Ivar Kirkeby-Garstad

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Ivar Kirkeby-Garstad
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Minister of Trade
In office
14 March 1932 3 March 1933
Prime Minister Jens Hundseid
Preceded by Per Larssen
Succeeded by Lars O. Meling
Minister of Agriculture
In office
25 February 1932 14 March 1932
Prime Minister Peder Kolstad
Jens Hundseid
Preceded by Jon Sundby
Succeeded byJens Hundseid
Member of the Norwegian Parliament
In office
1 January 1922 4 December 1945
Constituency Nord-Trøndelag
Personal details
Ivar Larsen Kirkeby-Garstad

(1877-08-05)5 August 1877
Vikna, Nord-Trøndelag, Sweden-Norway
Died19 June 1951(1951-06-19) (aged 73)
Vikna, Nord-Trøndelag, Norway
Political party Agrarian
Spouse(s)Agnes Johanna Emilie Kirkeby-Garstad [1]
Children Lars Kirkeby-Garstad

Ivar Larsen Kirkeby-Garstad (5 August 1877 – 19 June 1951) was a Norwegian politician for the Agrarian Party.

He was elected to the Parliament of Norway from Nord-Trøndelag in 1921, and was re-elected on five consecutive occasions. He last served as a deputy representative during the term 1945–1949. He was also acting Minister of Agriculture from February to March 1932 in Kolstad's Cabinet, and Minister of Trade, Shipping, Industry, Craft and Fisheries from March 1932 to March 1933 in Hundseid's Cabinet. [2]

He was the father of politician Lars Reidulv Kirkeby-Garstad (1907–1977). [3]

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Ivar is a Scandinavian masculine given name. Another variant of the name is Iver, which is more common in Norway. The Old Norse name has several possible etymologies. In North Germanic phonology, several of the elements common to Germanic names became homophonous. The first element Ívarr may contain yr "yew" and -arr, but it may have become partly conflated with Ingvar, and possibly Joar. The second element -arr may alternatively also be from geir "spear" or it may be var "protector". The name was adopted into English as Ivor, into Gaelic as Ìomhar, and into Latvian as Ivars.

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Political offices
Preceded by
Jon Sundby
Minister of Agriculture (acting)
February 1932–March 1932
Succeeded by
Jens Hundseid
Preceded by
Per Larssen
Minister of Trade
March 1932–1933
Succeeded by
Lars O. Meling