Interstate 55 in Arkansas

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Interstate 55
Route information
Maintained by ARDOT ( previously/formerly known as ARHTD, Arkansas Highway Transportation Department)
Length72.22 mi [1] (116.23 km)
Major junctions
South endI-55.svgUS 61.svgUS 64.svgUS 70.svg I-55 / US 61 / US 64 / US 70 at Tennessee state line
 I-40.svg I-40 in West Memphis
I-555.svgUS 61 (AR).svgUS 63 (AR).svgArkansas 77.svg I-555 / US 61 / US 63 / AR 77 in Turrell
US 61 (AR).svg US 61 in Blytheville
North endI-55.svg I-55 at Missouri state line
Counties Crittenden, Mississippi
Highway system
Arkansas 54.svg AR 54 AR 56 Arkansas 56.svg

Interstate 55 (I-55) is a north–south Interstate Highway that has a 72.22-mile (116.23 km) section in the U.S. state of Arkansas connecting sections in Tennessee and Missouri. The route enters Arkansas on the Memphis & Arkansas Bridge over the Mississippi River from Memphis. It travels northward through northeast Arkansas connecting the cities of West Memphis and Blytheville. I-55 continues into Missouri heading to St. Louis, Missouri. The highway overlaps Interstate 40 in West Memphis and has a junction with Interstate 555, a spur route to Jonesboro, in Turrell. For the majority of its routing through Arkansas, I-55 generally follows U.S. Route 61 (US 61).

U.S. state constituent political entity of the United States

In the United States, a state is a constituent political entity, of which there are currently 50. Bound together in a political union, each state holds governmental jurisdiction over a separate and defined geographic territory and shares its sovereignty with the federal government. Due to this shared sovereignty, Americans are citizens both of the federal republic and of the state in which they reside. State citizenship and residency are flexible, and no government approval is required to move between states, except for persons restricted by certain types of court orders. Four states use the term commonwealth rather than state in their full official names.

Arkansas State of the United States of America

Arkansas is a state in the southern region of the United States, home to over 3 million people as of 2018. Its name is of Siouan derivation from the language of the Osage denoting their related kin, the Quapaw Indians. The state's diverse geography ranges from the mountainous regions of the Ozark and the Ouachita Mountains, which make up the U.S. Interior Highlands, to the densely forested land in the south known as the Arkansas Timberlands, to the eastern lowlands along the Mississippi River and the Arkansas Delta.

Tennessee State of the United States of America

Tennessee is a state located in the southeastern region of the United States. Tennessee is the 36th largest and the 16th most populous of the 50 United States. Tennessee is bordered by Kentucky to the north, Virginia to the northeast, North Carolina to the east, Georgia, Alabama, and Mississippi to the south, Arkansas to the west, and Missouri to the northwest. The Appalachian Mountains dominate the eastern part of the state, and the Mississippi River forms the state's western border. Nashville is the state's capital and largest city, with a 2017 population of 667,560 and a 2017 metro population of 1,903,045. Tennessee's second largest city is Memphis, which had a population of 652,236 in 2017.


Route description

Interstate 55 splits from Interstate 40 in West Memphis. I40I55WestMemphis.JPG
Interstate 55 splits from Interstate 40 in West Memphis.

I-55 enters Arkansas from Memphis, Tennessee on the Memphis & Arkansas Bridge over the Mississippi River, sharing the bridge with US 61/US 64/US 70/US 79. Shortly after entering the state the highway enters West Memphis, where US 70 exits the route and becomes Broadway Avenue. I-55/US 61/US 64/US 79 form a concurrency with Interstate 40 at exit 5, an overlap that lasts 3.1 miles (5.0 km). [2] The highways split at I-40 exit 277, with I-40/US 63/US 79 continuing west to Little Rock and I-55/US 61/US 63/US 64 running north into Marion. US 64 exits I-55/US 61/US 63 in Marion, continuing west as Old Military Road toward Wynne. Interstate 55 continues to run through farmlands of the Arkansas delta, paralleling Highway 77 until Turrell.

Memphis, Tennessee City in Tennessee, United States

Memphis is a city located along the Mississippi River in southwestern Shelby County, Tennessee, United States. The 2017 city population was 652,236, making Memphis the largest city on the Mississippi River, second-largest city in Tennessee, as well as the 25th largest city in the United States. Greater Memphis is the 42nd largest metropolitan area in the United States, with a population of 1,348,260 in 2017. The city is the anchor of West Tennessee and the greater Mid-South region, which includes portions of neighboring Arkansas and Mississippi. Memphis is the seat of Shelby County, the most populous county in Tennessee. As one of the most historic and cultural cities of the southern United States, the city features a wide variety of landscapes and distinct neighborhoods.

Memphis & Arkansas Bridge

The Memphis & Arkansas Bridge, also known as the Memphis-Arkansas Bridge or Memphis-Arkansas Memorial Bridge, is a cantilevered through truss bridge carrying Interstate 55 across the Mississippi River between West Memphis, Arkansas and Memphis, Tennessee. Memphians refer to this bridge as the "Old Bridge" to distinguish it from the "New Bridge", or Hernando de Soto Bridge, upstream.

Mississippi River largest river system in North America

The Mississippi River is the second-longest river and chief river of the second-largest drainage system on the North American continent, second only to the Hudson Bay drainage system. Its source is Lake Itasca in northern Minnesota and it flows generally south for 2,320 miles (3,730 km) to the Mississippi River Delta in the Gulf of Mexico. With its many tributaries, the Mississippi's watershed drains all or parts of 32 U.S. states and two Canadian provinces between the Rocky and Appalachian mountains. The main stem is entirely within the United States; the total drainage basin is 1,151,000 sq mi (2,980,000 km2), of which only about one percent is in Canada. The Mississippi ranks as the fourth-longest and fifteenth-largest river by discharge in the world. The river either borders or passes through the states of Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois, Missouri, Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas, Mississippi, and Louisiana.

Diagram of Lake David Interchange I-55 & US 61, I-555 & US 63, AR 77 interchange, Gilmore, AR.png
Diagram of Lake David Interchange

In Turrell, I-55/US 61/US 63 meets the southern terminus of I-555, a spur route of I-55 connecting Jonesboro to the Interstate Highway system. I-555/US 63 run north to Jonesboro, while Highway 77 and US 61 become frontage roads for I-55. Slightly east of this junction these frontage roads depart I-55, with Highway 77 running near Birdsong and US 61 serving Wilson. I-55 runs northeast to enter Mississippi County, Arkansas, having junctions with Highway 118 to Joiner, Highway 181 to Bassett, Highway 14 near Marie, and Highway 181 near Keiser. In Osceola, the route has a junction with Highway 140 near Osceola Municipal Airport. [3] I-55 continues northeast, intersecting minor state highways in rural Mississippi County before a junction with US 61 in south Blytheville. Interstate 55 intersects Highway 18 in Blytheville before exiting town headed due north. The route has a junction with Highway 150 just before crossing the Missouri state line.

Interstate 555 (I-555) is an Interstate Highway that connects Turrell, Arkansas, at I-55 to Jonesboro at Arkansas Highway 91 (Hwy. 91). I-555 travels along what is currently U.S. Route 63 (US 63) for its entire route. That highway was upgraded in the 2000s to Interstate Highway standards. I-555 is the second Interstate with all three digits the same, to exist, the first to be signed as an Interstate.

Spur route

A spur route is a short road forming a branch from a longer, more important road such as a freeway, Interstate Highway, or motorway. A bypass or beltway should not be considered a true spur route as it typically reconnects with another or the same major road.

Jonesboro, Arkansas City in Arkansas, United States

Jonesboro is a city located on Crowley's Ridge in the northeastern corner of the U.S. State of Arkansas. Jonesboro is one of two county seats of Craighead County and the home of Arkansas State University. According to the 2010 Census, the city had a population of 71,551 and is the fifth-largest city in Arkansas.

Exit list

CountyLocationmi [1] kmExitDestinationsNotes
Mississippi River 0.000.00I-55.svgUS 61.svgUS 64.svgUS 70.svgUS 79.svg I-55 / US 61 south / US 64 / US 70 / US 79 east Memphis, Jackson MS Continuation into Tennessee
0.721.16 Memphis & Arkansas Bridge; Tennessee–Arkansas state line
Crittenden West Memphis 1.0661.7161Bridgeport Road
2.8314.5563AArkansas 131.svg AR 131 (Mound City Road)Northbound exit only
3.1004.9893BUS 70 (AR).svg US 70 west (Broadway Boulevard) West Memphis Northern end of US 70 overlap; northbound exit and southbound entrance
3.6035.7984Martin Luther King Jr. Drive, Southland Drive to I-40 east Memphis
4.7667.670I-40.svg I-40 east Memphis, Nashville Southern end of I-40 overlap, exit 279B eastbound; southbound exit and northbound entrance; Signed as exit 279B southbound
4.7797.6915Ingram BoulevardSouthbound signed as exit 279A
5.2468.443278Arkansas 77.svgArkansas 191.svg AR 77 (Missouri Street) / AR 191 north (7th Street)Exit number follows I-40; AR 77 (Missouri Street) signed northbound only
7.08811.407I-40.svgUS 79 (AR).svg I-40 / US 79 west Little Rock, Forrest City Northern end of I-40 and US 79 overlaps; northbound exit and southbound entrance; I-40 exit 277 westbound
7.29111.7347Arkansas 77.svg AR 77 (Missouri Street)Southbound exit and northbound entrance
7.51312.0918I-40.svgUS 63 (AR).svgUS 79 (AR).svg I-40 west / US 63 south / US 79 west Little Rock Southern end of US 63 overlap; southbound exit and northbound entrance; I-40 exit 277
Marion 9.81915.80210US 64 (AR).svg US 64 west Marion, Sunset, Wynne Northern end of US 64 overlap
13.54921.80514CR 4 jct.svg CR 4 Jericho
16.82927.08417Arkansas 50.svg AR 50  Jericho
21.21934.14921Arkansas 42.svg AR 42  Turrell
Turrell 23.18937.31923I-555.svgUS 61 (AR).svgUS 63 (AR).svgArkansas 77.svg I-555 north / US 61 north / US 63 north / AR 77  Marked Tree, Jonesboro, Turrell Northern end of US 61 and US 63 overlaps, exits 1A-B; signed as exits 23A (I-555/US 63/AR 77 north) and 23B (US 61/AR 77 south) southbound, no southbound entry from northbound AR 77.
Mississippi 33.24953.50934Arkansas 118.svg AR 118  Tyronza, Joiner
35.27956.77636Arkansas 181.svg AR 181  Bassett, Wilson
41.09966.14241Arkansas 14.svg AR 14  Lepanto, Marie
43.61970.19844Arkansas 181.svg AR 181  Keiser, Wilson
48.03977.31148Arkansas 140.svg AR 140  Osceola
52.61984.68253Arkansas 158.svg AR 158  Victoria, Luxora
57.17992.02157Arkansas 148.svg AR 148  Burdette
Blytheville 63.049101.46863US 61 (AR).svg US 61  Blytheville
67.079107.95367Arkansas 18.svg AR 18  Blytheville
71.059114.35871Arkansas 150.svg AR 150  Arkansas International Airport
71.969115.82372State Line RoadNorthbound exit and entrance
I-55.svgI-57.svg I-55 north to I-57  St. Louis, Chicago Continuation into Missouri
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

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Turrell, Arkansas City in Arkansas, United States

Turrell is a city in Crittenden County, Arkansas, United States. The population was 615 at the 2010 census, down from 957 in 2000.

U.S. Route 61 highway in the United States

U.S. Route 61 (US 61) is the official designation for a major United States highway which extends 1,400 miles (2,300 km) between New Orleans, Louisiana and the city of Wyoming, Minnesota. The highway generally follows the course of the Mississippi River, and is designated the Great River Road for much of its route. As of 2004, the highway's northern terminus in Wyoming, Minnesota, is at an intersection with Interstate 35 (I-35). Until 1991, the highway extended north on what is now Minnesota State Highway 61 through Duluth and across the Canada–U.S. border, near Grand Portage. Its southern terminus in New Orleans, Louisiana, is at an intersection with Tulane Avenue at South Broad Street. The highway is often called the Blues Highway because it connects Saint Paul, Minnesota; St. Louis, Missouri; Memphis, Tennessee; the Mississippi Delta, and New Orleans.

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Arkansas Highway 463 highway in Arkansas

Highway 463 is a north–south state highway in northeast Arkansas. The route of 20.59 miles (33.14 km) runs from Highway 14 very near I-555/US 63 at Payneway north to I-555/US 63/US 63B in Jonesboro. The route is a redesignation of former U.S. Route 63, which has since been rerouted onto Interstate 555.

Arkansas Highway 77 highway in Arkansas

Highway 77 is a north–south state highway in East Arkansas. The route of 66.70 miles (107.34 km) runs from US 70 in West Memphis north along Interstate 55 to the Missouri state line.

Interstate 40 (I-40) is an east–west Interstate Highway that has a 284.69-mile (458.16 km) section in the U.S. state of Arkansas connecting Oklahoma to Tennessee. The route enters Arkansas from the west just north of the Arkansas River near Dora. It travels eastward across the northern portion of the state connecting the cities of Fort Smith, Clarksville, Russellville, Morrilton, Conway, Little Rock, Forrest City, and West Memphis. I-40 continues into Tennessee heading through Memphis. The highway has major junctions with Interstate 540 at Van Buren, Interstate 49 at Alma, Interstate 30 in Little Rock, and Interstate 55 to Blytheville.

U.S. Route 63 in Arkansas highway in Arkansas

U.S. Route 63 is a north-south U.S. highway that begins in Ruston, LA. In the US state of Arkansas the highway enters the state from Louisiana concurrent with US 167 in Junction City. The highway zigzags through the state serving the major cities of Pine Bluff, West Memphis and Jonesboro. The highway exits the state at Mammoth Spring traveling into Missouri.

Arkansas Highway 131 highway in Arkansas

Highway 131 is a designation for five north–south state highways in northeast Arkansas. One route of 5.51 miles (8.87 km) runs from Highway 1 in Haynes east to Lee County Road 719. A second route of 9.57 miles (15.40 km) begins at US Route 79 (US 79) near Brickeys and runs south to the Mississippi River levee. A third route of 8.74 miles (14.07 km) forms a semicircle around Horseshoe Lake and Porter Lake, connecting to Highway 147 at both ends. A fourth route of 3.11 miles (5.01 km) begins at Highway 147 and runs through Edmondson. A fifth route begins at Interstate 55/US 61/US 64/US 79 in West Memphis and runs north to Martin Luther King Jr. Drive/Mound City Road in West Memphis. All routes are maintained by the Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Department (AHTD).

Highway 118 is a designation for two state highways in the Upper Arkansas Delta. One route of 41.43 miles (66.68 km) begins at US Highway 64 (US 64) and Highway 149 east to Mississippi County Road 495 near the Mississippi River levee. A second route of 4.29 miles (6.90 km) runs from US 70/US 79 in West Memphis to US 64 in Marion. Both routes are maintained by the Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Department (AHTD).

Highway 351 is a designation for two state highways in Northeast Arkansas. One route 0.92 miles (1.48 km) in Jonesboro begins at the Interstate 555/US Highway 63 (I-555/US 63) frontage road and runs north to Highway 18 as Industrial Drive. A second route of 13.87 miles (22.32 km) begins at Airport Road and runs north to Highway 358. Between Jonesboro and the northern terminus, the route is designated as part of the Crowley's Ridge Parkway, a National Scenic Byway, and two Civil War trails under the Arkansas Heritage Trails System. Both routes are maintained by the Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Department (AHTD).

Arkansas Highway 18 highway in Arkansas

Arkansas Highway 18 is a state highway of 93.43 miles (150.36 km) in Northeastern Arkansas.

Arkansas Highway 140 highway in Arkansas

Highway 140 is a designation for two east–west state highways in the Upper Arkansas Delta. One route of 32.70 miles (52.63 km) begins at US Highway 63 Business (US 63B)/Highway 14 in Marked Tree and runs east to US 61 in Osceola. A second segment of 1.93 miles (3.11 km) in east Osceola runs from US 61 to Pearl Street and Quinn Avenue. Both routes are maintained by the Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Department (AHTD).

Highway 150 is an east–west state highway in Mississippi County, Arkansas. The route of 14.19 miles (22.84 km) runs from Highway 181 north of Gosnell east across US Route 61 (US 61) and Interstate 55 (I-55) to Highway 137 at Huffman.

Highway 198 is a designation for three state highways in the Upper Arkansas Delta. One route of 2.45 miles (3.94 km) in Trumann runs from Highway 69 east to Highway 463. A second route of 2.70 miles (4.35 km) connects Highway 140 and Highway 77. A third route of 3.38 miles (5.44 km) runs from US Highway 61 (US 61) near Grider east to the Sans Souci Landing on the Mississippi River. All routes are maintained by the Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Department (AHTD).

Arkansas Highway 75 highway in Arkansas

Arkansas Highway 75 is a north–south state highway in Arkansas. The route runs 42.62 miles (68.59 km) from Highway 50 north to Interstate 555/U.S. Route 63/US 63B/AR 14.

Arkansas Highway 50 highway in Arkansas

Highway 50 is a designation for two east–west state highways in northeast Arkansas. A western route of 27.96 miles (45.00 km) runs east from St. Francis County Route 415 (CR 415) to Highway 147 near Anthonyville. A second route of 15.84 miles (25.49 km) begins at US Route 70 (US 70) and runs east to Highway 77 in Clarkedale.

Highway 147 is a north–south state highway in Crittenden County, Arkansas, United States. The route of 25.83 miles (41.57 km) runs from Highway 131 at Bruins north across Interstate 40/US Route 63/US Route 79 (I-40/US 63/US 70/US 79) to US 64 near West Memphis. A portion of the route make up the western routing of the Great River Road.

Arkansas Highway 149 highway in Arkansas

Highway 149 is a north–south state highway in northeast Arkansas. The route of 41.28 miles (66.43 km) runs from Highway 38 in Hughes north across Interstate 40/US Route 63 (I-40/US 63) to I-555/US 63/US 63 Business (I-555/US 63/US 63B) in Marked Tree.


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