Iran Novin Party

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Iran Novin Party
Founder Hassan Ali Mansour
Founded15 December 1963
Dissolved2 March 1975
Preceded by Nationalists’ Party [1]
Merged into Resurgence Party [2]
Worker wing Workers' House (1967–75)
Ideology Royalism

The Iran Novin Party (Persian : حزب ایران نوین, translit.  Ḥezb-i Īrān-i Nuvīn, lit.  'New Iran Party') was a royalist political party in Iran and the country's ruling party for more than a decade, controlling both cabinet and the parliament from 1964 to 1975. People's Party was regarded its opposition. [3]

The party was "indistinguishable from the state", i.e. party of power, with no coherent ideology or agenda. [4] It was the main reason to deny opportunities to seek a popular following through nationalist or socialist appeals, although its pragmatism and opportunism was advantageous in recruiting. [5]

It comprised technocrats and former civil servants; supported the Court (probably having been initiated by it), identifying with the policies of the Shah" [6] and self-proclaimed its role as "guardian" of the White Revolution (Pāsdār-e Enqelāb). [5]

Electoral history


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Ruling party of Iran
Preceded by
Nationalists’ Party
Iran Novin Party
Succeeded by
Resurgence Party