
319.4514.0321Callan Ranch RoadNorthbound exit and entrance
Lorena 321.0516.6322Texas FM 2837.svg FM 2837 east Lorena
322.5519.0323Texas FM 2837.svg FM 2837 west Lorena No southbound entrance
Hewitt 324.1521.6325Texas FM 1695.svgTexas FM 3148.svg FM 1695 (Hewitt Drive) / FM 3148 (Moonlight Drive)
325.7524.2328Texas FM 2063.svgTexas FM 2113.svg FM 2063 / FM 2113 (Spring Valley Road, Sun Valley Boulevard) Hewitt, Moody
328.0527.9329Frontage RoadNorthbound exit
Waco 330.2531.4330ACorporation BoulevardSouthbound exit only
330.1531.2330BTexas 6.svgTexas Loop 340.svgHospital sign.svg SH 6 / Loop 340  Meridian, Robinson Signed as exit 330 northbound, access to Hillcrest Baptist Medical Center and Providence Medical Center
330.9532.5331New Road
332.6535.3333ATexas Loop 396.svg Loop 396 (Valley Mills Drive) / La Salle Avenue (US 77)
333.0535.9333B24th–19th streetsNorthbound exit and southbound entrance
333.7537.0334AUS 77.svg US 77 south (18th–17th streets)South end of US 77 overlap; signed as exit 334 southbound
334.6538.5334B8th StreetNorthbound exit only
334.8538.8335A5th–4th streets Downtown Waco
335.0539.1335BTexas FM 434.svg FM 434 (University Parks Drive) Baylor University
335.4539.8335CTexas Spur 576.svg Spur 576 (Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard) / Lake Brazos Parkway McLane Stadium
336.2541.1336Forrest StreetNorthbound exit and southbound entrance
337ABusiness plate.svg
US 77.svg Bus. US 77 (North Loop Drive) / Elm Avenue
Signed as exits 337A (south) and 337B (north) northbound
Bellmead 337.2542.7338AUS 84.svgTexas 31.svg US 84 (Waco Drive) to SH 31  Bellmead
338.1544.1338BBehrens Circle
338.5544.8339Texas Loop 340.svgTexas FM 3051.svg Loop 340 / FM 3051 (Lake Shore Drive) Lake Waco
Lacy-Lakeview 339.8546.9340Meyers LaneSouthbound exit is via exit 341
339.9547.0341Craven Avenue
341.0548.8342ATexas FM 2417.svg FM 2417 (Crest Drive)
341.6549.8342BBusiness plate.svg
US 77.svg Bus. US 77 south
342.6551.4343Texas FM 308.svg FM 308  Elm Mott
344.0553.6345Old Dallas Road
345AHilltop LaneSouthbound exit and northbound entrance
345.6556.2346Ross Road
348.1560.2349Wiggins Road
West 350.4563.9351Texas FM 1858.svg FM 1858 / Tokio Road
352.1566.7353Texas FM 2114.svg FM 2114 (T.M. West Parkway) West
353.1568.3354Marable Street
county line
354.2570.0355County Line Road
Hill 355.6572.3356County Road 3102
Abbott 357.9576.0358Texas FM 1242.svg FM 1242  Abbott
358.9577.6359Texas FM 1304.svg FM 1304
360.2579.7362County Road 3111
Hillsboro 363.0584.2364ATexas FM 310.svg FM 310  Lake Aquilla
364.5586.6364BTexas 81.svg SH 81 north Hillsboro Northbound exit and southbound entrance
364.7586.9364BCounty Road 3102Southbound exit and northbound entrance
367.0590.6367Texas FM 3267.svg FM 3267 (Old Bynum Road)Northbound exit and southbound entrance
367.7591.8368ATexas 22.svgTexas 171.svg SH 22 / SH 171  Whitney, Meridian, Corsicana No southbound entrance
368.6593.2368BTexas FM 286.svg FM 286 Northbound exit is via exit 368A
370.1595.6370US 77.svgTexas Spur 579.svg US 77 north / Spur 579  Hillsboro No southbound exit; north end of US 77 overlap
371.1597.2370BI-35W.svgI-35E.svg I-35W north / I-35E north Fort Worth, Dallas I-35 north splits into I-35E and I-35W
See I-35W.svg I-35W and I-35E.svg I-35E
Denton Denton 371.1597.2467I-35E.svgI-35W.svg I-35E south / I-35W south Dallas, Fort Worth I-35 south splits into I-35E and I-35W; exit number is for I-35W
371.6598.0468Texas FM 1515.svgHospital sign.svg FM 1515 (Airport Road) / West Oak StreetSouthbound exit and northbound entrance, access to Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Denton
372.1598.8469US 380.svg US 380  McKinney, Decatur
373.2600.6470Texas Loop 288.svg Loop 288 Southbound exit is via exit 471
374.3602.4471US 77.svgTexas FM 1173.svg US 77 south / FM 1173  Denton, Krum South end of US 77 overlap
375.7604.6472Ganzer Road
376.8606.4473Texas FM 3163.svg FM 3163 (Milam Road)
377.2607.0474Cowling RoadNorthbound exit and southbound entrance
378.3608.8475ATexas FM 156.svg FM 156  Krum Southbound exit and northbound entrance
378.5609.1475BRector Road
Sanger 380.3612.0477Business Loop 35.svg Bus. I-35 north / Keaton Road
381.3613.6478Texas FM 455.svg FM 455  Pilot Point, Bolivar
382.1614.9479Belz Road
383.4617.0480Lois Road
384.3618.5481View Road
385.0619.6482Chisam Road
Cooke Valley View 386.5622.0483Texas FM 3002.svg FM 3002 (Lone Oak Road)
389.0626.0485Frontage RoadSouthbound exit and northbound entrance
389.4626.7486Texas FM 1307.svg FM 1307 / Frontage Road
390.0627.6487Texas FM 922.svg FM 922  Valley View No southbound entrance
392.0630.9488Texas FM 1307.svg FM 1307 / Hockley Creek RoadSigned as exit 489 southbound
393.9633.9491Spring Creek Road
Gainesville 397.1639.1494Texas FM 1306.svg FM 1306
399.0642.1495Frontage RoadSouthbound exit and northbound entrance
399.3642.6496AWeaver StreetNorthbound exit only
399.9643.6497Texas FM 51.svg FM 51 (California Street) Decatur
401.0645.3498AUS 82.svg US 82  Sherman, Wichita Falls
402.2647.3498BLivestock–Poultry–Exotics Inspection StationSouthbound exit and entrance
401.4646.0499Frontage RoadNorthbound exit and entrance
402.7648.1500Texas FM 372.svg FM 372  Gainesville
404.1650.3501Texas FM 1202.svg FM 1202 / Prime Outlets Boulevard
405.4652.4502Texas travel information center, rest areaSouthbound exit and entrance
406.4654.0503Frontage RoadNo southbound exit
407.2655.3504Exits only
Red River 407.195655.317I-35.svgUS 77.svg I-35 / US-77 north Oklahoma City Continuation into Oklahoma
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

Auxiliary routes

I-35 has three auxiliary routes in Texas:

Related Research Articles

Interstate 10 (I-10) is the southernmost cross-country highway in the American Interstate Highway System. I-10 is the fourth-longest Interstate in the United States at 2,460.34 miles (3,959.53 km), following I-90, I-80, and I-40. This freeway is part of the originally planned network that was laid out in 1956, and its last section was completed in 1990.

Interstate 30 (I-30) is a 366.76-mile-long (590.24 km) expressway in the southern states of Texas and Arkansas in the United States, part of the Interstate Highway System. I-30 travels from I-20 west of Fort Worth, Texas, northeast via Dallas, and Texarkana, Texas, to I-40 in North Little Rock, Arkansas. The highway parallels U.S. Route 67 (US 67) except for the portion west of downtown Dallas. Between the termini, I-30 has interchanges with I-35W, I-35E and I-45. I-30 is known as the Tom Landry Freeway between I-35W and I-35E, within the core of the Dallas–Fort Worth metroplex.

Interstate 35 Interstate from Texas to Minnesota

Interstate 35 (I-35) is a major Interstate Highway in the central United States. As with most interstates that end in a five, it is a major cross-country, north-south route. It stretches from Laredo, Texas, near the Mexican border to Duluth, Minnesota, at Minnesota State Highway 61 and 26th Avenue East. The highway splits into I-35E and I-35W in two separate places, the Dallas–Fort Worth metroplex in Texas and at the Minnesota twin cities of Minneapolis–Saint Paul.

Interstate 45 (I-45) is an Interstate Highway located entirely within the U.S. state of Texas. While most Interstate routes ending in "5" are cross-country north-south routes, I-45 is comparatively short, with the entire route located in Texas. It connects the cities of Dallas and Houston, continuing southeast from Houston to Galveston over the Galveston Causeway to the Gulf of Mexico.

Interstate 820 (I-820) is a loop of Interstate 20 in Fort Worth, Texas of approximately 35.17 miles (56.60 km) around the city and some of its suburbs. Exit numbers begin at its intersection with I-20 in southwest Fort Worth, and continue in a clockwise direction around the city until it ends at its intersection with I-20 in southeast Fort Worth. A portion of I-820 in the northeast quadrant is co-signed with State Highway 121 as well as State Highway 183. The northwest segment of the loop is officially designated as the Jim Wright Freeway after former United States House Speaker Jim Wright. However, the name is not commonly used, the colloquial reference by the general public is "Loop 820", or simply just 820.

U.S. Route 75 highway in the United States

U.S. Route 75 is a major north–south U.S. Highway that extends 1,239 miles (1,994 km) in the central United States. The highway's northern terminus is in Noyes, Minnesota, at the Canada–US border, where it once continued as Manitoba Highway 75 on the other side of the now-closed border crossing. Its southern terminus is at Interstate 30 and Interstate 45 in Dallas, where it is known as North Central Expressway.

U.S. Route 77 highway in the United States

U.S. Route 77 is a major north–south United States Numbered Highway which extends for 1,305 miles (2,100 km) in the central United States. As of 2005, Its southern terminus is in Brownsville, Texas, at Veteran's International Bridge on the Mexican border, where it connects with both Mexican Federal Highway 101 and Mexican Federal Highway 180, and the highway's northern terminus is in Sioux City, Iowa, at an interchange with Interstate 29 (I-29).

U.S. Route 81 Numbered U.S. Highway in the United States

U.S. Route 81 or U.S. Highway 81 (US 81) is a major north–south U.S. highway that extends for 1,220 miles (1,960 km) in the central United States and is one of the original United States Numbered Highways established in 1926 by the American Association of State Highway Officials.

U.S. Route 377 Auxiliary U.S. Highway in Texas and Oklahoma in the United States

U.S. Route 377 (US 377) is a 478-mile-long (769 km) north–south United States highway. Originally formed as a short spur to connect Denton, Texas with Fort Worth, Texas, it has since been extended to Oklahoma and Mexico.

U.S. Route 290 is an east–west U.S. Highway located entirely within the state of Texas. Its western terminus is at Interstate 10 southeast of Segovia, and its eastern terminus is at Interstate 610 in northwest Houston. It is the main highway between Houston and Austin and is a cutoff for travelers wanting to bypass San Antonio on Interstate 10. Throughout its length west of Austin, US 290 cuts across mountainous hills comprising the Texas Hill Country and the Edwards Plateau; between Austin and Houston, the highway then travels through gradually hilly grasslands and pine forests comprising the Gulf Coastal Plains.

State Highway 121 is a state highway angling from southwest to northeast through north central Texas. It runs from downtown Fort Worth, Texas at the junction of Interstate 35W to Bonham, Texas, just north of a junction with U.S. Highway 82.

Dallas North Tollway highway in Texas

The Dallas North Tollway is a 30.2-mile (49 km) controlled-access toll road operated by the North Texas Tollway Authority (NTTA), which runs from Interstate 35E near downtown Dallas, Texas (USA), to U.S. Highway 380, in Frisco, Texas.

Interstate 35E (Texas) Highway in Texas

Interstate 35E (I-35E), an Interstate Highway, is the eastern half of I-35 where it splits to serve the Dallas/Fort Worth metropolitan area. I-35 splits into two branch routes, I-35W and I-35E at Hillsboro. I-35E travels north for 97 miles (156 km), maintaining I-35's sequence of exit numbers. It travels through Dallas before rejoining with I-35W to reform I-35 in Denton. This is one of two pairs of suffixed Interstates that has not been eliminated; I-35 also splits into I-35E and I-35W in Minneapolis–Saint Paul, Minnesota.

Interstate 35W, an Interstate Highway, is the western half of Interstate 35 where it splits to serve the Dallas/Fort Worth metropolitan area. I-35 splits into two branch routes, I-35W and I-35E at Hillsboro. I-35W runs north for 85.20 miles (137.12 km), carrying its own separate sequence of exit numbers. It runs through Fort Worth before rejoining with I-35E to reform I-35 in Denton. It is the more direct route for long-distance expressway traffic, as is noted on signs on I-35 leading into the I-35W/I-35E splits.

Texas State Highway 81 State highway in Texas

State Highway 81 is a Texas state highway that runs from Hillsboro to Grandview. It was designated in 1991 to replace U.S. Highway 81, which was decommissioned south of Fort Worth.

Interstate 10 (I-10) is the major east–west Interstate Highway in the Southern United States. In the U.S. state of Texas, it runs east from Anthony, at the border with New Mexico, through El Paso, San Antonio and Houston to the border with Louisiana in Orange, Texas. At just under 880 miles (1,420 km), the Texas segment of I-10, maintained by the Texas Department of Transportation, is the longest continuous untolled freeway in North America that is operated by a single authority. It is also the longest stretch of highway with a single designation within a single state. Mile marker 880 and its corresponding exit number in Orange, Texas, are the highest numbered mile marker and exit on any freeway in North America. After widening was completed in 2008, a portion of the highway west of Houston is now also believed to be the widest in the world, at 26 lanes when including feeders.

The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) is a governmental agency and its purpose is to "provide safe, effective, and efficient movement of people and goods" throughout the state. Though the public face of the agency is generally associated with maintenance of the state's immense highway system, the agency is also responsible for aviation in the state and overseeing public transportation systems.

U.S. Route 59 in Texas section of U.S. Highway in Texas, United States

U.S. Highway 59 (US 59) in the U.S. state of Texas is named the Lloyd Bentsen Highway, after Lloyd Bentsen, former U.S. senator from Texas. In northern Houston, US 59, co-signed with Interstate 69 (I-69), is the Eastex Freeway. To the south, which is also co-signed with I-69, it is the Southwest Freeway. The stretch of the Southwest Freeway just west of The Loop was formerly one of the busiest freeways in North America, with a peak AADT of 371,000 in 1998.

U.S. Route 81 in Texas section of U.S. Highway in Texas, United States

U.S. Highway 81 is a U.S. Highway that begins at an interchange with Interstate 35W/US 287 (I-35W/US 287) in northern Fort Worth in Texas. US 81 leaves the state and crosses the Red River into Oklahoma between Ringgold, Texas, and Terral, Oklahoma.

Interstate 35 (I-35) is a north–south Interstate Highway that stretches from Laredo, Texas, to Duluth, Minnesota. In the US state of Minnesota, I-35 enters from Iowa and heads north toward the twin cities of Minneapolis and Saint Paul. South of the metropolitan area, I-35 splits into two branches; I-35E runs through St. Paul and I-35W through Minneapolis. These two branches rejoin north of the Twin Cities, and the highway continues north to Duluth, where it terminates at Minnesota Highway 61 (MN 61).


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