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Isuzu Giga
Saitama Seibu Fire Bureau Saitama Seibu Kyoten 1 Isuzu Giga.jpg
Manufacturer Isuzu
Also called
  • Isuzu Heavy Duty
  • Isuzu C/E series
  • Chevrolet C/E series
Body and chassis
Class Truck
Body style
  • 2-door standard cab (Worldwide)
  • 4-door crew cab (Australia only)
  • 5-speed manual
  • 6-speed manual
  • 7-speed manual
  • 6-speed automatic
  • 10-speed automatic
Predecessor Isuzu 810

The Isuzu Giga (Japanese : いすゞ・ギガ) is a line of heavy-duty commercial vehicles produced by Isuzu since 1994. Outside Japan it is known as Isuzu C/E series. [4] It was formally known as the Isuzu Heavy-Duty Truck'. [5] Between 1994-2016, it was also sold in South America (under the Chevrolet brand as Chevrolet C/E series).


First generation (1994–2015)

The first generation Giga was introduced in November 1994 to replace the Isuzu 810. [6] Originally available as a flat bed and a few other rigid versions (C-series), a tractor was added in June 1995. [7] Tractors carry "E-series" model codes, continuing from the preceding "810EX" series. While initially only available with a standard roof, a high roof configuration was added later.

In June 2000 the naturally aspirated 22.8 L (22,801 cc; 1,391.4 cu in) 12PE1 V12 engine was replaced by the 24.3 L (24,312 cc; 1,483.6 cu in) 8TD1 V8 engine. [8] The truck was updated again in June 2003, discontinuing the naturally aspirated vee-engines and now only offering turbocharged inline-sixes to help meet new noise control standards. The new model did not receive any notable external changes; it was marketed as the "Smoother G". [9] The truck received a facelift in 2007 (Phase II) and again in 2010 (Phase III). Production ended in 2015, although the tractor versions were not replaced until the following year.

Defects and recalls

In 2008, 2,225 Japanese Giga models from the 2007 model year were recalled after it was discovered they had faulty fuel tank caps which could cause fuel inside the tank to leak. [10]

In 2009, 5,475 Japanese Giga Turbo models from the 1999-2005 model years were recalled after it was discovered they had faulty turbos which could result in turbine blade damage and output may be insufficient, resulting in inability to operate. [11]

In 2019, 1,205 Australian CX and EX models from the 2010 and 2019 model years were recalled after it was discovered they had faulty front under-run protection device (FUPD) reinforcement brackets which could cause the FUPD to fail if involved in a front-end collision. [12]



Diesel engines
Engine [Model]Production [Year]DisplacementCylinder
6HK1-TCN7,790 ccI6
6UZ1 [24] 2005-9,839 ccI6
6WA1 [25] 12,068 cc [25] I6 [25]
6WF1 [26] [27] 2001-2008 [27] 14,256 cc [27] I6
6WG1 [28] 15,681 ccI6
8TD12000-200324,312 ccV8
10TD1 [29] 30,390 cc [29] V10

Second generation (2015–present)

Isuzu Giga in dekotora Isuzu Plaza Isuzu Giga Tractor Custom.jpg
Isuzu Giga in dekotora
Isuzu Giga in Dekotora in 2018 JRHuo Wu [( Tie Dao Dai Xing Chuan Bo Shu Song  )] Gang Shan Xin Gang Gao Dao Bu Tou --12.jpg
Isuzu Giga in Dekotora in 2018

The second generation Giga was released and shown at the Tokyo Motor Show. [30] in November 2015.

The Compressed natural gas (CNG) model was released the same year. [31] [30]


Diesel engines
Engine [Model]Production [Year]DisplacementCylinder
6NX1 [32] [33] 2016–present [32] [33] 7,790 cc (475 cu in) [32] [33] I6 [33]
6UZ1 [32] [34] [35] 2015–present [32] [33] 9,839 cc (600.4 cu in) [32] [35] I6
6WG1 [32] [36] 2015–present [32] 15,681 cc (956.9 cu in) [32] [36] I6
Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) engines
Engine [Model]Production [Year]DisplacementCylinder
6UV1 [37] [31] [38] 2016–present [37] 9,839 cc (600.4 cu in) [37] I6

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