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Italdesign Giugiaro S.p.A.
Type Subsidiary (S.p.A.)
Founded Turin, Italy February 13, 1968 (1968-02-13) as Studi Italiani Realizzazione Prototipi S.p.A. [1]
  • Giorgetto Giugiaro
  • Aldo Mantovani
FateControlling interest acquired by Lamborghini Holding S.p.A. (August 09, 2010) [3] [4]
Area served
Worldwide [6]
Key people
Dirk Große-Loheide [7] Chairman
Jörg Astalosch CEO
ServicesStyling, Engineering, Pre-Series, Testing & Validation, Industrial Design
Revenue€193 million (2015)
Number of employees
917 (2019) [8]
Parent Lamborghini
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Italdesign Giugiaro S.p.A. is a design and engineering company and brand based in Moncalieri, Italy, that traces its roots to the 1968 foundation of Studi Italiani Realizzazione Prototipi S.p.A. by Giorgetto Giugiaro and Aldo Mantovani. [1] [9] Best known for its automobile design work, Italdesign also offers product design, project management, styling, packaging, engineering, modeling, prototyping and testing services to manufacturers worldwide. [6] As of 2010, Italdesign employs 800 people. [4] [1] [5]

On August 9, 2010, Volkswagen Group subsidiary Audi's subsidiary Lamborghini acquired 90.1% of the shares of Italdesign Giugiaro S.p.A., including the brand name rights and patents. [3] [4] The remaining shares were sold to Audi on 28 June 2015, with Giorgetto Giugiaro resigning from the firm at the same time. [10]



Giorgetto Giugiaro and Aldo Mantovani founded Studi Italiani Realizzazione Prototipi S.p.A., the company that would eventually become Italdesign, on February 13, 1968, in Moncalieri, Italy. [1] [9]


Volkswagen and Italdesign have a history of working together that dates back to the early 1970s. [4]

Former Volkswagen AG Chairman Ferdinand Piëch apprenticed at Italdesign during the summer of 1972, learning about engineering and design. [11] Italdesign is responsible for the design of several notable Volkswagen vehicles including the first generation Volkswagen Golf (1974), Volkswagen Scirocco (1974) and Volkswagen Passat (1973) and the Audi 80 (1974). [12]

In May 2010, Italdesign agreed to transfer 90.1% of its shares to Audi AG subsidiary Lamborghini Holding S.p.A. in order to keep Volkswagen's Italian holdings bundled together. The purchase price was not disclosed. The Giugiaro family retained ownership of the remaining shares. Both Giorgetto Giugiaro and his son, Fabrizio Giugiaro, continued to have active roles in the company. [3] [1] [8] [11] In July 2015 it was announced that Giorgetto Giugiaro had left and sold the remaining shares to Audi AG.

A 2005 Ferrari GG50 ("Giorgetto Giugiaro 50"), marking Giugiaro's 50 years in design. On display in the Italdesign-Giugiaro showroom in Moncalieri, Italy Italdesign Ferrari concept.jpg
A 2005 Ferrari GG50 ("Giorgetto Giugiaro 50"), marking Giugiaro's 50 years in design. On display in the Italdesign-Giugiaro showroom in Moncalieri, Italy


Following a large-scale cooperation with SEAT - already dating back to the 1980s - Italdesign created a new firm, Diseño Industrial Italdesign Srl, in SEAT's hometown Barcelona, Spain, in 1992 to design and construct models, master models and prototypes for the Spanish manufacturing industry. [13] This subsidiary is known today as Italdesign Giugiaro Barcelona SL. [9] [14] In 2017 the company founded a daughter company dedicated to building collector vehicles. Named ITALDESIGN AUTOMOBILI SPECIALI, the new brand will feature on all vehicles constructed in ultra low series production, aimed at a number of selected collectors. The first car to be produced is the Zerouno with a production of only five units. [15]

Automobili Speciali Cars

Italdesign Zerouno 2017-03-07 Geneva Motor Show 0818.JPG
Italdesign Zerouno

Cars produced or planned by the new group.

Italdesign Zerouno 20172/5
Italdesign Zerouno Duerta (Spider)20180/1 [17]


Italdesign acquired SALLIG, a company founded in 1960 that designs and builds acrylic, cast iron and zamak matrices for automotive, aeronautical and household appliance prototypes. [9]

Italdesign acquired ETM (Engineering Technologies Methods), a company founded in 1984 that creates silicone prototypes, allowing the transition from an acrylic prototype to a more refined prototype with characteristics similar to the finished product. [9]


Italdesign-Giugiaro S.p.A. is headquartered 10 km south of Turin, Italy, in Moncalieri. [5] Best known for its automobile design work, Italdesign also offers project management, styling, packaging, engineering, modeling, prototyping and testing services. [6]

Italdesign has 993 employees and generated over €193 million revenue in 2015. [1]

Under Volkswagen Group ownership, Rupert Stadler is the Chairman of the Board and Jörg Astalosch is CEO.[ citation needed ] [18]

Automotive design work

Italdesign has been credited for the design of a wide variety of concept and production cars since the firm's founding in 1968.

Concept cars [16]
Abarth 1600 GT1969
Alfa Romeo Brera 2002
Alfa Romeo Caimano 1971
Alfa Romeo Iguana 1969
Alfa Romeo New York Taxi 1976
Alfa Romeo Scighera 1997
Alfa Romeo Visconti 2004
American Motors AMX/3 1969 [19] [ circular reference ]
Aston Martin Twenty Twenty 2001
Audi-Karmann Asso di Picche1973 [20]
Audi Q2 2017
Bizzarrini Manta 1968
BMW M1 1971
BMW Nazca C2 1991
BMW Nazca C2 Spider 1993
BMW Nazca M12 1991
BMW-Karmann Asso di Quadri1976
BMW-Karmann Cheetah1971
Bugatti 18/3 Chiron 1999
Bugatti EB112 1993
Bugatti EB118 1998
Bugatti EB218 1999
Bugatti ID901990
Chevrolet Corvette Moray2003
Daewoo Bucrane1995
Daewoo d'Arts1997
Daihatsu D-Compact X-Over2006
Ferrari GG50 2005
Fiat Croma 8V2005
Fiat Firepoint1994
Fiat Panda 4x4 Strip1980
Ford Maya 1984
Ford Maya II ES 1985
Ford Maya II EM 1985
Ford Mustang by Giugiaro 2006
Frazer Nash Namir2009
Hyundai Pony Coupé1974
Isuzu Asso di Fiori1979
Italdesign Asgard 1988
Italdesign Aspid 1988
Italdesign Aztec 1988
Italdesign Biga 1992
Italdesign Brivido 2012
Italdesign Capsula 1982
Italdesign Cinquecento 1992
Italdesign Columbus 1992
Italdesign Davinci 2019
Italdesign Formula 1996
Italdesign Giugiaro Brivido 2012
Italdesign Giugiaro Clipper 2014
Italdesign Giugiaro Gea 2015
Italdesign Giugiaro Go 2011
Italdesign Giugiaro Parcour 2013
Italdesign Giugiaro Quaranta 2008
Italdesign Giugiaro Vad.Ho 2007
Italdesign GTZERO 2016
Italdesign Lucciola 1993
Italdesign M8 1978
Italdesign Machimoto 1986
Italdesign Marlin 1984
Italdesign Parcour 2013
Italdesign Structura 1998
Italdesign Tex 2011
Italdesign Together 1984
Italdesign Touareg 2000
Italdesign Voyah i-Land 2020
Italdesign Zerouno 2017
Jaguar Kensington 1990
Lamborghini Calà 1995
Lamborghini Marco Polo 1982
Lancia Medusa 1980
Lancia Megagamma 1978
Lancia Orca 1982
Lexus Landau1994
Lotus Esprit 1972
Lotus Etna 1984
Maserati Boomerang 1972
Maserati Buran 2000
Maserati Coupé 2+2 1974
Maserati Kubang 2003
Maserati Medici 1974
Maserati Medici II1976
Mitsubishi Nessie2005
Nissan GT-R50 2018
Oldsmobile Incas1986
Proton Emas 2010
Renault Gabbiano1983
SEAT Proto C 1990
SEAT Proto T 1989
SEAT Proto TL 1990
Škoda 7601973
SsangYong C200 2008
Suzuki Microutilitaria1969
Toyota Alessandro Volta 2009
Volkswagen Karmann Cheetah1971
Volkswagen Orbit1986
Volkswagen Porsche Tapiro 1970
Volkswagen Tarek 2003
Volkswagen Tex2011
Volkswagen W12 Roadster 1998
Volkswagen W12 Syncro 1997
Voyah i-Free 2020
Voyah i-Land 2020
Production cars [16]
Alfa Romeo 156 Facelift 2002
Alfa Romeo 159 2005
Alfa Romeo Alfasud 1971
Alfa Romeo Alfasud Sprint 1976
Alfa Romeo Alfetta GT 1974
Alfa Romeo Brera 2005
Audi 80 1978
Besturn B502009
Besturn B702006
Brilliance BS2 2009
Brilliance BS6 2001
Chevrolet Aveo/Daewoo Kalos 2002
Daewoo Lacetti 2003
Daewoo Lanos hatchback1997
Daewoo Lanos notchback1996
Daewoo Leganza 1997
Daewoo Matiz 1998
Daihatsu Move 1998
DMC DeLorean 1981
Eagle Premier 1987
Fiat Croma 1985
Fiat Croma 2005
Fiat Duna/Prêmio 1985
Fiat Duna Weekend1986
Fiat Grande Punto 2005
Fiat Idea 2003
Fiat Palio/Siena 2000
Fiat Palio Weekend2000
Fiat Panda 1980
Fiat Punto 1993
Fiat Punto Cabrio 1993
Fiat Sedici/Suzuki SX4 2006
Fiat Uno 1983
Ford Capri [ citation needed ] (interior)1989
Hongqi HS5 2019
Hyundai Excel 1985
Hyundai Pony 1974
Hyundai Sonata 1988
Hyundai Stellar 1983
Isuzu Gemini/Spectrum 1984
Isuzu Piazza/Impulse 1981
Iveco Massif/Campagnola 2008
Lancia Delta 1979
Lancia Prisma 1982
Lancia Thema 1984
Lotus Esprit 1972
Maserati 3200 GT (exterior)1998
Maserati Bora 1971
Maserati Coupé (exterior)2002
Maserati MC12 2004
Maserati Merak 1972
Maserati Quattroporte 1976
Maserati Spyder (exterior)2001
Morris Ital [ citation needed ]1980
Proton Prevé 2012
Proton Suprima S 2013
Renault 19 1988
Renault 21 1986
Saab 9000 1984
SEAT Córdoba 1993
SEAT Ibiza 1984
SEAT Ibiza 1993
SEAT Málaga 1985
SEAT Toledo 1991
SEAT Toledo 1998
Ssangyong Korando [21] 2010
SsangYong Rexton 2001
Subaru Alcyone SVX 1991
Suzuki SX4 2007
Suzuki Carry 1969
Toyota Aristo/Lexus GS 1991
Volkswagen Golf 1974
Volkswagen Passat 1973
Volkswagen Scirocco 1974
Zastava Florida 1987
Industrial vehicles
Lamborghini Champion1998
Lamborghini Champion2001
Lamborghini Formula1991
Lamborghini Premium1995
Lamborghini Runner1995
Lamborghini Victory1998

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