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Ivan Desny
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in German TV's Tatort: Kressin und der Mann mit dem gelben Koffer (1972)
Born28 December 1922
Died13 April 2002 (aged 79)

Ivan Desny (born Ivan Nikolaevich Desnitskij; 28 December 1922 – 13 April 2002) was a Chinese-born actor of Russian descent. [1]


Early life

Desny was born in Peking, China. [2]


Desny was a film actor. Bilingual in French and German, he acted in more than 150 films, both in Germany and France. Desny appeared in the 1950 film Madeleine by the English director David Lean, who was then the husband of star Ann Todd. [3]


Desny's grave in Ascona Grab Chislaine & Ivan Desny Ascona.jpg
Desny's grave in Ascona

Desny died in Ascona, Switzerland. [4]

Selected filmography

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