It Happened One Sunday

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It Happened One Sunday
It Happened One Sunday.jpg
Directed by Karel Lamač
Written by Paul Vincent Carroll
Frederic Gotfurt
Frank Harvey
Based onShe Met Him One Sunday by Victor Skutezky
Produced byFrederic Gotfurt
Victor Skutezky
Starring Robert Beatty
Barbara White
Marjorie Rhodes
Cinematography Basil Emmott
Edited by Flora Newton
Music by Philip Green
Charles Williams
Distributed byAssociated British Picture Corporation
Release date
  • 28 August 1944 (1944-08-28)
Running time
97 minutes
CountryUnited Kingdom

It Happened One Sunday is a 1944 British romantic comedy film directed by Karel Lamač and starring Robert Beatty, Barbara White and Marjorie Rhodes. [1] Produced and distributed by Associated British it was shot at Welwyn Studios with sets designed by the art director William C. Andrews. The film was based on the play She Met Him One Sunday by Victor Skutezky. [2]



In the film, an Irish servant girl working in Liverpool mistakenly believes that she has a secret admirer working at a hospital, and while seeking him out accidentally meets and falls in love with a serviceman there. She spends the rest of the day around Liverpool with him and they eventually decide to marry. [3]


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