Ivy Ho

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Ivy Ho
Born (1958-08-15) August 15, 1958 (age 64)
Years active1996 – present
Hong Kong Film AwardsBest Screenplay
1997 Comrades, Almost a Love Story
2002 July Rhapsody

Golden Bauhinia AwardsBest Screenplay
1996 Comrades, Almost a Love Story

Hong Kong Film Critics Society AwardsBest Screenplay
2008 Claustrophobia
2010 Crossing Hennessy

Golden Horse AwardsBest Original Screenplay
2002 July Rhapsody

Chinese name
Traditional Chinese 岸西
Simplified Chinese 岸西

Ivy Ho Sai-Hong (Chinese :岸西, born 15 August 1958) is a Hong Kong screenwriter and film director.


Ho's work has received high critical acclaim in Hong Kong. Perry Lam of Muse magazine wrote, 'As a writer, Ho excels as a miniaturist. Whether they are the mainlanders trying to survive and prosper in Hong Kong in 甜蜜蜜 ( Comrades: Almost a Love Story ) or the middle-aged school teacher trying to do the right thing in 男人四十 ( July Rhapsody ), the characters she creates are keenly observed, psychologically acute portraits. Her tone is intimate and confessional. The many piquant details her stories contain give her characters and the movies in which they appear a solid foothold in reality.' [1] [2] [3]



2008 Claustrophobia
Karena Lam, Ekin Cheng, Andy Hui
2009 Crossing Hennessy
Jacky Cheung, Tang Wei, Danny Lee Sau-Yin, Paw Hee-Ching, Maggie Cheung Ho-Yee, Andy On
2014Two For The Night Derek Tsang, Bonnie Xian, Ai Wai, Shaun Tam


1999 Gorgeous
2006 2 Become 1
2008 Claustrophobia


1986 Silent Love
1996 Comrades, Almost a Love Story
1996 The Age of Miracles
1998 Anna Magdalena
2000 And I Hate You So
2001 The Accidental Spy
2002 July Rhapsody
2003 Jade Goddess of Mercy
2005 Divergence
2008 Linger
2009 Crossing Hennessy

Awards and nominations


1997 16th Hong Kong Film Awards Best Screenplay Comrades: Almost a Love Story Won
Golden Bauhinia Awards Best ScreenplayWon
2002 Golden Horse Awards Best Screenplay July Rhapsody Won
21st Hong Kong Film Awards Best ScreenplayWon
200815th Hong Kong Film Critics Society Awards Best Screenplay Claustrophobia Won
Film of MeritWon
2009 28th Hong Kong Film Awards Best ScreenplayNominated
Best New DirectorNominated
201017th Hong Kong Film Critics Society Awards Best Screenplay Crossing Hennessy Won
Film of MeritWon
2011 30th Hong Kong Film Awards Best ScreenplayNominated
Best New DirectorNominated

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